"Dammit, Ziggy!" Al barked. What's going on?!"

There was no response. The power was out.

Suddenly, that lilting female voice came from everywhere and nowhere at once.

"My dear Admiral...it DOES seem we have a problem. But I can run on the backup
generator just fine...it's the rest of the Project I worry about." Something
approaching a scoffing laugh came from the speakers. "To put
it in human vernacular, we are SOOOOOOOO screwed."

"Thanks a lot, Ziggy!" Al exclaimed, frustrated at her and the world. "Thanks for
NOTHING!" The doors opened to the room, and Beth walked in. As the Project's head nurse,
she had free run, but rarely came up to the Control Room unless her services
were required. She embraced him instantly. "Please, Al. Tell me
he's there for Tracey. Tell me he's there to save Tracey!"

"WHAT?!" Al demanded. "She's fine!"

"I know you want to believe it, darling, but she's been missing so long..."


"I told you we were screwed," Ziggy answered. "By the way...I think Dr. Beckett
inadvertently changed fate...unfortunately, for the worse. In this version of
events, your daughter was kidnapped on May 21, 1995. She hasn't been
seen or heard from since."