Chapter Seven
   Sam found himself standing alone in a plain room, similar to the Waiting
Room back at the Project.  He looked around, confused.  Suddenly, he
realized that his memory was returning.  He remembered his name.  He could
remember his family.  His dad.  His mom.  Tom.  Katie.  He could remember
all of the Leaps and what changes hečd made.
   "Samuel Beckett." The voice that he had heard only hours before spoke
again.  This time, he heard it audibly.
   "Who are you?" He asked, looking around.  No one was there.
   "I AM." The voice replied.  "All of this, all of what you have done was
to bring you and Albert Calavicci to Me.  There was no way for Me to have a
part in your life while you were wrapped up in your Project.  I needed to
get your attention."
   "You got it." Sam said.  He paused for a moment before speaking again.
"Youčre God, arenčt You?"
   "Who do you say that I am?"
   Sam thought for what seemed like a long time.  "Yes.  Youčre God.  Youčve
Leaped me through time for the past years because You loved me so much You
wanted me to know You."
   Again, the blue light came.