Chapter 5

Sam had remained in the identity of his own nephew for an entire day in early 
1996 until he recieved any word from Al. However he had gotten the chance to 
see a slightly younger Al, who was in no way like the Al he remembered aiding 
him throughout his leaps. For some reason though, Sam couldn't remember 
anything about Al's original life until he saw Al as a hologram again, and 
even then it was all fuzzy.

"Hey, did you find out anything?"

"Well, you're here to see to it that... a friend of your nephew's doesn't get 
killed tommorow night in a car accident."


"Yes. A boy by the name of Todd... Blak? Oh, Todd Blake. From what I remember 
hearing, he was a very friendly person. In fact if I can vaguuly recall, he 
once tutored Chrissy with math." Al pointed towards a tallk, skinny kid 
standing infront of some girls showing off his football throws in the park. 
"He even offered to take her to the prom, but she never even went after he 

"Well that sounds simple enough. I mean, I've had harder things to change. 
Does Ziggy know anything on how exactly it happened?"

"He was driving home from Tom Beckett's house. Well that should be 
interesting! There's a good chance that the moment you leap out of here, 
you'll be home again."

"Home? Al, it almost seems like I allready am home. I mean, here I am one 
year after I had started leaping, and the person I leap into is my own nephew 
who never even existed before I prevented my brother's death."

"Well, that's something special!"

"And my God, I got you and Beth back together so you never had to go through 
that sad life I remember you having!"

"What sad life?"

"I don't even remember the details! Infact, all I can recall is you thinking 
of yourself as a complete chick magnet!"

"Oh, give me a break! Lets just worry about our small task here, and 
hopefully it'll mean you finally get to see the new millenium." With that, Al 
stepped out of the Imaging Chamber and back into the Project.

--- August 31, 2001 ---

"Hey Al, you don't think he found out do you... about our mom?" Tom Beckett 

"No Tom, I don't think he did. But if he does, I'll try not to say anything." 
Al had been through this before, when Sam was reminded of Tom before they 
prevented his death all together. Only now it was inevitable that Dr. Beckett 
was going to discover what became of his mother while he had been away.