Larry Ganni

     "...Why am I here?"
     "You're here to help sin. That's not right.  Singer.  Right,
the singer in the band.  Paul Michaels.  He skips out on tomorrow's gig
and dies in a car accident.  The report said that there were liquor
bottles in the car, Sam."
     Sam responded: "So all I have to do is keep an eye on this guy
and make sure he stays sober and comes to the gig."
     "I guess it's that simple.  Just your basic life saving.
Should be no problem."
     "Ok," Sam replied.  "But I don't have to play the drums, do I?"
     "You shouldn't.  All you have to do is get him to the gig. 
I'm getting something here."  Al looked at the handlink.  "I have to
go, Sam.  Beeks says I need to get back there."
     "She says the kid's, uh, I'll just talk to you later.  Don't worry.
Just go home and get some sleep.  Make sure you keep your eye on Paul.
Don't let him drink, and make sure he doesn't get away from you
tomorrow.  I'll be back before then, Sam."
     The imaging chamber door slammed shut, and Al was gone.
     Sam looked in the mirror.  "Why do I not think this is all I'm
supposed to do for you?"


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