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Dean Stockwell's Credits

[Minor corrections; new additions in "TV" and "TV Movies."
Only films and made-for-television movies are listed 
alphabetically; all other categories are listed chronologically. 
As usual, suggestions are always welcome. 
	--Robin C. Kwong (rck1@midway.uchicago.edu) Feb. 21, 1994]


General Notes:

        For the sake of convenience I have attempted to mark SOME
        of these entries according to how much Dean appears in each
        of them. Since many of these are based on written
        references and not necessarily by personal viewing, please
        *don't* just take my word for it!

        t = title character
        m = major role (NOT necessarily less than that of a title
                character role)
        fm = fairly major (i.e., not a biggie but an important
                character nonetheless)
        s = small, minor role
        Again, these categories are extremely difficult to define

	Dates are given in month/day/year format, with the
	occasional year/year given when discrepancies have been 
	found among various sources.

	Producers and studios are given whenever possible.



	[NOTE: The list may not be very complete for credits after
	mid-1988. Epsiode titles are given in quotes, with the
	first air date in parentheses, followed by the original
	network. If more than one appearance was made in a series,.
	the total number of appearances is listed after the first
	entry in a series. Made-for-TV films are listed separately
	at the end. 

	Primary source of credits: _The_Complete_Actors'_
	Television_Credits,_1948-1988_ Vol. 1 (Parish & Terrace)

	Television interviews are not listed due to lack of 
	information. The same goes for appearances/nominations on
	various award programs, with the exception of appearances as a
	presenter. Are there any requests for such entries? If so, 
	does anyone have any info to contribute?

	Corrections/additions welcome!] 

