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               Q U A N T U M   L E A P   C A S T   L I S T

         Compiled by Ailsa Jenkins 
  Version 1.0                                          19 March 1996



Cast and character listings
Appendix A: Crew members in cast 
Appendix B: Family members in cast
Appendix C: Personalities appearing as themselves
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Cast and character listings:
Starring Cast:  
Scott Bakula as Dr Sam(uel) Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Al(bert) Calavicci
Other Project Quantum Leap staff:
Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie in "Pilot episode", "The Leap Back", 
"Lee Harvey Oswald", "Killin' Time" and "Mirror Image"
Candy Ann Brown as Dr Verbena Beeks in "Shock Theater" and 
"The Leap Back"
Gigi Rice as Tina, Pulse Communications Technician in "The Leap Back"
Deborah Pratt as voice of Ziggy in "The Leap Back"


Title:          Pilot Movie (aka "Genesis")
Leapdate:       September 13, 1956
Episode Number: 001
Guest Cast:     Jennifer Runyon as Peg Stratton;
                John Allen Nelson as Capt "Bird Dog" Birdell;
                W. K. Stratton as Dr Burger;
                Newell Alexander as John Beckett;
                Lee DeBroux as ?;
                Larry Poindexter as Capt Tony LaMott;
                Bruce McGill as Dr Ernst "Weird Ernie";
Co-starring:    Barbra Horan as Tina;
                David Trent as Capt Doug Walker;
                James F. Dean as Dr Blaustein;
                Lela Ivey as Lucy;
                Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie;
                Lydia Cornell as Sally;
                Christine Poor as Jeanie;
                Doug Cox as sportscaster;
                Christian van Dorn as Mikey Stratton;
Featuring:      Hank Robinson as umpire;
                Patrick Crawshaw as old man;
                Brent Chalem as bat boy;
                Adam Affonso as young Sam;
                Mike Greenwood as Matt;
                Dave Duensing as Clyde;
                David Dawson as Barnes;
                Kevin Johnson as Pepper;
                Ken Martin as Tim Fox/mirror;
                Layne Beamer as Tom Stratton/mirror;


Title:          Star-Crossed
Leapdate:       June 15, 1972
Episode Number: 002
Guest Cast:     Teri Hatcher as Donna Eleese;
                Leslie Sachs as Jamie Lee;
                Michael Gregory as Colonel Wojohowitz;
                Michael McGrady as Oscar;
Co-starring:    Charles Walker as Frank;
                Ken Gibbel as Harry;
with:           John Tayloe as Gerald Bryant/mirror;
                Anne Leyden as waitress;
                Kurt Falkenburg as gas station attendant;
                Tonya D. Pullum as student with afro;
                Mary Boessow as pragmatic student;
                Lisa Meddin as student in headband;

Title:          The Right Hand of God
Leapdate:       October 24, 1974
Episode Number: 003
Guest Cast:     Guy Stockwell as Jake Edwards;
                Michelle Joyner as Sister Angela;
                Teri Copley as Dixie;
                Alex Colon as Gomez;
                Nancy Culp as Sister Sarah;
Co-starring:    Lewis Arquette as Father Muldooney;
                James Caven as Chalky;
                Roger Hewlett as Tiger Joe;
                Vinnie Curt as Link;
                David Valdivia as ring announcer;
                Rocky Giordani as bartender;
                George King as black boxer;
                George O'Mara as referee;
                Jonathan Gries as Roscoe?;
                Michael Strasser as Clarence Cody/mirror;


Title:          How the Tess Was Won
Leapdate:       August 5, 1956
Episode Number: 004
Guest Cast:     Lance LeGault as Chance McGill;
                Kari Lizer as Tess McGill;
                Marshall R. Teague as Wayne;
                Scott Fults as Buddy Holly;
Co-starring:    Tommy Bush as Orly;
                Sloan Fischer as Doc Young/mirror;


Title:          Double Identity
Leapdate:       November 8, 1965
Episode Number: 005
Guest Cast:     Terri Garber as Teresa;
                Michael Genovese as Don Geno Frascati/mirror;
                Joe Santos as Tony;
                Tom Silardi as Segundo;
                Page Moseley as Frankie La Palma/mirror;
                Nick Cassavetes as Primo;
Co-starring:    Patricia Veselich as Angela;
                Ric Mancini as Al;
                Harriet Medin as Nonna;
                Mark Margolis as Adriano;
                Dean Fortunato as Father Sebastian;
                Joseph Svezia as student;
                John Hostetter as Burt;
                Michael Franco as Charlie;


Title:          The Color of Truth
Leapdate:       August 8, 1955
Episode Number: 006
Guest Cast:     Susan French as Miz Melny Trafford;
                Royce D. Applegate as Sheriff Blount;
                Michael D. Roberts as Willis Trafford;
                James Ingersoll as Clayton Tyler;
                Kimberly Bailey as Nell Tyler;
Co-starring:    Michael Kruger as Billy Joe Bob Blount;
                Jeff Tyler as Toad;
                Jane Abbott as Miz Patty;
                Elyse Donalson as Nurse Ethel;
                Howard Johnson as Jesse Tyler/mirror;
                Christopher J Keene as Doctor Parker;
                J. T. Solomon as Effie;


Title:          Camikazi Kid
Leapdate:       June 6, 1961
Episode Number: 007
Guest Cast:     Romy Windsor as Cheryl Wilson;
                Kevin Blair as Bob Thompson;
                Robert Costanzo as Chuck Thompson;
                Holly Fields as Jill;
                Jason Priestley as Pencil;
                Richard McGonagle as Dad Wilson;
                Janet Carroll as Janie Wilson;
Co-starring:    Mary Pat Gleason as Mrs Thompson;
                Johnny Lage as Marty;
with:           Scott Menville as Cameron Wilson/mirror;
                Edward Schaff as Minister;
                Tom Verica as Impala;
                Brandon Adams as older brother;
                Michael Bellisario as little boy;


Title:          Play It Again, Seymour
Leapdate:       April 14, 1953
Episode Number: 008
Guest Cast:     Claudia Christian as Allison;
                Willie Garson as Seymour;
                Paul Linke as Lionel;
Co-starring:    Steve Nevil as Chuck;
                Kevin Mockrin as little Woody Allen;
                Tony Heller as Nick Allen/mirror;
                Don Keith Opper as crooner;
                Richard Riehle as Lt Lannon;
                Jeanette Miller as old lady;
                Don Maxwell as policeman;
                Barbara London as Mama;
                Ron Utstad as bandleader;
                Hap Lawrence as bartender;


Title:          Honeymoon Express
Leapdate:       April 27, 1960
Episode Number: 009
Guest Cast:     Alice Adair as Diane McBride;
                Mathieu Carriere as Roget;
                Hank Rolike as Porter;
                Warren Frost as Chairman of the Committee;
                James Mastrantanio as Henri;
Co-starring:    Fitzhugh G. Houston as black Senator;
                King Moody as southern Senator;
                Virginia Paris as woman Senator;
                Kirk Scott as Yankee Senator;
                Donna Hardy as grey haired lady;
                William McDonald as conductor;
                James Clark as engineer;
                Stan Garner as assistant engineer;
                Ron Chabidon as Tom McBride/mirror;


Title:          Disco Inferno
Leapdate:       April 1, 1976
Episode Number: 010
Guest Cast:     Michael Greene as Ray Stone;
                Kris Kamm as Chris Stone;
                Kelli Williams as Shannon;
                Peter Onorato as Rick;
                Arnetia Walker as Traci;
Co-starring:    Maureen Fletcher-Evans as female extra;
                Michelle Costello as stuntwoman;
                Joe Farago as cinematographer;
                Kevin Light as Chad Stone/mirror;
                Tobi Redlich as dancer;
                Helena Buscema as country singer;


