Somewhere in the Night

Kathryn Ravvin

Sam looked down and found himself wearing an outfit Al 
would easily have approved of.  It was bright, garish...
in short, something Al would wear.  That is, if "Al" were
short for *Alexandra*.  The outfit came complete with a
skirt and high heels.

He handed the yearbook to the girl with him.

"Honestly, Trace, this seems kind of silly, considering
how much we see of each other.  But it's your senior year...
and, besides, I might be famous one day.  Think of the money."

"Sam's" driver's liscense provided the final clue to his new 
surroundings. Stallion's spring, New Mexico.  His host's address 
was 8683 New Haven Court (why did that sound so familiar?).
His first name was Tracey, he knew, but the last name was--

He didn't get the chance to see, because the yearbook was 
thrust back at him.  Curious, he read the note:

"Tracey--These last couple of years have been
*totally* crazy, but that, I suppose, is the true charm of them.
Remember me always--as if you could forget!  Love always,
Emily Gayle Calavicci"

**Emily *Calavicci*?!** Sam thought.  It was probably just a 
really amazing coincedence.  After all, Al didn't have
any children, right?  

"You want to go home now?" Emily asked.

Sam nodded.  "Sure.  Should I drop you off on the way, or 
are you coming with me?"

"I  kinda thought I'd go with you."  
The tone of her voice 
implied that he should have known better.  Suddenly, Sam
felt compelled to take out Tracey's wallet and 
examine the liscense.  "Calavicci, Tracey M."  

So they
were sisters.  That would explain a few things.
Something else in Tracey's purse caught his attention. It 
was a military I.D. card.  Same name, but something was
different.  The girls' father.  
Sam chanced a look.

"Calavicci, Albert M., Admiral."

Tracey and Emily *were* Al's daughters.

Oh, God.  And he was Tracey.

Sam Beckett had just Leaped into his best friend's daughter!

"Ohhhhhhhh, boy!!"

Somewhere in the Night

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