Sam stayed up most of the night listening to Matt's Pearl Jam
collection.  He couldn't sleep as something was troubling him.  This
seemed like a relatively simple assignment.  Pass a test, change a few
lives and you're on your way.  Business as usual.  But there was something
eluding him that he knew would not be pleasant.  Perhaps he was being too
paranoid, but he couldn't let go of this feeling deep in his gut. 
Something was going to happen.
     Jack showed up at approximately 11:00 am, just as he said he
would.  Jack seemed rather nervous and he didn't say much on the way to
the exam.  The conversation was practically nonexistent when compared to
the unlimited discussion of anything last night.  Sam figured it was the
test.  Of course it was.
     The test, by the way, was very simple.  Sam breezed through it
like a tornado through a barn.  Sam must have passed it.  He only needed
Al to confirm it for him.  If that was the case, why hasn't he leaped?
     "So you think you did good?" Jack asked.
     "I guess.  I'll know in a few weeks."
     "Yeah, we both will."
     "I wouldn't worry too much, Jack.  I can almost guarantee you
passed," Sam said.
     "Who died and made you Father Time?"
     Sam laughed at the irony.  "No one.  At least I don't think so."
     Jack asked: "You wanna come with me somewhere?"
     Sam wondered where they were going.  Maybe to a bar to ease their
nerves.  Who knows.  They just hopped in the car and drove off.  If Sam
thought the morning conversation was dead, this was something worse than
death.  The silence was deafening.  There was a new tension in Jack's
face.  He was merely quiet this morning.  Now he seemed almost upset.
Sam hoped nothing was too wrong.  At this thought Sam reverted back to
his earlier paranoia.  Maybe this was the event Sam thought might occur.
Perhaps he had some residual memory from Matt.  No.  This was merely a
gut instinct.
     All of Sam's fears came crashing down on him when he realized the
apparent destination was a cemetery.  Sam found himself rather uneasy and
when he looked at Jack he realized he wasn't alone.  Neither one of them
said anything as they slowly drove around the cemetery.
     After a few minutes and more than a few bends Jack slowed to a
stop.  He got out and Sam followed suit.  They walked past a bunch of
graves.  Al would be scared shitless out here.  Just then Jack approached
a grave and knelt down.  After just a moment he began to cry and he hugged
the tiny headstone.  After he let go, Sam walked forward so he could see
just who it was.  Sam gasped for air when he saw the inscription.
     "My God," he said as he leaped out.

     Sam found himself lying in bed.  A moment later he realized he
was naked.  The sound of a sink got his attention.  Out of the bathroom
walked the same beautiful young woman Sam had made an intimate acquaintance
with not too long ago.  Only this time Sam was more happy to see her than
ever, but he couldn't figure out why.  Just as he remembered what it was,
Kim decided it would be funny to pull the blanket off the bed, leaving
Sam naked as a jaybird.
     "Oh, boy."