Front Row Center "Innocent Witness" (3/4/56) CBS
Matinee Theater "Class of '58" (7/9/56) NBC [4 appearances total]
Matinee Theater "Horse Power" (10/30/56) NBC
Matinee Theater "Julie" (12/5/56) NBC
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars "Washington Incident" (12/7/56) CBS [s?]
U. S. Steel Hour "Victim" (1957)
Climax "Murder is a Witch" (8/15/57) CBS
Wagon Train "The Ruth Owens Story" (10/9/57) NBC [4 apps. total]
Matinee Theater "Fight the Whole World" (12/27/57) NBC
G.E. Theater "God is my Judge" (4/20/58; 1/2 hr) CBS [fm] [2
	appearances total]
Restless Gun "Mercy Day" (10/6/58) NBC
Wagon Train "The Juan Ortegas Story" (10/8/58) NBC 
Cimarron City "Kid on a Calico Horse" (11/22/58) NBC
G.E. Theater "The Family Man" (2/22/59) CBS
Playhouse 90 "Made in Japan" (3/5/59) CBS [m]
Wagon Tain "The Rodney Lawrence Story" (6/10/59) NBC
Johnny Staccato "The Nature of the Night" (10/15/59; 1/2 hr) NBC
The Killers (CBS Buick Electra Playhouse) [TV special based on
	Hemingway's _The_Killers_] (11/19/59) CBS [m]
Checkmate "The Cyanide Touch" (10/1/60) CBS
June Allyson Show "The Dance Man" (10/6/60) CBS [m]
Outlaws "Assassin" (2/9/61) NBC
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "The Landlady" (2/21/61) NBC [m] [see
	also Alfred Hitchcock Hour]
Wagon Train "The Will Santee Story" (5/3/61) NBC
Hallmark Hall of Fame "The Joke and the Valley" (5/5/61) NBC
Bus Stop "Afternoon of a Cowboy" (10/1/61) ABC
Dick Powell Show "The Geetas Box" (11/14/61) NBC [2 apps. total]
Twilight Zone "A Quality of Mercy" (12/29/61) CBS [m] [see also New
	Twilight Zone]
Alcoa Premiere "A Place to Hide" (5/22/62) ABC
Alfred Hitchcock Hour "Annabel" (11/1/62) CBS [m] [see also Alfred
        Hitchcock Presents]
Dick Powell Show "In Search of a Son" (11/20/62) NBC
The Gallant Men "The Dogs of War" (1/9/63) ABC
Combat! "High Named Today" (5/7/63) ABC [m]
Greatest Show on Earth "The Wrecker" (12/3/63) ABC
The Defenders "Climate of Evil" (12/7/63) CBS
Eleventh Hour "To Love is to Live" (4/15/64) NBC
Kraft Suspense Theater "Their Own Executioners" (4/23/64) NBC [m]
Burke's Law "Who Killed Lenore Wingfield?" (11/4/64) ABC
Dr. Kildare "The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Kildare"
        (9/27/65) NBC [6 appearances total]
Dr. Kildare "Life in the Dance Hall: F-U-N" (9/28/65) NBC
Dr. Kildare "Some Doors are Slamming" (10/5/65) NBC
Dr. Kildare "Enough La Boheme for Everybody" (10/11/65) NBC
Dr. Kildare "Now, the Mummy" (10/12/65) NBC
Dr. Kildare "A Protechnic Display" (10/18/65) NBC
Danny Thomas Hour "The Cage" (1/15/68) NBC
The FBI "The Quarry" (10/6/68) ABC [2 appearances total]
Bonanza "The Medal" (10/26/69) NBC
Mannix "A Step in Time" (9/27/71) CBS
The FBI "Till Death Do Us Part" (10/22/72) ABC
Columbo "The Most Crucial Game" [special guest star] (11/5/72) NBC
	[s] [2 appearances total]
Mission: Impossible "The Pendulum" (2/23/73) CBS
Streets of San Francisco "Legion of the Lost" (4/12/73) ABC [2
        apps. total]
Night Gallery "Whisper, Whisper" [brother Guy also guest-starred in
       this episode] (5/13/73) NBC
Orson Wells' Great Mysteries "Unseen Alibi" (11/14/73) [network
Police Story "Collision Course" (11/20/73) NBC [3 apps. total]
Police Surgeon (5/3/74) [network unknown]
Police Story "Love, Mabel" (11/26/74) NBC
Streets of San Francisco "The Programming of Charlie Blake"
        (2/6/75) ABC
Columbo "Troubled Waters" (2/9/75) NBC [fm/s]
Police Story "The Return of Joe Forrester" (5/6/75) NBC [also
        listed as a TV movie in some sources]
Three for the Road (11/9/75) CBS
Cannon "The Hero" (11/26/75) CBS
Ellery Queen "The Adventure of the Blunt Instrument" (12/18/75) NBC
McCloud "It was the Fight Before Christmas" (12/26/76) NBC
Tales of the Unexpected "No Way Out" (8/24/77) NBC
Greatest Heroes of the Bible "The Story of Daniel in the Lion's
        Den" (11/22/78) NBC
Hart to Hart "Hart's Desire" (11/16/82) ABC
The A-Team "A Small and Deadly War" (2/15/83) NBC [fm]
Simon and Simon "The Skeleton Who Came Out of the Closet" (3/31/83)
Miami Vice [episode(s) unknown] (11/22/85, 2/28/86) NBC
Murder, She Wrote "Deadpan" (5/1/88) CBS
New Twilight Zone "Room 2426" (1989) CBS [m]
Quantum Leap [series] {Golden Globe Award: Best Supporting Actor,
	1989-90 season; GGA nomination, BSA, 90-91, 91-92, 92-93
	seasons; Emmy nomination: Best Supporting Actor, 1989-90,
	90-91, 91-92, 92-93 seasons} (3/26/89 - 5/5/1993) NBC [m]
A&E's Evening at the Improv [guest host]
Captain Planet and the Planeteers [series: recurring guest voice:
	Duke Nukem] (series premiere: 9/15/1990; syndicated release
	9/16/1990) TBS
	known episodes:
		"Meltdown Syndrome"
		"Summit to Save Earth, Part 1" (and presumably,
			Part 2 as well)
		"Ozone Hole"
		[others??? Original airdates are unknown]
42nd Annual Emmy Awards [presenter] (9/16/1990)
Against All Odds [pilot; host] (10/1991) NBC
44th Annual Emmy Awards [presenter] (8/29/1992) Fox
When We Were Young () PBS
Jeopardy! [celebrity contestant] (10/27/1992) ABC
Caught In The Act [special; host] (7/7/1993) NBC
Burke's Law (1/28/1994) CBS
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman "The Rival" 
	(2/27/1994) ABC [fm/m]

[He also did the E! Entertainment Channel's "Moments in History"(?)
segments around 1990 or so--anyone got any info on these?]



