The Decade Gap


"So how are things going at the Project, hon?"

"Not too good, Beth. We haven't been able to locate Sam in weeks. I managed 
to find him somewhere in the year 1953, on the very day he was born. But just 
after we had established contact with him, it was lost."

"That's so sad. I know how much you care about him."

"I do Beth, I do. You don't know how much pain this man has been through. And 
yet, I feel as if I owe him."

"Well, he did give you the assignment within a lifetime."

"Funny spin on words." Al said, chuckling, just as his cellphone rang. 
"Yello? Oh, hi Gooshie! Someone's in the waiting room? Uh huh, and he claims 
to be... who !!?? That's incredible! Yeah, yeah we'll be right over."

"What is it Al?"

"Sam leaped into his own brother, and he's just a decade in the past!"

The Decade Gap

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Chapter 6 NEW October 29, 2001

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