Title:          The Americanization of Machiko
Leapdate:       August 4, 1953
Episode Number: 011
Guest Cast:     K. Callan as Lenore Mackenzie;
                Wayne Tippit as Henry Mackenzie;
                Leila Hee Olsen as Machiko Mackenzie;
                Elena Stiteler as Naomi;
                Patrick Massett as Rusty;
with:           Chuck Walling as Rev Felcher;
                Marjorie Stapp as Betty Felcher;
                Pat Ast as Dolores;
                Cary Pitts as Deputy Herman;
                Keith R Mills as Lionel, the mayor;
                James Oden Hatch as Eugene;
                Bill Arnold as Charles Lee Mackenzie/mirror;


Title:          What Price Gloria?
Leapdate:       October 16, 1961
Episode Number: 012
Guest Cast:     Jean Sagal as Gloria Collins;
                John Calvin as Buddy Wright;
Co-starring:    Gregg Barber as Parker;
                Matt Landers as Richard;
                La Reine Chabut as Samantha Stormer/mirror;
                Jack Armstrong as Johnny;
                Laurel Schaefer as Gail Wright;
                Ryan MacDonald as Ted Hartman;
                Joy Stockwell as Miss Bramford;
                [known but uncredited]
                Katie Sagal (twin of Jean) as Gloria Collins/mirror;


Title:          Blind Faith
Leapdate:       February 6, 1964
Episode Number: 013
Guest Cast:     Cynthia Bain as Michele Stevens;
                Jennifer Rhodes as Agnes Stevens;
                Kevin Skousen as Peter O'Shannon;
with:           Judy Kain as waitress;
                Hilla Moll as frenchwoman;
                Sloan Fischer as stage manager;
                Cynthia Mann as girl;
                Bill Burdin as Andrew Ross/mirror;


Title:          Good Morning, Peoria
Leapdate:       September 9, 1959
Episode Number: 014
Guest Cast:     Patricia Richardson as Rachel Porter;
                Richard McKenzie as Fred Beaman;
                Todd Merrill as Brian;
                Chubby Checker as himself;
with:           Steve Bean as Leland;
                Hal England as Mayor;
                E. R. Davies as Sheriff Jake Foley;
                Barbara Perry as Theora;
                J. Frank Stewart as businessman/councilman;
                Kurt Andon as man in suit;
                Steve Whiteford as reporter;
                Doug Ibold as Chick Howell/mirror;


Title:          Thou Shalt Not...
Leapdate:       February 2, 1974
Episode Number: 015
Guest Cast:     James Sutorius as Joe Basch;
                Terri Hanauer as Irene Basch;
                Lindsay Fisher as Karen Basch;
                Russ Tamblyn as Fred Glasserman;
                Jill Jacobson as Shirley Winnick;
with:           Twink Caplan as Hannah;
                Magda Harout as Mrs Miriam Davitz;
                Freyda Thomas as Maxine;
                Joie Magidow as woman;
                John J. Reiner as Rabbi David K. Basch/mirror;
                Milt Hamerman as Mr Harold Davitz;
                Jay Frailich as Cantor;
                Patti Pivaar as singer;


Title:          Jimmy
Leapdate:       October 14, 1964
Episode Number: 016
Guest Cast:     John D'Aquino as Frank LaMotta;
                Laura Harrington as Connie LaMotta;
                Michael Alldredge as Charlie Samuels;
                Ryan McWhorter as Corey LaMotta;
                Michael Madsen as Blue;
with:           Elaine Hansman as Mrs Kirksey;
                Josh Peden as Peter Kirksey;
                Brad Silverman as Jimmy LaMotta/mirror;


Title:          So Help Me God
Leapdate:       July 29, 1957
Episode Number: 017
Guest Cast:     Byrne Piven as Captain Cotter;
                Tyra Ferrell as Lila Berry;
                Kathleen Noone as Sadie Cotter;
                Ketty Lester as Myrtle;
                John Apicella as Sheriff Dixon;
                Stacy Ray as Sugee Dancey;
                John Shepard as Bo Parsons;
                William Schallert as Judge Haller;
with:           Robert Dryer as Chigger;
                Scotch Byerley as clerk;
                Heather Lee as woman gossip;
                Philip Persons as Coroner;
                Cal Gibson as gardener;
                Travis Michael Holder as Leonard Dancey/mirror;


Title:          Catch a Falling Star
Leapdate:       May 21, 1979
Episode Number: 018
Guest Cast:     John Cullum as John O'Malley;
                Michele Pawk as Nicole;
                Janine Turner as Michelle;
                Ernie Sabella as Manny;
                Paul Sand as Charles;
with:           Myra Turley as Dolores;
                Maria Lauren as Anita;
                Michael Carl as Ray Hutton/mirror;
                Marshall Borden as Dr Carrasco;
                Rand Hopkins as Padre?;
                Michael DeMarlo as muleteer;
                Jay Horton as muleteer;
                Jon Huffman as innkeeper;
                Dafidd McCracken as muleteer;
                Ruth Miller as housekeeper;
                Sam Rapp as muleteer;


Title:          A Portrait for Troian
Leapdate:       February 7, 1971
Episode Number: 019
Guest Cast:     Deborah Pratt as Troian Giovanni Claridge;
                Robert Torto as Jimmy Giovanni;
                Carolyn Seymour as Priscilla Stoltz;
Co-starring:    Bill McLaughlin as Coroner;
                Bette Rae as Mrs Little;
                [known but uncredited]
                Don P. Bellisario as Timothy Mintz/mirror;
                Paul Brown as Julian Claridge;


Title:          Animal Frat
Leapdate:       October 19, 1967
Episode Number: 020
Guest Cast:     Stacy Edwards as Elisabeth Spokane;
                Raphael Sbarge as Will;
                Darren Dalton as Duck;
                Brian Haley as Guna;
                Stuart Fratkin as Hags;
                Robert Petkoff as Scooter;
                Edward Edwards as Professor Davenport;
with:           Jacqueline Citron as Emily;
                Kristen Citron as Cindy;
                Hope Marie Carlton as woman #1;
                Shannon Terhune as woman #2;
                Michael Giambrone as frat boy;
                Brian Leckner as frat boy;
                David Pressman as frat boy;
                Jeff Benson as Knut (Wild Thing) Wileton/mirror;


Title:          Another Mother
Leapdate:       September 30, 1981
Episode Number: 021
Guest Cast:     Michael Stoyanov as Kevin;
                Olivia Burnette as Susan;
                Troian Bellisario as Teresa;
                Allison Barron as Jackie Arnett;
                Andrew Held as Teddy;
                Larron Tate as Ox;
                Kevin Telles as David;
                Eric Welch as Paul;
                Terrence Evans as Stick;
                Michael Kemmerling as Lemule;
with:           Alina Cenal as Rafaella;
                Molly Meeker as Linda Brookner/Buckner/mirror;


Title:          All-Americans
Leapdate:       November 6, 1962
Episode Number: 022
Guest Cast:     Richard Coca as Chuey Martinez;
                Ruth Britt as Celia Martinez;
                Pepe Serna as Manuel Vega;
                Fausto Bara as Ruben de Guerra;
                Robert Benedetti as coach;
with:           Ralph Monaco as Hal;
                Otto Coelho as Otto;
                Maria Caldare as Carla;
                Christi Alvarez as Maria;
                Corey Smith as Eddie Vega/mirror;


