--- August 30, 1991 ---

As the tingling sensation settled, Sam quickly found himself in a hospital 
bedroom. Getting up, he could feel a strange pain in his chest when a nurse 
came in to check on him.

"Now, now Mr. Beckett. Just lie down here, and you'll be fine."

"Beckett? Did you... did you just say Beckett?"

"Yes. Now take it easy sir, and your brother will be here any minute to take 
you home."

As the woman spoke, Sam quickly checked the hospital bracelet on his wrist, 
which read Tom Becket! "I'm... my brother? But he never had surgery! Only... 
only that's because he died."

Before he could continue thinking, the door swung open. Before him stood, Dr. 
Sam Becket- a slightly younger version of Sam himself, but the same person 

"Hey buddy! Ready to go home?"

"Oh boy!" Sam said, with delight in his voice.