Novelists' Guidelines from Berkley Publishing Group

               by Ginjer Buchanan

I receive a lot of requests for guidelines for the QUANTUM LEAP novels. The fact is that there aren't any "official" ones, either from MCA/Universal or Bellisarius Productions.

So I have developed some general guides, based on conversations with the people who are responsible for the approval process, and a review of what has been approved so far.

  1. All of the novels are to be set before the MIRROR IMAGE episode. I think we have to leave it up to Don Bellisario to let us know how the fourth [sic] season would have worked out.
  2. As with the STAR TREK novels, no major changes can be made in the lives of the primary characters. No more unsuspected children for Sam (or Al, for that matter). No killing off Gushie, unless you bring him back to life. No eliminating Donna. Evil Leaper stories, Sammy Jo stories, stories involving Sam or Al's families are all fair game, but, just as in the show, it is best that the personal be secondary to the main story.
  3. If you are a published author, please send along samples of your work. Fan fiction is acceptable, but make certain you choose the best examples available.
  4. If you are not a published author, I will need to see, in addition to your proposal, the *first* three chapters of your novel. This is usually around fifty to sixty pages.
  5. For purposes of the LEAP program, a novel is a minimum of 75,000 words.
  6. Follow standard manuscript form, and be sure to attach a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to return your material, if you want it back.

Please be aware of two things: I am only filling four slots a year, and up to this point, no author has been approved who has not had prior professional publishing credentials.

I wish you luck!


Ginjer Buchanan
Senior Editor

The Berkley Publishing Group
200 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
212/951-8800 Telex 422386 Comagan Fax 213-6706
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