Title:          Her Charm
Leapdate:       September 26, 1973
Episode Number: 023
Guest Cast:     Teri Austin as Dana Barrenger;
                Stanley Brock as Richardson;
                John Snyder as Nick Kochifos;
                Rene Assa as Andy;
                John Shepherd as Thomas;
with:           James Hardie as Professor Sebastian LoNigro;
                Mark Harigian as Peter Langly/mirror;


Title:          Freedom
Leapdate:       November 22, 1970
Episode Number: 024
Guest Cast:     Frank Sotonoma Salsedo as Joseph Washakie;
                Leon Rippy as Sheriff Taggart;
                Gloria Hayes as Suzanne Whitehorse Washakie;
                Tom Everett as Deputy Sheriff Hazlitt;
with:           Ed Hooks as proprietor;
                Jim Jaimes as George Washakie/mirror;


Title:          Good Night, Dear Heart
Leapdate:       November 9, 1957
Episode Number: 025
Guest Cast:     William Cain as Roger Truesdale;
                Marcia Cross as Stephanie Heywood;
                Robert Duncan McNeill as Greg Truesdale;
                Deborah Strang as Aggie;
                W. K. Stratton as Sheriff Lyle Roundtree;
with:           Hal Bokar as groundskeeper;
                Suzanne Tegman as Hilly;
                Marvyn Byrkett as Melvin Spooner/mirror;


Title:          Pool Hall Blues
Leapdate:       September 4, 1954
Episode Number: 026
Guest Cast:     Shari Headley as Violet Walters;
                J. W. Smith as Eddie Davies;
                Teddy Wilson as Jimmy Grady;
                Ken Foree as "The Brush" (Eddie's sidekick);
                Robert Gossett as Charles Griffin;
with:           Alton Blair Carter as Lester Brown;
                Annie Waterman as Miss White;
                Robert "Rags" Woods as Charlie "Black Magic" 


Title:          Leaping In Without a Net
Leapdate:       November 18, 1958
Episode Number: 027
Guest Cast:     Jan Triska as Laszlo Panzini;
                Fabiana Udenio as Eva Panzini;
                Richard Riehle as Clifford Vargas;
                Phil Fondacaro as Big Moe;
with:           Roya Megnot as Sybil, the gypsy woman;
                Jan Eddy as Benny Skyler;
                Kristopher Antekeier as ringmaster;
                Vivian Paxton as stripper;
                Maria Lauren as Carmenina;
                Ted Nordblum as Victor Panzini/mirror;


Title:          Maybe Baby
Leapdate:       March 11, 1963
Episode Number: 028
Guest Cast:     Julie Brown as Bunny O'Hare;
                Jimmy Ray Weeks as Sheriff Barnes;
                Travis McKenna as Deputy Sheriff Sutton;
                Cathy McAuley as baby Christy;
                Charles Frank as Reed Dalton;
Co-starring:    Garrett Pearson as Officer Montano;
with:           Maggie Egan as Margaret Cole;
                Carmen Filpi as farmer;
                Ray Young as Big Bob;
                Byrne Offnut as Leon;
                Eve Brenner as Madeline;
                Jay Boryea as "Buster"/mirror;


Title:          Sea Bride
Leapdate:       June 3, 1954
Episode Number: 029
Guest Cast:     Beverly Leech as Catherine Farrington;
                John Hertzler as Weathers Farrington;
                James Harper as Vincent Loggia;
                Patricia Harty as Marian Farrington;
                Juliet Sorcey as Jennifer Farrington;
                Tony Maggio as Tony;
                Louis Guss as Alfonso;
Co-starring:    Ralph Bruneau as head steward;
                Kurt Knudson as Captain Sheffield;
also:           Kent Phillips as Phillip Dumont/mirror;
                Rick Buche as Carlo Monte;


Title:          M.I.A.
Leapdate:       April 1, 1969
Episode Number: 030
Guest Cast:     Jason Beghe as Roger Skaggs;
                Susan Diol as Beth Calavicci;
                Norman Large as Dirk Simon;
                Dan Ziskie as Sergeant Riley;
                Pat Skipper as Tequila;
Co-starring:    Sierra Pecheur as Carol;
                William Shockley as Boner;
                Leticia Vasquez as Rosalie;
                Gregory Millar as Pusher;
with:           Cyndy Strittmatter as hippie girl;
                Javi Mulero as taco man;
                Rob Mendel as hippie guy;
                Doug Bauer as Jake Rawlins/mirror;


Title:          The Leap Home
Leapdate:       November 25, 1969
Episode Number: 031
Guest Cast:     Scott Bakula as John Beckett (Sam's father);
                David Newsom as Tom Beckett;
                Olivia Burnette as Katie Beckett;
                Hannah Cutrona as cheerleader (Lisa?);
                Mai-Lis Kuniholm as cheerleader;
                Caroline Kava as Thelma Beckett (Sam's mom);
Co-Starring:    Mik Scriba as Coach Donnelly;
                Niles Brewster as Dr Berger;
with:           Matthew John Graeser as Herky;
                Ethan Wilson as Sibby;
                John L. Tuell as "No-nose" Pruit;
                Adam Affonso as Sam/mirror;

Title:          The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)
Leapdate:       April 7, 1970
Episode Number: 032
Guest Cast:     David Newsom as Tom Beckett;
                Andrea Thompson as Maggie Dawson;
                Ernie Lively as Colonel Deke Grimwald;
                David Hayward as Dempsey;
                Tia Carrere as Ti-Ti;
                Adam Nelson as Preacher;
                Patrick Warburton as Blaster;
                Ryan Reid as Shamo;
                Rich Whiteside as Doc;
Co-Starring:    Rodney Kageyama as Choo Choo;
                Christopher Kirby as Herbert "Magic" Williams/mirror;

Title:          Leap of Faith
Leapdate:       August 19, 1963
Episode Number: 033
Guest Cast:     Sandy McPeak as Father McRoberts;
                Danny Nucci as Tony Pronti;
                Davey Roberts as Joey Pronti;
                Erica Yohn as one of the Monchelli sisters;
                Penny Stanton as the other Monchelli sisters;
with:           Kane Picoy as young man (S Stallone);
                Todd Raderman as young boxer;
                Pat Crawford Brown as old woman in church;
                Robert Beecher as Allen - old man in church;
                Bo Sabato as policeman;
                Dominic Oliver as cab driver;
                Lisa Passero as Mrs Dellisio;
                Amy Tritico as Tony's girlfriend;
                Bud Sabatino as Father Frank Pistano/mirror;

Title:          One Strobe Over the Line
Leapdate:       June 15, 1965
Episode Number: 034
Guest Cast:     Marjorie Monaghan as Edie Lansdale;
                Susan Anton as Helen LaBaron;
                Kristoffer Tabori as Byron;
                David Sheinkompf as Mike;
Co-Starring:    Robert Trumbull as Frank;
                John Achorn as Irv;
with:           Nigel Gibbs as waiter;
                Dan McCoy as Karl Granson/mirror;
                Lawrence McNeal III as Nubian Guard;

Title:          The Boogieman
Leapdate:       October 31, 1964
Episode Number: 035
Guest Cast:     Valerie Mahaffey as Mary Neeley/Greely;
                Paul Linke as Sheriff Ben Masters;
                Fran Ryan as Dorothy Jaeger/ Yeager;
                David Kriegel as Stevie King;
                Donald Hotton as Tully Maltin;
                [known but uncredited]
                Chris Ruppenthal as Joshua Rey/mirror;

