Well,no Al, but a loud ring signaled the class to go outside. "Line up",
said Miss Jasper "Boys on the left,girls on the right." Sam-as-Randolph
quietly snickered at this out-dated notion. "Randolph Leeds" Miss Jasper
asked of him,arms crossed"Whats so funny?" "Ahh,nohing,"Randolph/Sam
replied.assuming the downcast- look so the teacher wouldn't think he was
Schizoid as well as a slacker.The teacher's aide opened the doors and a
crisp Autumn breeze sailed in,along with a few brightly colored leaves.
Sam breathed in the air of an Indiana fall day,then Miss Jasper and  the
younger woman,(Sally? was that her name?) led them outside in their
boy/girl queues. 

Once out-doors,Sam felt definately freer and ventured to call out for Al
again. He quickly told Sally or whoever-her name was that he had to use
"The Boys room" and after receiving an affirmative from the young( as
well as pretty though a bit acne-prone) woman in her pink twinset and
circle skirt, He dashed into the cool, tiled room with it's tiny stalls
and elf-sized sink basins. "OK Al" He said full voice this time,"What
the hell's gong on here?" Slowly.like a bad TV signal,Al floated in. Sam
heard his voice first"Jeez,Sam,talk about going back to your childhood!"
Sam,feeling silly anyway  adjusting to his(very) short stature and
actually having to look up to Al,who was about 5'7,soaking wet,didn't
take well to this remark"How would you like to have to ask permission to
use the john?" Al,smirked"Well,my second wife and I used to play this
ga-" Al just tell me WHY I"M HERE and that I haven't leaped into MY
BODY!" Al produced Ziggy and started his usual tapping and grumbling to
her as Ziggy lit up like an arcade and made her usual squawking sounds.
"OK,It says,that you have to help this Randolph kid". He's got a
learning disability,Dyslexia,which wasn't exactly a household word in
"Dyslexia?" Sam intoned,now realizing why Randolph was so quiet and
always got the worst marks in everything,especially reading. "Randolph
the Retard" Thats what the kid's were whispering during his reading
circle embarrassment. And he,Sam,had joined in. "Al,thats terrible,I was
a rotten kid,had I known.." "Never mind." Al interjected,you didn't know
any better. But now,you have a chance,get yourself to be Randy's pal,it
will change his life,according to Ziggy,he has lousy grades and no
friends so he drops out of High School and dies at 16 in a motorcycle
accident that kills Sarah Jane as well,her family sues Randolph's and
wins,leaving his folks destitute,all because he couldn't read a STOP
sign." "Sad stuff,Sammy" Al clucks compassionately. 
Sam suddenly got a vague memory of this when the bell rang. Gotta
go,Sammy boy" Sam scratched his head as he watched Al disappear. Then,as
if on que,  Sam jr. himself popped out of one of those tiny stalls. Oh