The Final Leap

Victoria Perkins

	With a sigh, Sam entered the women's bathroom.  He walked over to 
a mirror and looked at his reflection.  He saw a young woman with long 
blond hair, pulled back in a French braid.  He saw green eyes hidden 
behind wire rimmed glasses.  Her face was rather plain but her figure 
was slender and attractive.
	"You are Trinity Psyche King and you're sixteen, almost 
seventeen, years old.  You're in Ft.Collins, Colorado.  Colorado State 
University to be exact.  It's July 28, 1997."
	"1997?" Sam said, turning to face the hologram.  "This is after I 
first Leaped, isn't it?"
	"You remember!"
	"Not exactly.  I remember that it was in the 90's and I'm 
guessing that this is after it." Sam said.
	Al studied Sam for a moment before answering.  "You're right.  I 
can't tell you exactly what date, but it was before 1997."
	"What year is it there?" Sam asked.
	"Sa-am!  You know I can't tell you that!" Al glared at his best 
	Sam paused before sighing and asking, "why am I here?"
	Al looked at the handlink that was blinking and glowing in his 
hand.  "Ziggy says that there's a ninety-two point six chance that 
you're here to save the lives of a bunch of kids."
	"What kids-oh, those two.  Um, Grant and Sapphire, right?" 
	Al consulted the handlink again.  "That would be Grant and 
Sapphire Jackson.  Grant's twin is, uh, Sinda.  Grant and Sapphire are 
your best friends and so is a girl name Nin."
	"Nin?" Sam asked.
	Al slapped the handlink against his palm.  "Oh, Nina.  Nina 
Matthews.  You and she go to school together."
	"Nevermind that, Al.  Why am I here, exactly?"
	"Ziggy says that it's raining." Al looked at the handlink, 
puzzled.  "Raining?"
	"Yeah, it's raining.  What about it?" Sam asked, equally 
	"Raining?  Come on, Ziggy!  Gushie, tell him to quit messing 
around!" Al yelled.  He slapped the handlink again.  "Oh, it's raining.  
Um, Sam, Ziggy says that there's a flood tonight and the whole group 
that you're here with*well, you all d-die." 

The Final Leap

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