Title:          Miss Deep South
Leapdate:       June 7, 1958
Episode Number: 036
Guest Cast:     Heather McAdam as Connie Duncan;
                Nancy Stafford as Peg Myers;
                David A. Brooks as Clint Beaumont;
                Julie Ann Lowery as Vicky Jenkins;
                Hugh Gillin as contest judge;
Co-Starring:    Linda Hoy as Arlene;
                Marte Boyle Slout as woman judge;
with:           Martin Clark as Master of Ceremonies;
                Karina Moore as Cheryl Lynn;
                Janeen Rae Heller as beauty contestant sawyer;
                Theresa Ring as Darlene Monte/Monty /mirror;

Title:          Black On White On Fire
Leapdate:       August 11, 1965
Episode Number: 037
Guest Cast:     Gregory Millar as Lonnie Harper;
                Corie Henninger as Susan Bond;
                Sami Chester as Papa David Harper;
                Ron Taylor as Bebe;
                Marc Alaimo as Captain Paul Bond;
                Laverne Anderson as Sheri;
                C. C. H. Pounder as Mama (Nita) Harper;
with:           Montrose Hagins as Matty;
                Cheryl Francis Harrington as young woman;
                Jon Berry as police sniper;
                Garon Grigsby as Ray Harper/mirror;

Title:          The Great Spontini
Leapdate:       May 9, 1974
Episode Number: 038
Guest Cast:     Amy F. Steel as Jamie Spontini;
                Erich Anderson as Steve Slater;
                Lauren Woodland as Maggie Spontini;
                Michael Fairman as Judge Mulhern;
Co-Starring:    Robin Greer as Elaine;
with:           Jean Adams as Mrs Futrell;
                Dan Birch as Harry Spontini/mirror;

Title:          Rebel Without a Clue
Leapdate:       September 1, 1958
Episode Number: 039
Guest Cast:     Josie Bissett as Becky;
                Dietrich Bader as Dillon;
                Teddy Wilson as Ernie Tyler;
                Michael Bryan French as Mad Dog;
                Scott Kraft as Jack Kerouac;
                Mark Boone Junior as biker;
                Joshua Cadman as biker;
with:           Kristopher Logan as Shane "Funny Bone" Thomas/mirror;

Title:          A Little Miracle
Leapdate:       December 24, 1962
Episode Number: 040
Guest Cast:     Charles Rocket as Michael G Blake;
                Melinda McGraw as Captain Laura Downie;
                Robert Lesser as Calloway;
                Tom McTigue as Max Wushinski;
Co-Starring:    Michael Dan Wagner as Lt Porterman;
                Jarrett Lennon as tiny boy;
with:           Dale Harimoto as newscaster;
                Christopher Fleming as Mickey;
                Dylan Day Brown as Charlie;
                Duane Whittaker as maintenance man;
                Milan Nicksic as Reginald Pearson/mirror;

Title:          Runaway
Leapdate:       July 4, 1964
Episode Number: 041
Guest Cast:     Sandy Faison as Emma Rickett;
                Sherman Howard as Hank Rickett;
                Joseph Hacker as Billy MaCann;
                Ami Foster as Alexandra Rickett;
with:           Amber Susa as Beth McCann;
                Buff Borin as "Butchie" Rickett/mirror;

Title:          8 1/2 Months
Leapdate:       November 15, 1955
Episode Number: 042
Guest Cast:     Lana Schwab as Dorothy "Dotty" Louise Billings;
                James Whitmore, Jr as Bob Crockett;
                Hunter von Leer as Keeter Slade;
                Tasha Scott as Effy;
                Anne Haney as Mrs Taylor;
                Parley Baer as Dr Rogers/Roberts;
with:           Ann Walker as Leola;
                Philip Linton as Willis;
                Peggy Walton-Walker as Nurse Denton;
                Molly McClure as Mrs Suffy;
                Priscilla Weems as Billie Jean Crockett/mirror;
                [known but uncredited]
                Harold (Scott's stand-in) as guy in the delivery room

Title:          Future Boy
Leapdate:       October 6, 1957
Episode Number: 043
Guest Cast:     Richard Herd as Moe Stein (Captain Galaxy);
                Debra Sticklin as Irene Kiner;
                George Wyner as Ben Harris;
                Alan Fudge as Dr Sandler;
                David Sage as judge;
with:           Nicholas Shaffer as Roger;
                Jason Kincaid as caped futurite;
                John Christian Grahs as small boy;
                Jesse Switzer as kid;
                Matt Marfoglia as Kenny Sharp/mirror;

Title:          Private Dancer
Leapdate:       October 6, 1979
Episode Number: 044
Guest Cast:     Debbie Allen as Joanna Chapman;
                Louis Mustillo as Mario;
                Heidi Swedberg as Valleri;
                Robert Schuch as Otto;
                Marguerite Pomerhn-Derricks as female dancer;
introducing:    Rhondee Beriault as Diane Quinna;
with:           Henry Worgnicz as Martin;
                Melinda Cordell as Winnie;
                Charles Emmett as Officer Arden;
                Frank Novak as Lou;
                Harry Cohn as Louie;
                Christopher Solari as Rod McCart(h)y "Rod the Bod"/mirror;

Title:          Piano Man
Leapdate:       November 10, 1985
Episode Number: 045
Guest Cast:     Marietta DePrima as Lorraine;
                Angelo Tiffe as Carl Morgan;
                John Oldach as Frane;
                Denise Gentile ?Janelle? as Nikki Bellini;
                Frank Roman as Hector;
                Cherry Davis as Thela;
with:           Sam Clay as Joey De Nardo (aka Chuck Danner)/mirror;

Title:          Southern Comforts
Leapdate:       August 4, 1961
Episode Number: 046
Guest Cast:     Rita Taggart as Marsha;
                David Graf as Sheriff Nolan;
                Georgia Emelin as Gina;
                Dan Butler as Jake Dorleac;
                Lauren Tom as Sophie;
                Minnie Summers Lindsey as prostitute #1;
                Diane Delano as prostitute #2;
Co-Starring:    David Powledge as Luther;
                Warren Sylvester as Walter;
                J Marvin Campbell as sailor;
                Stacey Cortez as Paulette;
with:           Monica McMurty as Abby;
                Jeffrey Concklin as Reese;
                David Alan Graf as Carl;
                Richard White as Gilbert La Bonte/mirror;

Title:          Glitter Rock
Leapdate:       April 12, 1974
Episode Number: 047
Guest Cast:     Jonathan Gries as Flash McGrath;
                Peter Noone as Dwaine;
                Christian Hoff as Philip Silbart;
                Michael Cerveris as Nick;
                Robert Bauer as Wilder;
                Liza Whitcraft as Sandy;
Co-Starring:    Jan Eddy as Whittler;
                Sharon Martin as blonde;
                Dorrie Krum as Heather;
with:           Bob Cady as Chase;
                Bruce Michael Paine as Jeffrey Mole, "Tonic"/mirror;

Title:          A Hunting We Will Go
Leapdate:       June 18, 1976
Episode Number: 048
Guest Cast:     Jane Sibbett as Diane Frost;
                Ken Marshall as Sheriff Michaels;
                Cliff Bemis as Rodney Owens;
Co-Starring:    Michael Carty as Jack;
                Dale Swann as Bill;
                Jeffrey King as Luke;
                Warren Harrington as Clive;
with:           Maxine Elliott as Edwine;
                Dorothy Blass as cashier;
                Ken Kells as Gordon O'Reilly/mirror;

