Chapter Six
   Sam returned to the bottom of the arena, completely confused by Al's
reaction to what he'd said.  He tried to sleep over the next few hours, but
sleep evaded him.  When the lights returned at six the next morning and Al
still hadn't returned, Sam began to worry.  He didn't know where Al was and
still didn't know why he hadn't Leaped.
   "The flood waters have receded!" The man's voice interrupted Sam's
thoughts.  "But, before you can return to your dorms, all of the power grids
have to be turned on to assure that there are no shorts.  We wanted to let
you know that we appreciated how well-behaved you were all night.  Not one
person from IYC has been hurt!"
   Everyone cheered.
   "We didn't want to tell you last night just how bad things actually got.
Now, we think you should know.  Parts of this campus were under nine feet of
water.  The bowling alley, Stand Tall Review area, Subway and arcade - where
close to a thousand people would have been if we would have let out on
time - were under water in a matter of seconds.  If the flood would have risen
one more foot, it would have flooded into the arena and covered the floor
with six feet of water in a matter of seconds." Sam gasped, the enormity of
what he had been through hitting him.  "Only four inches more and the
generator that has been powering the air conditioner all night - enough for
five city blocks - would have blown out the back of the arena."
   Silence filled the arena as the words sunk in.
   "Praise God!!" Someone yelled.  Other picked up the praise.  The band
returned to the front and began to play a praise song and everyone joined in
   Sam immediately excused himself and hurried up to the bathroom again.
"Where did you go?" He immediately asked Al when they were alone.
   "I had to talk to Trinity about something, Sam."
   Sam looked at Al.  Something was different.
   "First, let me tell you that everyone is okay.  All of these kids are
still alive." Al turned his attention to the handlink, giving Sam the facts.
"Conrad is in the Coast Guard.  Sinda is engaged and in her second year of
college studying to be a elementary school teacher.  Grant and Trinity date
for a year, but they break up.  Grant is still single and is in college but
doesn't know what he wants to do.  Sapphire is living at home, trying to
decide what she wants to do.  Jordan is playing basketball at Ohio State and
is already being scouted by the Chicago Bulls."
   "How do you know all those details?" Sam asked.  "And what about
   "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about..." Al was cut off by the
flash of blue light.