"Sam!!" Al rushed toward his friend as Dr.Beckett stepped out of the
Accelerator for the first time in over three years.
   "Al!!" Sam hugged his best friend for the first time in little over seven
years.  He immediately released Al, however, when he saw a familiar
dark-haired woman.  "Donna." He held his wife close, allowing his tears to
come.  He kissed her passionately, making up for lost time.
   When they finally broke apart, Sam shook hands with Gushie and then with
Gushieıs wife, Tina.  Beth Calavicci stood off to the side until Sam came to
her with a friendly hug.  Sam then turned to see a familiar-looking young
woman standing behind Donna.
   "Samantha, I would like for you to finally meet Dr.Beckett." Donna said,
introducing father to daughter for the very first time.  (Samantha was the
daughter of Abigail, a young woman that Sam had loved during one of his
Leaps.  Although physically Sam hadnıt been present, Samantha was his
biological daughter.)
   "Dad." She said, hugging him.  He hugged her in return, remembering the
first time that he had seen her in a former Leap.  The little girl was now
   "What happened, Al?" Sam asked, releasing his daughter and returning to
his wifeıs side.  
   "Weıre not really sure, Sam." Al said.  "Explain Ziggy."
   "Welcome home, Dr.Beckett." The computerıs monotone voice greeted its
   "Thank you." Sam replied.
   "We lost you for almost three hours when you Leaped out of Trinity.  We
thought you were gone but suddenly, you were back.  We have no explanation
for it." Ziggy explained.  "At least, I have no explanation."
   "What do you mean that you have no explanation?  Does someone else?" Sam
   "Well, Sam, remember what you asked right before you Leaped?" Al said.
"You asked how we knew the details about everyone?  Um, hereıs how."
   A young woman stepped out from the shadows and shyly approached Sam.  She
looked vaguely familiar.  The realization hit Sam suddenly.  She was thinner
and older, but her main features were the same.
   "Trinity." Sam said, stretching out a hand.
   "Hello, Dr.Beckett." Trinity said softly.
   "I assume youıre the one with the other explanation."
   Trinity nodded.  "What happened after you Leaped?" She asked.
   "I think I talked with God." Sam said firmly.  "I know it sounds crazy,
but I really met Him in that last Leap and I think I spoke with Him."
   "I think youıre right." Trinity smiled broadly, bringing out the dimples
in her cheeks.  "While you were meeting God at IYC, I was here, leading
Admiral Calavicci to God.  I think that He brought you back because you
finally found Him.  Thatıs all you needed."
   Sam looked over at Al.  The older manıs usually haunted eyes were filled
with peace.  They both smiled.  In their hearts, they knew it was true.
   "How did you find us?" Sam asked suddenly.
   "Thatıs an odd thing." Trinity said, blushing slightly.
   "She married one of our sons, Sam." Beth said with a smile.  "Your
namesake, in fact."
   "So, are we ready to go home now?" Donna asked, linking her arm through
Samıs arm.
   "Yes." Sam answered with a smile.  "Iım through Leaping through time.
Iım only going forward now."
   Together, the members of Project Quantum Leap left the secret laboratory
in New Mexico and entered into the world of 2003, ready to make their lives
everything they had always wanted them to be.