Title:          Last Dance Before An Execution
Leapdate:       May 12, 1971
Episode Number: 049
Guest Cast:     Jenny Gago as Margerita Lorrea Tearsa/ Theresa LaRea;
                Julio Oscar Mechoso as Raul Casta;
                Christopher Allport as Alan Ripley;
                James Sloyan as Theodore Moody;
Co-Starring:    Leonard C. Lightfoot as Officer Little;
                Jack Jozefson as Officer Hudson;
                Michael Holden as Herb Stein;
                Krista Muscare as Maria;
                Charles Woolf as Father Raftery;
with:           Irene Olga Lopez as Tia;
                A. J. Freeman as Bart Manners;
                Wendy Jill Gordon as reporter;
                Andrew Amador as reporter;
                Harry Fleer as older man in jail;
                Neil Barton as black man in jail;
                Stephen Domingas as Jesus Ortega/mirror;

Title:          Heart of a Champion
Leapdate:       July 23, 1955
Episode Number: 050
Guest Cast:     Jerry Bossard as Ronny Sammis;
                Don Hood as Carl Shilo;
                Deborah Wakeham as Lottie Sammis;
                Angela Paton as Sheri Shilo;
                Rance Howard as Lamar;
Co-Starring:    Susan Isaacs as Myra;
                Tim de Zarn as Stan;
                Don Dolan as referee;
                Terry Funk as Carl;
with:           Jeff Hochendoner as Terry Sammis/mirror;
                Jay S. York as Executioner;
                John Kidwell as Hank Sammis;

Title:          Nuclear Family
Leapdate:       October 26, 1962
Episode Number: 051
Guest Cast:     Timothy Carhart as Mac Elroy;
                Kurt Fuller as Stevie Elroy;
                Kim Flowers as Kate Elroy;
                Robert Hy Gorman as Burt Rosencranz;
                Candy Hutson as Kimberly Elroy;
with:           Delia Salvi as Mrs Kingman;
                Patrick M. Bruneau as Eddie Elroy/mirror;

Title:          Shock Theater
Leapdate:       October 2, 1954
Episode Number: 052
Guest Cast:     David Proval as Tibby;
                Bruce A. Young as Dr Masters;
                Scott Lawrence as Freddie;
                Robert Symonds as Butch;

                Nick Brooks as orderly;
                Lee Garlington as Nurse Chatam;
with:           Frank Collison as Mortimer;
                Ralph Marrero as Oswald;
                Kevin Page as young doctor;
                Harry Pugh as older doctor;
                Howard Matthew Johnson as Jesse Tyler/mirror;
                Le Reine Chabut as Samantha Stormer/mirror;
                Brad Silverman as Jimmy LaMotta/mirror;
                [known but uncredited]
                Jean-Pierre Dorleac as guy who says "Butcher, baker..."

Title:          The Leap Back
Leapdate:       June 15, 1945
Episode Number: 053
Guest Cast:     Mimi Kuzyk as Donna Eleese;
                Amanda Wyss as Suzanne Elsinger;
                Douglas Roberts as Mike;
                Robert Prescott as Clifford White;
                Candy Ann Brown as Dr Verbena Beeks;
                Jeanine Jackson as Kelly;
                Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie;
with:           Gigi Rice as Tina;
                Susan Ann Connor as Naval Admiral;
                Deborah Pratt as voice of Ziggy;
                Dean Denton as Captain Tom Jarret/mirror;

Title:          Play Ball
Leapdate:       August 6, 1961
Episode Number: 054
Guest Cast:     Neal McDonough as Chucky;
                Maree Cheatham as Margaret Twilly;
                Don Stroud as Manager;
                Courtney Gebhart as Bunny;
                Peter Jason as Warren Monroe;
                Casey Sander as talent scout;
                Royce D. Applegate as radio reporter;
with:           Michael Bellisario as Billy, the bat boy;
                Juan Garcia as Jorge;
                Chuck Fick as Ryker;
                Russel Lunday as Eagle Manager;
                Hank Robinson as first umpire;
                David B Maccabee as immigration officer;
                Owen Rutledge as Lester "Doc" Fuller/mirror;

Title:          Hurricane
Leapdate:       August 17, 1969
Episode Number: 055
Guest Cast:     Marilyn Jones as Cissy Davis;
                Tracy Kolis as Lisa;
                James Morrison as man at hurricane party;
                Bill Erwin as Joe Deever;
                Barbara Townsend as Ma Maw;
                Richard Grove as Mark;
                Marjorie Lovett as Unabelle;
with:           Stephanie Shroyer as sitter;
                Bob Hamilton as Archie McCabes/mirror;

Title:          Justice
Leapdate:       May 11, 1965
Episode Number: 056
Guest Cast:     Lisa Waltz as Lilly;
                Michael Beach as Nathaniel Simpson;
                Fran Bennett as Ada Simpson;
                Dirk Blocker as Tom;
                Glenn Morshower as ?;
                Lee Weaver as ?;
                Jacob Gelman as ?;
                Noble Willingham as Gene/Grand Dragon;
with:           Charlie Holliday as Sheriff Otis;
                Steve Blackwood as Leon;
                Michael Craig Patterson as Jim;
                Julian Roy Doster as first child;
                Ashley Woolfolk as second child;
                Jesshaye Callier as third child;
                Glenn Edden as Clyde/mirror;

Title:          Permanent Wave
Leapdate:       June 2, 1983
Episode Number: 057
Guest Cast:     Doran Clark as Laura;
                Lela Ivy as Chloe;
                Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Kyle;
                Harry Groener as Detective Ward;
with:           Stephen Kay as Ralph;
                Christine Catell as Mimi;
                Candi Brough as Elsa;
                Randi Brough as Lisel;
                Robert Jacobs as Frank Bianca/mirror;

Title:          Raped
Leapdate:       June 20, 1980
Episode Number: 058
Guest Cast:     Penny Peyser as Nancy Hudson;
                Nancy Lenehan as Colleen McBain;
                Arthur Rosenburg as Jim McBain;
                Matthew Sheehan as Kevin Wentworth;
                Amy Ryan as Libby McBain;
                Cheryl Pollak as Katie McBain/mirror;
Co-starring:    Aaron Lustig as Judge Bowers;
                Eugene Lee as Officer Shumway;
                Liz Vassey as Paula Fletcher;
                Eric Bruskotter as Glen;
                John Petlock as Brian Chadwick;
                Michael Griswold as Dr Samuel;
                Pat O'Neal as Randy;
with:           Nora Masterson as nurse;
                Mark Conley as bailiff;

Title:          The Wrong Stuff
Leapdate:       January 24, 1961
Episode Number: 059
Guest Cast:     Caroline Goodall as Dr Lesley Ashton;
                Gary Swanson as Dr Frank Winger;
                Albert Stratton as Dr Tucker;
                Kim Robillard as first military officer;
                Peter Murnik as second military officer;

Title:          Dreams
Leapdate:       February 28, 1979
Episode Number: 060
Guest Cast:     Joycelyn O'Brien as Pamela Roselli;
                Alan Scarfe as Dr Mason Crane;
                Bill Marcus as Captain Vincent;
Co-starring:    Tim Ahern as Peter DeCaro;
                Noley Thornton as Lea Decaro;
                Michael Patrick Carter as P. J. DeCaro; 
                Anthony Pena as Officer Talbot;
with:           Wycliffe Young as coroner;
                David Gene Garrison as Jack Stone/mirror;

Title:          A Single Drop of Rain
Leapdate:       September 7, 1953
Episode Number: 061
Guest Cast:     Phyllis Lyons as Annie Beaumont;
                Patrick Massett as Ralph Beaumont;
                Carl Anthony Payne II as Clinton Leveret;
                Britt Leach as Vernon Coutis;
                R. G. Armstrong as Davison;
                Anne Haney as Grace Beaumont;
                Hal Landon, Jr. as ?;
with:           Lesly Kahn as Velma Waters;
                Ted Baader as Billy Beaumont/mirror;

