Now,Sam usually disoriented enough after any leap,really felt odd as he
watched his 5 year old self, fidgeting and nose-picking. And in front of
his first dream girl,no less! Oh boy,no wonder,they called them
"Kindergarten Babies" 
"And then Curious George" went inside for milk and bananas". The
teacher,with her funny,bat-winged glasses concluded then closed the book
and put it off to one side.
"Now, boys and girls,what is the lesson of this story?" A sea of small
arms flew up,except for a few,among them was Sam-as-a-child and a
scraggly-looking lad
with what looked like a permanent cow-lick and down-cast eyes.  Sam
suddenly remembered why he didn't raise his hand;he always hated stories
with a "lesson" Sci-fi&
comic books being more his leaning. The little scraggly
boy,who,upon,second glance wasn't so much scraggly as very thin just
looked like he wanted to sink into the floor of Room 5. 

"Randolph?" Miss Jasper(why do teachers always call on ones that don't
want to be noticed?) "What do YOU think is the lesson?"
"Aahh,I don't know, that monkeys should only eat bananas?"Sam heard
himself say,or rather, stammer. So HE was Randolph.  The mirror opposite
with it's growth chart and "Healthy Habits Help Us Grow" poster
confirmed that. A wave of laughter rippled through-out the circle. Miss
Jasper adjusted her bat-wing glasses and cleared her throat. "Now
Class,let's show Randolph some respect." Too late,the whole class was by
now laughing and pointing at  Randolph like he was the famous simian
himself. And who was laughing loudest,Oh boy,not him! "Was I really like
that?" Sam nervously slicked down Randolph's cow-lick and let out a
silent scream; "Al,SOS!"