Chapter Three
	Sam gave a sigh of relief when the band finally stopped playing.  
They had been good, but he still felt slightly uncomfortable about the 
lyrics of the songs.  A man came to the front of the stage and began to 
speak.  His voice was quiet but he spoke with such sincerity that no 
one was tempted to interrupt him.  
	"Makes me almost believe in God again." Al said from where he 
stood behind Sam.  "People with faith like that made it seem so easy."
	Sam ignored his friend, the words of the message sinking deep 
into his mind and soul.  
	"Actually, the girl back in the Waiting Room is a lot like that." 
Al said.  Sam thought he could detect a hint of wistfulness in the 
older man's voice.  "Most kids her age would freak out about what 
happened to her.  Not this girl.  First words out of her mouth were a 
prayer to God.  A sincere one." Sam looked back at Al when he heard the 
admiration in his voice.  
	"This Trinity is really something.  You can't let her die.  She's 
really going to make a difference somewhere." Al said.  He pushed a 
button on the handlink and the Imaging Chamber door opened.  "Actually, 
I'm going to go see her.  She wants to talk to me about some stuff."
	Sam raised his eyebrows in surprise before turning his attention 
back to the speaker.  The man's heartfelt words pierced his heart 
although he didn't understand them. 
	"Christ didn't die in his sleep.  This wasn't a nice, painless 
way to die.  He was in pain, a lot of pain.  How many of you can say 
you know what severe pain is?  A pain that is beyond words."
	Sam thought back to his previous Leaps, remembering the pain he'd 
felt on more than one occasion.  He'd been in hundreds of fights, often 
Leaping into the middle of one.  He had been a boxer, a baseball 
player, a dancer, and a soldier.  He knew what physical work and pain 
were but his doctor's mind told him that he had never experienced the 
pain of a crucifixion.
	"I know that it's almost nine o'clock and I was supposed to be 
done by nine, but the Spirit is moving.  At the edges of the sections 
are several youth leaders.  I want each of you to pray right now and 
really look at your hearts; decide for yourself if you have accepted 
the sacrifice of Christ.  Then, if you make a decision or have already 
made the decision to accept the gift of salvation, go to the youth 
leader nearest you and they will mark your hand with a red marker to 
remind you of your decision.  The band is going to play while you 
	Sam bent his head as the band went back to the stage and began to 
play a song softly.  He usually enjoyed whatever time he had to simply 
sit and relax but he wasn't at peace with himself at the moment.
	"Okay," he spoke silently.  "God, or Whoever You are, I don't 
even know if you're there.  How many times have I done what You wanted 
me to do?  I've been Leaping around for years.  Aren't You ever going 
to let me go home?  What more do you want from me?" Sam was shocked to 
feel tears running down his cheeks.  He ignored them, however, and 
continued to speak to Whoever it was that had been Leaping him through 
time.  "Is there something more I'm supposed to do?  I've saved 
hundreds of lives and made hundreds more better.  I saved my brother's 
life, saved the life of Jackie Kennedy and even went back to fix Al's 
first marriage.  What more do You want of me?"
	"I want all of you." The voice was so audible that Sam looked 
around, thinking that perhaps Al had spoken.  "I've brought you through 
time so that you would come to me.  Make your decision."
	Sam thought for several minutes, his logical mind arguing with 
what his heart felt.  Finally, one side won out.