Title:          Unchained
Leapdate:       November 2, 1956
Episode Number: 062
Guest Cast:     Basil Wallace as Jazz Boone;
                J. C. Quinn as Boss Cooley;
                Claude Earl Jones as Captain Elias;
                Don Sparks as Jake Wiles;
                Robert V. Barron as ?;
                Jed Mills as Monroe;
with:           Mark Kemble as Chance Cole/mirror;

Title:          The Play's the Thing
Leapdate:       September 9, 1969
Episode Number: 063
Guest Cast:     Penny Fuller as Jane Lindhurst;
                Robert Pine as Ted;
                Daniel Roebuck as Neil;
                Anna Gunn as Liz;
                Craig Richard Nelson as director?;
with:           Paul Collins as Rob Jackson;
                Eva Loseth as Petra;
                Deem Bristow as King;
                Will Schaub as Joe Thurlow/mirror;

Title:          Running For Honor
Leapdate:       June 11, 1964
Episode Number: 064
Guest Cast:     John Finn as Admiral Spencer;
                Sean O'Bryan as Phillip Ashcroft;
                Anthony Palermo as Ronnie Chambers;
                John Roselius as Coach Martz;
                Lisa Lawrence as Karen;
with:           Jake Price as Plebe guard;
                Roz Witt as waitress;
                Martin Hansen as cadet;
                Brian Seibert as plebe;
                Beau Windham as Tommy H York/mirror;

Title:          Temptation Eyes
Leapdate:       February 1, 1985
Episode Number: 065
Guest Cast:     Tamilyn Tomita as Tamlyn Matsuda;
                Kent Williams as Collins;
                James Handy as Ross;
with:           Rob LaBelle as Tony Beche;
                Harker Wade as Dylan Powell/mirror;

Title:          The Last Gunfighter
Leapdate:       November 28, 1957
Episode Number: 066
Guest Cast:     John Anderson as Pat Knight;
                Susan Isaacs as Lucy;
                Kenneth Tigar as Ben Steiner;
                Sean Baca as Stevie;
                O'Neal Compton as ?;
                Jerry Potter as ?;
with:           Joseph Burke as Otis;
                Bonnie Morgan as Cindy;
                Paul Bordman as Tyler Means/mirror;

Title:          A Song for the Soul
Leapdate:       April 7, 1963
Episode Number: 067
Guest Cast:     Harrison Page as Reverend Walters;
                Tamara Townsend as Lynell Walters;
                T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah as Paula;
                Eric LaSalle as Bobby Lee;
with:           Richard McGregor as Jo Jo;
                G Smokey Campbell as Rainey;
                Tiffany Jameson as Cherea/mirror;
                Clyde R. Jones as first raghead teen;
                Tommy Morgan as second raghead teen;
                Christopher M. Brown as third raghead teen;

Title:          Ghost Ship
Leapdate:       August 13, 1956
Episode Number: 068
Guest Cast:     Scott Hoxby as Captain Cooper;
                Kimberly Foster as Wendy;
                Kurt Deutsch as Craig (or Grant?) Cutter, Jr;
                Carla Gugino as Michelle Temple Cutter;
with:           Mark McPherson as Francis Edward "Eddie" Brackett/mirror;

Title:          Roberto!
Leapdate:       January 27, 1982
Episode Number: 069
Guest Cast:     DeLane Matthews as Jani Eisenberg;
                Alan Oppenheimer as Earl;
                Jerry Hardin as Saxton;
                Michael Heintzman as Tim;
                Marcus Giamatti as Rick Upfield;
                Don Gibb as ?;
with:           Barbara Tarbuck as Esther;
                Laura Schlessinger as herself;
                Charles Dougherty as Jeeters;
                Dennis Fimple as Red Norton;
                Victor Talmadge as Hank the foreman;
                Sherri Lynn Rotham as Dawn;
                Gregg Binkley as deputy;
                Paul-Felix Montez as Ernesto;
                Andrew Roa as Roberto Guttierrez/mirror;

Title:          It's A Wonderful Leap
Leapdate:       May 10, 1958
Episode Number: 070
Director:       Paul Brown [with uncredited assistance from Scott Bakula]
Guest Cast:     Liz Torres as Angelita Carmen Guadalupe Cecelia Jiminez;
                Jerry Adler as Lenny Greenman;
                Peter Iacangelo as Frank O'Connor;
                Robin Frates as Elizabeth;
                Jack R. Orend as Tony?;
with:           Milt Kogan as Lucky;
                Douglas MacHugh as Moe;
                Vaughn Armstrong as father;
                Frank Girardeau as Sergeant McCann;
                Ed Wasser as young executive;
                Justin Thomson as son;
                Ross Partridge as Max Greenman/mirror;

Title:          Moments to Live
Leapdate:       May 4, 1985
Episode Number: 071
Guest Cast:     Kathleen Wilhoite as Norma Jean Pilcher (nee Bates);
                Pruitt Taylor Vince as Hank Pilcher;
                Frances Bay as Mildred "Millie" Reynolds;
                Brian George as Ben;
                Matthew Ashford as TV husband;
Co-Starring:    Ellen Gerstein as woman;
                James Gleason as Roger;
                Krista Mione as Nurse Kidman;
                Julie Lloyd as waitress;
                Mark Fauser as policeman; 
with:           Richard Merson as vendor;
                Patrick Lowe as Lyle Hart/mirror;

Title:          The Curse of Ptah-Hotep
Leapdate:       March 2, 1957
Episode Number: 072
Guest Cast:     Lisa Darr as Ginny Will;
                John Kapelos as Mustafa;
with:           Chaim Jeraffi as Ali;
                Ali Dean as Gamal;
                Rodger LaRue as Dale Conway/mirror;

Title:          Stand Up
Leapdate:       April 30, 1959
Episode Number: 073
Guest Cast:     Bob Saget as "Mack" MacKay;
                Amy Yasbeck as Frankie Washarskie;
                Robert Miranda as Carlo Grigorio;
                Tom LaGrua as Jo;
                Mark Lonow as ?;
with:           Wil Albert as Charlie;
                Pete Schrum as trucker;
                Jon Melichar as emcee;
                Martha Jane as waitress;
                Rosemary Tarrquino as Maria Rose (singer);
                Rafe Battiste as Davey Parker/mirror;

Title:          A Leap For Lisa
Leapdate:       June 25, 1957
Episode Number: 074
Guest Cast:     Charles Rocket as Commander Riker;
                Jeffrey Corbett as "Chip" Ferguson;
                Larry Brandenburg as Commander Hugh Dobbs;
                James Walters as Albert "Bingo" Calavicci/mirror;
                Terry Farrell as Lisa Sherman;
                Anthony Peck as judge;
                Roddy McDowall as Edward St John V;
Co-Starring:    Steve Carlisle as Pollack;
                Jeff Nowinski as "Stacker" Carpenter;
                Debbie L. James as Marci Riker;
                Ivan Gueron as "Plumber";
with:           Jack Stauffer as flight surgeon;
                Rich Whiteside as marine guard;

