QL Timelines

There are two parallel lines under each year -- one is the primary timeline for canon events in the back story, and the second is a secondary timeline, for irreconcilable concordance gaps where both versions are legitimate canon. These gaps will be indicated by an asterisk (*) in the primary timeline. A plus (+) indicates an event that Sam caused or changed.

Primary Line					Secondary Line

1934 *Al Calavicci is born, June 15, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx first timeline. From "A Leap for Lisa"


*Al's mother abandons her husband 		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and children, and his father puts 
Al and his sister Trudy in an 
orphanage so he can find work in 
the Middle East.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx			Al Calavicci born, June 15,
						second timeline, estimated from
						"Rebel Without A Clue"


*Al's father returns from the 			xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Middle East buys a house for the 
family, then contracts cancer and 
dies.  Al is disillusioned with 
the Church and God, because this
happened despite praying passionately 
against it, as his father had told
him to do.  After being returned 
to the orphanage, Al runs away and 
meets Charlie "Black Magic" Walters, 
and travels with him for several 
months.  Black Magic tries to find a
new family for him, but is arrested in 
New Orleans (for shooting pool in a
"Whites Only" pool hall) before he can 
do so, and Al is sent back to the 
orphanage.  From "Pool Hall Blues."


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx			see primary line, 1939


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx			see primary line, 1944.


*Al's plebe year at Annapolis,			xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
from 1934 birth date.


Sam Beckett is born, Sat, August 8.		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


*Al graduates from Annapolis.			xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Katie Beckett born				Al's plebe year at
						Annapolis could be
*+Al, as an ensign, is				either '57-58 or
tried for the murder of				'58-59, depending on
his commander's wife;				whether he met Jack
his (Al's) married 				Kerouac in the spring
lover, Lisa Sherman, 				or fall of '58
dies in a car crash -- 				("Rebel" timeline)
until Sam changes it.  These
events are irreconcilable
with the secondary timeline,
unless the circumstances and
date are changed (eg: making
Al a midshipman instead
of an ensign, on some kind
of summer assignment)



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx			see 1957, secondary


Al marries Beth in June. 			Al graduates from Annapolis in
						the spring, or possibly 
						in spring of 1962. (see 1957)
						("Rebel" timeline)


Al flies missions over Cuba 			xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
during the Cuban Missile Crisis


Sam learns to drive a tractor in		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx			+Samantha Jo (Sammy Jo) Fuller,	
						Sam Beckett's daughter, is
						born to Abigail Fuller. March?


Al's A-4 is shot down over the			xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
highlands in Vietnam, and he is
taken prisoner by the Viet Cong;
he will be missing in action for
(at least) six years.  It is
possible that this happened in
late 1966, as the only information
we're given is that he was missing
for "over two years" in April of


+Beth, believing Al is dead, 		+Sam goes back to his family for
remarries in June.  Her second		Thanksgiving, and wins a basketball
husband is a lawyer named Dirk		game that he lost the first time
Simon.  Sam erases this event in 	around.  His attempts to change his
"Mirror Image," but the results		family's lives are unsuccessful.
are not known.

Tom Beckett comes home for
Thanksgiving before shipping off
to Vietnam.


+Tom Beckett dies in Vietnam on		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
April 8; Sam changes his fate
by saving him from a traitor's

Sam graduates from high school at
the age of sixteen.


Sam graduates from M.I.T. with 		John Beckett dies, according to
his bachelors' degree after 		"The Leap Home."
only two years.

Sam plays the piano at Carnegie 
Hall (may be 1973; he was 19)


*(+?)Al is returned from Vietnam 	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and repatriated, according to "M.I.A."
and "Lee Harvey Oswald" (in which he
mentioned six years as a POW).  In
"The Leap Home: Vietnam," 1975 is given
as the repatriation date.  Elizabeth
Storm (novelist, "Pulitzer") suggests
that Sam changed the length of time
Al spent as a POW, and it was later
covered up by the government, which
wanted the public to believe all the
POWs were returned in 1973.



Katie Beckett elopes with Chuck, 	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
who turns out to be an abusive 
alcholic.  She is seventeen.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	*Al returns from Vietnam,
					according to "The Leap Home:
 					Vietnam."  See
					1973 for a possible
					reconciliation of this gap.  
					It may also only have
					been temporary, and something
					done between "LH:V" and "LHO"
					brought the repatriation back
					to its original date.


Sam Beckett meets Donna Elesee 		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
when she is coming off of Star
Bright Project.


Sam Beckett steps into the 		xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Quantum Leap Accelerator --
and vanishes!  (est., May,
since Al is watching a basketball
playoff during the first Leap)

Of course, there are several events for which we have only hints at the dates, and others which we lack even hints for.

In the first category is almost everything connected to Star Bright Project. We know that Donna met Sam in 1984, when she was coming off of Star Bright, so clearly it was going on *before* 1984. Since they are in the same field, chances are they would have known each other before that point if Sam was already working there. Since we know that Sam works for awhile at Star Bright, it is safe to assume that it also went on *after* 1984, with Sam working on it (perhaps he replaced her?). During this nebulous span of time, probably crossing the majority of the early- and mid-80s, Al met Sam, and Sam and Donna got married (post-"Star-Crossed," of course).

Even more nebulous hints are given for Al's four marriages after Beth (all we know is that they are after 1973 -- or 1975 -- and before 1995, but how long each marriage was and when each one occurred is completely open for interpretation), and the date of Thelma Beckett's move to Hawaii (after John dies).

In the "no hints" category, Katie's marriage to Jim Bonnick, and their move to Hawaii, the dates of Sam's various graduate degrees, Al's time at MIT or in the space program, or the birth dates of Al's daughters after "Mirror Image."

Al's time in the Apollo program is something of a debate. The only manned Apollo mission that occurred when Al was not a POW was Apollo-Soyuz, in 1975, but he describes a mission which occurred in 1969 (*please* correct this if I'm wrong). It would perhaps be better to assume a fictional mission -- both for convenience and out of respect to the *real* heroes of the Apollo series, whose names are on easily accessable public records, and who deserve better than to have a completely fictional addition to their crew get equal glory, even in a fictional setting. But this bothers strict historians, who would rather assume that he can't have been both an Apollo astronaut and a Vietnam POW, so Sam must have changed his history at some point. This in turn annoys character-writers, who think that neither experience is disposable in the characterization. And this... Well, you get the picture. As the Big Don says, "Don't investigate this too closely." It might be better to just keep it nebulous, unless the date of Al's mission is very important to your story. (Possible solution: Al's NASA mission was hush-hush, and the general public never heard of it?) The best clue we have, if we assume a fictional mission, is that it was in the seventies, since Al said disco was when "[his] astronaut days were behind [him] and Star Bright Project ahead of [him]," so, unless we really play games with the history of manned moonshots by placing it before '67, we are probably talking about a date between '75 and the launch of the first shuttle.

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