Little Boy Lost And Found


  Again,Sam felt that familiar adrenaline rush that accompanied the
helping of yet another soul in their lifetime and  of the actual leaping
into( yet) another person.  Once the leap was completed,as usual, he
slowly became aware of his new surroundings.  He was sitting in a circle
of about 15 children,aged approximately 5-6 years old. The little boys
were wearing button down shirts and blue jeans and many of them had
"buzz cuts". The girls were attired in poufy dresses with shiny bows in
their hair. The room was neat,colorful and reminded him of kinder- Hey
it was Kindergarten! He glanced at the calendar on the wall,it was
September 29th, 1959.  The little girl opposite him smiled shyly,Sarah
Jane Wilson,it was her! His first crush. A jolt of realization bolted
him,this was his own childhood he had leapt into. Ok, it might be fun to
be "Little Sam" again. Wait a minute- -Little Sam was sitting right next
to him,daydreaming about space-ships,as Miss Jasper,his kindergarten
teacher, read aloud from a book describing the adventures of a monkey
called "Curious George". Oh boy..!

Little Boy Lost And Found


Part 1 NEW October 25, 2001
Part 2 NEW October 26, 2001
Part 3 NEW October 29, 2001

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