Title:          Lee Harvey Oswald
Leapdate:       October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963
Episode Number: 075
Guest Cast:     Reni Santoni as Sgt Lopez;
                Willie Garson as Alik Idell/Lee Harvey Oswald/mirror;
                Natasha Pavlova as Marina Oswald;
                Elya Baskin as Major Yuri Kosenko;
                Donna Magnani as Mariska;
                Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie;
with:           Michael Rich as Corporal McBride;
                Philip McNiven as PFC Briggs;
                Ward C. Boland as Lt Obrigowitz;
                Rodney Kageyama as Joda;
                Patty Toy as bar girl;
                James Medina as Carlos;
                Chris Kinkade as New Orleans policeman;
                Matthew Charles Nelson as Sgt Bellisario;
                Erika Amato as Lt Anna Guri;
                Lazar as guard;
                Nathan Lisle as Frazier;
                Becky London as Ruth Paine;
                Karen Ingram as Jackie Kennedy;


Title:          Leaping Of The Shrew
Leapdate:       September 27, 1956
Episode Number: 076
Guest Cast:     Brooke Shields as Vanessa Foster;
with:           Socrates Alafouzos as Nikos Stathatos/mirror;


Title:          Nowhere To Run
Leapdate:       August 10, 1968
Episode Number: 077
Guest Cast:     Michael Boatman as Sgt William "Willy" Johnson;
                Jennifer Aniston as Kiki Wilson;
                Norman Snow as Commander James Hartig;
                Gene Lythgow as Holt;
                Judith Hoag as Julie Miller;
with:           Simone Allen as Carol;
                Jordan Jackson as Hartig's aide;
                Kendra Booth as young nurse;
                Joseph M. Hamilton as Baxter;
                David Marshall as hippie;
                David McSwain as veteran;
                Michael Carpenter as Ronald Miller/mirror;


Title:          Killin' Time
Leapdate:       June 18, 1958
Episode Number: 078
Guest Cast:     Connie Ray as Carol Prewitt;
                Cameron Dye as Leon Stiles/mirror;
                Jim Haynie as Sheriff John Hoyt;
                Joseph Malone as Deputy Grimes;
                Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie;
with:           Carolyn Lowery as hooker;
                Beverley Mitchell as Becky Prewitt;
                Lewis Dauber as reporter;


Title:          Star Light, Star Bright
Leapdate:       May 21, 1966
Episode Number: 079
Guest Cast:     Morgan Weisser as Tim Stoddard (grandson);
                H. Richard Greene as Dr Hardy (psychiatrist);
                Michael L. Maguire as Major Irwin Meadows 
                (intelligence officer);
                Anne Lockhart as Eva Stoddard (daughter -in-law);
                Guy Boyd as John Stoddard (son);
with:           Joshua Cox as Officer Milardi;
                Douglas Stark as Max Stoddard/mirror;


Title:          Deliver Us From Evil
Leapdate:       March 19, 1966
Episode Number: 080
Guest Cast:     Carolyn Seymour as Zoey;
                John D'Aquino as Frank LaMotta;
                Renee Coleman as Alia;
                Laura Harrington as Connie LaMotta;
                Kristen Cloke as Shirley Constantine;
                Ryan McWhorter as Corey LaMotta;
with:           Brad Silverman as Jimmy LaMotta/mirror;


Title:          Trilogy Part I
Leapdate:       August 8, 1955
Episode Number: 081
Guest Cast:     Mary Gordon Murray as Leta Aider;
                Max Wright as Doc Kinman;
                Kimberly Cullum as Abigail Fuller (as a girl);
                Stephen Lee as Deputy Sheriff Bo Loman;
                Fran Bennett as Marie Billings;
                Travis Fine as Will Kinman;
Special Guest:  Meg Foster as Laura Fuller;
with:           W. K. Stratton as Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III;
                James Whitmore, Jr as Clayton Fuller/mirror;

Title:          Trilogy Part II
Leapdate:       June 14, 1966
Episode Number: 082
Guest Cast:     Melora Hardin as Abigail Fuller;
                Mary Gordon Murray as Leta Aider;
                Wendy Robie as Mrs Takin;
                Christopher Curry as Mr Takin;
                Stephen Lee as Sheriff Bo Loman;
                Fran Bennett as Marie Billings;
Special Guest:  Meg Foster as Laura Fuller;
with:           Travis Fine as Will Kinman/mirror;
                W. K. Stratton as Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III;
                Beth Peters as townswoman;
                R. Leo Schreiber as townsman;


Title:          Trilogy Part III
Leapdate:       July 28, 1978
Episode Number: 083
Guest Cast:     Melora Hardin as Abigail Fuller (as a woman);
                James Greene as Denton Waters;
                Parley Baer as Judge Shiner;
                Stephen Lee as Sheriff Bo Loman;
                Fran Bennett as Marie Billings;
                Diana Bellamy as Mrs Sherilyn/Cherlyn Stanton;
Special Guest:  Meg Foster as Laura Fuller;
Co-starring:    W. K. Stratton as Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III 
                Kimberly Cullum as Sammy Jo Fuller;
                Lanier Edwards as bailiff;
                Heather Lauren Olson as Violet Aider;


Title:          Promised Land
Leapdate:       December 22, 1971
Episode Number: 084
Guest Cast:     Dwier Brown as Neil Walters;
                Arlen Dean Snyder as Sheriff Mundy;
                Chris Stacy as John Walters;
                Jonathan Hogan as Gus Vernon;
                Elizabeth Dennehy as Beth Ryan;
                Kellie Overbey as Carrie Young;
                Lorinne Dills-Vozoff as Mary Walters;
                Elizabeth Rainey as Cindy Wilkens;
                Scott Bakula as John Beckett;
with:           James C. Victor as Carl Wilkens;
                Charles Dugan as Stan Pierce;
                Marion Dugan as Lila Pierce;
                Jim Townsend as deputy;
                Daniel Engstrom as Willie Walters, Jr;
                Kurt Andon as John Beckett photo double;
                Gregory Paul Jackson as Sam photo double;


Title:          A Tale Of Two Sweeties
Leapdate:       February 25, 1958
Episode Number: 085
Guest Cast:     Mary Lou Childs as Ellen Elroy;
                Jill Tracy as Rachel Elroy;
                Ashley Peldon as Jessica Elroy;
                J. D. Daniels as Josh Elroy;
                Shay Astar as Mary Elroy;

                Larry Manetti as Vic;
Co-starring:    J. C. Wendel as receptionist;
                Jack Yates as Gus;
                Kristie Tramseau as Gina Elroy;
                ? as Martin Elroy/mirror;


Title:          Liberation
Leapdate:       October 19, 1968
Episode Number: 086
Guest Cast:     Max Gail as George Sanders (husband);
                Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Diana St Cloud;
                Stephen Mills as Donald Tipton, chief of police;
                Bill Calvert as Peter Tipton;
                Megyn Price as Suzanne Sanders (daughter);
with:           Bill Cort as Flanners;
                Mary Elizabeth Murphy as Dora Tipton;
                Jordan Baker as Evy Brownfield;
                Eric Bruskotter as Red;
                Elan Rothschild as George Sanders, Jr; 
                Matt Kirkwood as photographer;
                ?  as Margaret Sanders/mirror;


Title:          Dr Ruth
Leapdate:       April 25, 1985
Episode Number: 087
Guest Cast:     Peter Spears as Doug Bridges/ Reiser;
                Anita Barone as Debbie Schaefer;
                James McDonnell as Jonathan;
                Robyn Lively as Annie Wilkins;
                Dr Ruth Westheimer as herself;
Co-star:        Ellen Albertini Dow as grandma;
                Paul Roache as cab driver;
with:           Mary Scheer as other woman;
                Doreene Hamilton as Anita's friend;
                Bridget Morrow as Anita;
                Robert Mackenzie as Nigel Covington/ Corrington;


