Chapter Four
	Sam sat down in his seat, looking at the red mark on the hand of 
the young woman that he had Leaped into.  He knew that it wasn't his 
body, but the commitment was his.  He leaned back in his seat, letting 
the peace from the band wash over him.  The songs made sense now.  His 
life made sense.  He was at peace with his life at last.
	As he sat with his eyes closed, he heard a man speaking from the 
stage.  "We had intended to let you out, but as many of you may have 
noticed when you came in, it's raining.  In fact, it's raining too hard 
for us to let you out.  We're just going to have the band play a little 
	Sam opened his eyes.  The band had continued to play, but Sam 
suddenly felt uneasy.  He looked toward the stage, noticing that Sinda 
and Marta had gone to the altar.  He saw Marta making her way through 
the crowd quickly.  Her eyes were red and she was crying.
	"Something's wrong." He said, jumping to his feet and starting to 
make his way to Marta.
	"Sinda's having an asthma attack." Marta said, tears running down 
her cheeks.
	"Trinity, keep an eye on the kids." Susan King said as she and 
her husband made their way back to where Sinda was sitting next to the 
	"We should pray for her." Grant said, his voice shaking.  He 
reached for Trinity's hand for comfort.  Not wanting to upset the boy 
more, Sam allowed him to take his hand.
	"Let's pray together." Sam suggested, taking the hand of 
Sapphire.  "I'll start."  The group began to pray out loud for their 
friend.  Soon, Wayne King came back to the group and told them that 
Sinda and Susan King would be going up to the lobby.  
	Before any of the kids could ask anything else, the man who had 
spoken before went to the front.  "It has stopped raining, praise God!  
However, we are still unable to let you out.  The CSU campus is the 
lowest point in Ft.Collins.  This means that all of the water that 
we've had today is coming down the mountain and stopping here.  Things 
are really flooded out there.  In fact, the trailer park down the road 
is flooded badly and all of the ambulances are there.  The young people 
from here that need to be taken to the hospital will be taken via vans 
that will be here in a few minutes."
	"Sinda and Susan are going to go to the hospital.  Sinda's 
inhaler isn't working and she's still having a hard time breathing." 
Wayne explained.
	"Here's where the problem is, Sam."
	Sam gave a sigh of relief when he heard the familiar gravelly 
	"The kids are fine until the electricity goes out around eleven.  
Then, they decide that they want to see the flood and try to get to 
Sinda." Al's voice sounded strange.  When Sam turned to look at him, he 
saw, with a shock, that his best friend had been crying.  He didn't 
have the opportunity to ask, however, because everyone was around him.
	"Just wait here.  Trinity, you're in charge.  I'm going to call 
Sinda's mom and let her know what's going on.  You guys just stay here 
until I get back." With that, Wayne left.