Paper Man (11/12/71, Twentieth-Century Fox) [m(t?)] CBS
The Failing of Raymond (11/27/71, Universal) ABC
The Adventures of Nick Carter (2/20/72, Universal) ABC
The Return of Joe Forrester (5/6/75, Columbia) NBC [also listed as
	an episode of the series _Police_Story_ in some sources]
A Killing Affair {aka "Behind the Badge"} (9/21/77, Columbia) CBS
Born to be Sold {Brit. title: "The Baby Brokers"} (11/2/81, Ron
	Samuels Prods.) [fm] NBC
The Gambler III: The Legend Continues (11/22/87, 11/24/87) CBS
Backtrack {shown overseas in theaters as "Catchfire"} (12/14/1991,
	Dick Clark Cinema Prod., Vestron Pictures Inc.) Showtime
Son of the Morning Star [miniseries] (2/3/1991, 2/4/1991; Mount 
	Co., Preston Stephen Fisher Co., Republic Pictures TV) [fm]
Shame (8/17/1992) [m] Lifetime
Fatal Memories (11/9/1992) [fm] NBC
Bonanza: The Return (11/27/1993) [m] NBC
In The Line of Duty: The Price of Vengeance (1/23/1994) [m] NBC



	[NOTE: This is as complete a list as I have been able to
	scrounge up over the past 12 months or so--which doesn't
	mean that there aren't more entries!      

	Producers and/or studios are listed for most of the films.

	Made-for-TV movies are listed under his TV credits.]