Title:          Blood Moon
Leapdate:       March 10, 1975
Episode Number: 088
Guest Cast:     Ian Buchanan as Victor Drake;
                Deborah Maria Moore as Claudia;
                Shae D'Lyn as Lady Alexandra Covington/ Corrington;
                Rod Loomis as Horst;
Co-star:        Garth Wilton as detective;


Title:          Return
Leapdate:       October 8, 1956
Episode Number: 089
Guest Cast:     Renee Coleman as Alia;
                Carolyn Seymour as Zoey;
                Bojesse Christopher as Frank;
                Neil Patrick Harris as Mike Hammond;
                Tristan Tait as Arnold Watkins/mirror;
                Paul Scherrer as Jack;
                Michael Manasseri as Jerry;
with:           Raquel Krelle as Dawn Taylor;

Title:          Revenge
Leapdate:       September 16, 1987
Episode Number: 090
Guest Cast:     Renee Coleman as Alia;
                Carolyn Seymour as Zoey;
                Katherine Cortez as Sophie;
                Barbara Montgomery as Vivian;
                Hinton Battle as Thames;
                Rosana DeSoto as Fiddler;
                Maggie Roswell as Masterson;
                Sam Scarber as Warden Myers;
with:           Angel Jensen as Laura O'Laughlin/mirror;
                Cynthia Steele as Liz Tate/mirror;


Title:          Goodbye Norma Jean
Leapdate:       April 4, 1960
Episode Number: 091
Guest Cast:     Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe;

                Joris Stuyck as Peter Lawford;
                Stephen Root as John Tremaine, Jr;
with:           Tony Young as John Huston;
                Larry Pennell as Clark Gable;
                Eric Scott Woods as Rocky;
                Elizabeth Jane Coffee as Jane;
                Stephen Bowers as Dennis Boardman/mirror;   


Title:          The Beast Within
Leapdate:       November 6, 1972
Episode Number: 092
Guest Cast:     Pat Skipper as Lucas "Luke" Marlet;
                Eileen Seeley as Karen Marlet;
                Sean Gregory Sullivan as Roy Brown;
                David Tom as Daniel Burke;
with:           David Denney as Deputy Curtis;
                Mike Jolly as Henry Adams/mirror;
                John Burke as John Worful;


Title:          The Leap Between The States
Leapdate:       September 20, 1862
Episode Number: 093
Guest Cast:     Kate McNeil as Olivia Barrett Covington;
                Geoffrey Lower as Lt Montgomery;
                Michael D. Roberts as Isaac;
                Neil Giuntoli as Private Ryder;
with:           Paul Wittenberg as wounded soldier;
                Robby Sutton as young soldier;
                Rob Hyland as Capt John Beckett/mirror;


Title:          Memphis Melody
Leapdate:       July 3, 1954
Episode Number: 094
Guest Cast:     Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Sue Anne Winters;
                John Scott Clough as Frank Begley;
                Lisa Jane Persky as Marion;
                Garn Stephans as Gladys;
                Gregory Itzin as Mr Phillips;
                John Boyd West as Red West;
                Eric Bruskotter as Beau;
                Frazer Smith as DJ;
with:           Melissa Bernheim as Julie Winters;
                Stephanie Scott as cute girl;
                [known but uncredited]
                Chelsy Bakula as girl praying in Taylor's diner;
                Michael St Gerard as Elvis Presley/mirror;


Title:          Mirror Image
Leapdate:       August 8, 1953
Episode Number: 095
Guest Cast:     Bruce McGill as Al, the bartender;
                John D'Aquino as "Tonchi";
                Richard Herd as Seymour "Ziggy" Ziganovich;
                W Morgan Sheppard as "Gooshie" (with beard);
                Stephen McHattie as "Stawpah";
                Michael Genovese as Mr Collins;
                Susan Diol as Beth Calavicci;
                Dan Butler as "Mutta";
                Dennis Wolfberg as Gooshie;
with:           Kevin McDermott as Kruger;
                Ferdinand Carangelo as Ghee;
                Brad Silverman as Pete;
                J. D. Daniels as kid #1;
                Michael Bellisario as kid #2;
                [known but uncredited]
                James Whitmore, Jr as police captain
                Don P. Bellisario as guy at the bar
----------------------------------- END ---------------------------------

"/mirror" inserted in all cases to indicate leapee as appropriate

I have not rationalised the spellings with Julie Barrett's book "A to 
Z of Quantum Leap". 

John DiAquino is called John D'Aquino in all cases

Mike Genovese is Michael Genovese in both "Double Identity" and 
"Mirror Image"

The spelling of Gooshie/Gushie/Gushi is uniformly Gooshie


If you can help with any of the following queries please e-mail

Lee DeBroux as ? in "Genesis"
Rand Hopkins as Padre?  in "Catch a falling star"
Molly Meeker as Linda Brookner/Buckner/mirror in "Another Mother"
Hannah Cutrona as cheerleader (Lisa?) in "The Leap Home, part 1"
Mrs Suffy as Molly McClure in "8 1/2 months"
Denise Gentile ?Janelle? as Nikki Bellini in "Piano Man"
Glenn Morshower as ? in "Justice"
Lee Weaver as ? in "Justice"
Jacob Gelman as ? in "Justice"
Hal Landon, Jr. as ? in "A Single Drop of Rain"
Robert V. Barron as ? in "Unchained"
Craig Richard Nelson as ? in "The Play's The Thing"
O'Neal Compton as ? in "The Last Gunfighter"
Jerry Potter as ? in "The Last Gunfighter"
Kurt Deutsch as Craig (or Grant?) Cutter, Jr in "Ghost Ship"
Don Gibb as ? in "Roberto!"
Jack R. Orend as ? in "It's A Wonderful Leap"
Mark Lonow as ? in "Stand Up"
? as Martin Elroy/mirror in "Tale of Two Sweeties"
?  as Margaret Sanders/mirror in "Liberation"


Appendix A: Crew members in cast

Deborah Pratt as Troian Giovanni Claridge in "Portrait for Troian"
Don P. Bellisario as Timothy Mintz/mirror in "Portrait for Troian"
Don P. Bellisario as guy at the bar in "Mirror Image"
Paul Brown as Julian Claridge in "Portrait for Troian"
Jean-Pierre Dorleac as guy who says "Butcher, baker..." in "Shock 
Rob Mendel as hippie guy in "M.I.A."
Harker Wade as Dylan Powell/mirror in "Temptation Eyes"
James Whitmore, Jr as Clayton Fuller/mirror in "Trilogy Part I"
James Whitmore, Jr as police captain in "Mirror Image"
Harold (Scott's stand-in) as guy in the delivery room in "8 1/2 

Appendix  B: Family members in cast

Michael Bellisario (Don P. Bellisario's son)
as little boy in "Camikazi Kid"; 
as Billy, the bat boy in "Play Ball";
as Martin Elroy, Jr in "A Tale of Two Sweeties";
as kid #2 in "Mirror Image".

Troian Bellisario (Don P. Bellisario and Deborah Pratt's daughter)
as Teresa in "Another Mother"

Guy Stockwell (Dean's brother) 
as Jake Edwards in "The Right Hand of God"

Joy Stockwell (Dean's wife) 
as Miss Bramford in "What Price Gloria?"

Chelsy Bakula (Scott's daughter)
as girl praying in Taylor's diner in "Memphis Melody"

Julie Brown (Paul Brown's sister)
as Bunny O'Hare in "Maybe Baby"


Appendix C: Personalities appearing as themselves

Chubby Checker in "Good morning, Peoria"
Laura Schlessinger in "Roberto!"
Dr Ruth Westheimer in "Dr Ruth"


Thanks to Sally Smith for assistance with crew members in cast 


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