Chapter 3
--- August 30, 1991 ---

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Sally asked the Sam posing as her husband.

"I'm still feeling a little woosy from the operation, so I think I'll be 
taking it easy."

"Of coarse you will."

Sam was propped up on the couch watching television with his nephew. The boy 
was apparently a big Ninja Turtles fan as they were watching the first movie.

"Hey Uncle Sam," both young Sam and the leaper Sam looked over towards Tommy 
Jr. "were we still going to see that movie later?"

"Maybe if your father is up to it. He's still recovering."

"Well Sam's got company coming in an hour anyway so we all might just go 
ourselves!" Donna said from the kitchen.


"Well I guess I could go." Sam the leaper said.

"That's a good idea, Sam." Al said as he passed through the wall behind him, 
which startled the heck out of Sam as always. "What? Oh, geez! Sorry about 
that. Sometimes Ziggy'll do that just to annoy both of us."

"You okay, sweety?" Sally asked.

"Yeah, sure. I think I just need to go to the bathroom." Sam quickly got up 
as he staggered into the bathroom. "So, have you found out anything?"

"No, nothing extremely interesting. Just that you're here to see to it our 
younger selves begin the plans for Project Quantum Leap, so that other you 
can send himself back in time four years from now, and hopefully you'll end 
up back-" Al was cut short by the sound of a doorbell ring. "I get the 
feeling that's the misses and I."

A younger Sam Beckett and his wife stood at their door to greet the 
Calaviccis. "Sam, it's nice to meet you again." the admiral said.

"Likewise, I'm very excited about this Project of mine. Why don't we go into 
the kitchen?"


As the Becketts and their guests headed into the kitchen, young Tommy and his 
mother were at the table. "Oh, this is my brother's wife, Sally and their 
son, Tommy. He was named after his dad."

"Oh yeah, that's right, you said he was in a platoon during the war." Al said 

"That was was awful," Beth spoke. "all of those lives lost. You have no idea 
how close I came to losing Al."

That same moment, Al the hologram entered the room to witness the 
intervention. "Whoa, Twighlight Zone." he said, staring straight at himself.

"Scuse me sir, are you a ventriliquist?" Tommy asked.

"What do you mean, son?" the younger Al asked.

"No reason, I just thought I heard you say something about the Twighlight 

Hologram Al's eyes widened just as leaper Sam approached the room.

"Now there's two of you, and two of Uncle Sam!" the boy said.

"Oh Tommy, you and your imagination. That's just your father!" Sally said, as 
she began to lead him out of the room.

"Kid's got such an active imagination!" young Sam explained.

"I think he gets it from you!" the leaper Sam joked.

"Uh huh! Oh Admiral, this is my brother."

"Hi, pleased to meet you." the younger Al said as he shook the older Sam's 

"Now that's weird!" observer Al said.

An hour later the young Admiral Calavicci and Dr. Beckett were chatting 
amogst one another while Al the hologram listened in. The Sam Beckett posing 
as Tom also stayed to listen in.

" you see, by connecting both ends of a string, your life is a continuos 
loop. But if you ball the loop, the days of your life touch one another out 
of sequence."

"Interesting, but I still don't understand the soul purpose of the idea." Al 

"I know it sounds complicated, but I think it will work."

"Where do you plan on setting up the experiment?"

"There's a secret location in New Mexico I thought would be good, and as I 
understand you and your family have a house out there."

"Well it sounds pretty interesting. I hope to be working with you then."

"Thank you sir."

As young Sam and Al shook hands, the other Sam had a strange idea. "Listen, 
if it's not too much trouble to ask, would it be allright if I joined in on 
this idea?"

"I don't see the harm, Mr. Beckett." the Admiral spoke. "I'll be seeing you 

"We sure will!" the older Al said, as the Becketts said goodbye. "That was 
kind of you Sam."

"Yeah, well I never actually got to spend all these years with my brother so 
I thought it would be nice if I atleast had him working..." before Sam could 
finish speaking, he leaped.

--- August 30, 2001 ---

"He should be in the Accelerater by now, Gooshie!"

"Gooshie?" Tom Beckett stood at the control panel to Ziggy. "Who's Gooshie?"

Al shrugged and figured it was meant to be changed. The technician with bad 
breath was no longer part of Project Quantum Leap. "Noone. Well, Sam changed 
history once again."

"That's good. I guess since I was the leapee this time I shouldn't ask what 
it was. Hey, I think someone's in the Waiting Room. It can't be my brother, 
can it?"

"Now Tom, we've been through this. If and when Sam returns, he will appear 
where he had last been which would be the Accelerator." Ziggy explained.

Al and Tom walked into the WR. The leapee always resembled Sam to anyone but 
Al, who would see the real Sam as himself in the IC.

"Is it anyone we know?" Tom asked, judging by the shocked look on the 
person's face.

"Uh yeah, infact it's someone Sam met in that last leap."

"It isn't Sally is it?"

"Uh no Tom, it's your son."

"My son?"

"Hi Dad!" Tommy Jr. said.