Abbott and Costello in Hollywood (1945, MGM) [s]
Alsino and the Condor {Nicaragua} (1983, ICAIC/Almi Television
	Prod.) [t]
Anchors Aweigh (1945, MGM) [fm]
Arnelo Affair, The (1947, MGM) 
Backtrack {see "Catchfire"} 
Banzai Runner (1986, Montage) [t]
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987, Paramount) 
Blue Iguana, The (1987/8, Polygram-Propaganda/Paramount) [fm?]
Blue Velvet (1986, DEG) [s]
Boy with Green Hair, The (1948/50, RKO) [t]
Buying Time {Canada} (1988/9, Airheads Productions Inc. from MGM/UA
	Distrib. Co./Arista) [m]
Careless Years, The (1957, UA) [m]
Catchfire {US title: "Backtrack"} (1989, Vestron/Precision
	Films/Mack-Taylor Prods.) {in US, released as TV movie only}
Cattle Drive (1951, Universal-Int'l) [m]
Citizen Soldier (1984)
Code Name: Emerald (1985?)
Compulsion {1959 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award (co-winner);
	Best Film, British Academy Awards 1959} (1959, TCF/Darryl T.
	Zanuck Prod.) [m]
Deep Waters (1948, TCF) [m]
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949, TCF) [fm]
Dune (1984, Universal) [fm]
Dunwich Horror, The (1970, American International Prods.) [m]
Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer (1976) [narrator]
Ecstacy  (1970, not released)
Gardens of Stone (1987, Tri-Star) [fm/s]
Gentleman's Agreement {Hollywood Foreign Correspondents' Golden
	Globe Award: Best Juvenile Actor 1947} (1947, TCF) [fm?]
Green Years, The (1946, MGM) [m] (Guy Stockwell has a small role)
Gun for a Coward (1956/7, UI) [m]
Happy Years, The (1950, MGM) [m]
Home, Sweet Homicide (1946, TCF)
Human Highway {actor, co-writer, co-director} (1982, Shakey)
Jorge um Brasileiro {translation: "Jorge, a Brazilian"} {Brazil}
	(1989, Embrafilme-Encontro Producoes/Embrafilm) [m]
Just Another Day at the Races {see "Win, Place or Steal"}
Kim (1950, MGM) [t]
Last Movie, The (1971, Universal) [s]
Legend of Billie Jean, The (1985, Tri-Star) [s]
Limit Up (1989, Sterling/MCEG) [m]
Loners, The (1972, Four Leaf/Fanfare/Sam Katzman) [m]
Long Day's Journey Into Night {1962 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor
	Award (co-winner)} (1962, Ely Landau/Embassy, 174m) [m]
Long Haul, The (1988)
Man with the Deadly Lens, The {Brit. title; see "Wrong is Right"} 
Married to the Mob {Academy Nomination: Supporting Actor 1988; 
	New York Critics Circle Award: Best Supporting Actor, 
	1988; National Society of Film Critics' Award: Best 
	Supporting Actor, 1988} (1988, Mysterious Arts/Orion) [m]
Mighty McGurk, The (1946, MGM) 
One Away (1980, Silhouette Film Prods.)
Pacific Connection, The (1975)
Palais Royale {aka "Smoke Screen"} {Canada} (1988/90 (dates are
	unclear), Metaphor/Spectrafilm, RCA/Columbia) [fm/m]
Papa was a Preacher (1985)
Paris, Texas {Ger./Fr.} {1984 Cannes FF Golden Palm film} (1984,
	Twentieth Century-Fox/Road Movies--Argos Films) [fm]
Player, The (1992) [s]
Psych-Out (1968, American International) [m]
Rapture (1965, Int'l Classics/TCF) [m]
Really Important Person, A (1/11/1947, Metro) {a John Nesbitt
	Passing Parade short} [m]
Romance of Rosy Ridge, The (1947, MGM) 
Sandino (Nicaragua) (1990)
Secret Garden, The (1949, MGM, 92m) [fm]
She Came to the Valley (1979, listed in some sources as
	uncompleted) [m] 
Smoke Screen {see "Palais Royale"} {sometimes listed as
Song of the Thin Man (1947, MGM) [fm/s]
Sons and Lovers {British entry in Cannes Film Festival; Hollywood 
	Foreign Press Assoc. Golden Globe nominee: Best Dramatic
	Performance by an Actor, 1960} (1960, TCF/Company of
	Artists/Jerry Wald) [m]
Stars in My Crown (1950, MGM) [m/fm] 
Stickfighter (1989)
Sweet Scene of Death (1983)
Three for the Money {see "Win, Place or Steal"}
Time Guardian, The {Australia} (1987, Hemdal FGH-Chateau Prod.) [s]
To Kill a Stranger (1984 (also listed in some sources as a 1970s
	movie), Star World Prod.)
To Live and Die in L.A. (1985, MGM/United Artists) [s]
Tracks (1976/7, Rainbow Pictures)
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988, Lucasfilm/Paramount) [s]
Valley of Decision, The (1945, MGM) [s]
Werewolf of Washington (1973, Diplomat) [t]
Win, Place or Steal {aka "Just Another Day at the Races"; "Three for
	the Money"} (1975, Cinema National)
Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976, Paramount/David V.
	Picker, Arnold Schulman, Michael Winner) [s]
Wrong Is Right {aka "The Man with the Deadly Lens": Brit. title}
	(1982, Columbia)

[Side note: was named in the Motion Pictures Herald-Fame "Stars of
	Tomorrow" poll, 1949]


	[The following category is added simply for completeness'
	sake. Actual details/dates are scarce, so any info in this area
	would be greatly appreciated!]





Death Valley Days (likely between 1943-44) NBC Blue
Dr. Christian (likely between 1943-45) CBS



Innocent Voyage (opened 11/15/1943; with Guy Stockwell) {Theatre
	Guild, Belasco Theatre, New York City} [s]
Compulsion (opened 10/24/1958) {Ambassador Theatre, New York City}



Endgame {Coronet Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles} (1962)
New Tenant, The {Coronet Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles} (1962)
All That Fall {radio: KPFK} (1963)
Crazy Horse {about Bruce Conner's filming of "Breakaway"} (1972/3)
Human Highway {actor, co-writer, co-director} (1982)  



The Fabulous Fifties
The Making of "Son of the Morning Star"