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Upcoming Novels

none (last updated March 1999)

Compendia and Guides

The A-Z of Quantum Leap by Julie Barrett
ISBN 0-7522-0628-1
Boxtree Limited
Broadwall House 21 Broadwall
London SE1 9PL
Quantum Leap A to Z
ISBN 1-57297-044-8
Boulevard Books
- Definitions of Quantum Leap Terms
- A Complete Episode Guide
- The Laws of Quantum Leaping
- The Life Story of Sam Beckett
- Little-Known Legends and Lore
- Al Calavicci's incredible Past
- The History of Ziggy
Containing detailed references to names, places and events from the ground-breaking, award-winning television series, Quantum Leap A to Z is the definitive guide to the world of Sam Beckett and is essential to both old and new Quantum Leap fans.

Note:  from Ailsa Jenkins arkhive@apusapus.demon.co.uk:
You may wish to know that this book was issued [in the UK] prematurely and is riddled with typographical errors as it had not been proofread and checked by the author. Boxtree have somewhat redeemed themselves by recalling the books, however a few copies have already been sold.

The Quantum Leap Book by Louis Chunovic
ISBN 78086 513744
Citadel Press Book, Carol Publishing Group

 This book features interviews with Scott and Dean plus the series creator and executive producer Donald Bellisario and co-executive producer Deborah Pratt. There also are synopses of the first 51 episodes (with some mistakes). It also has a lot of behind the scenes photographs, story boards, and sketches.

Making a Quantum Leap by Scott Nance
ISBN 1 55698 312 3
Pioneer Books, Inc.
5715 N. Balsam Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89130

A Quantum Leap Primer. Answers to 23 most common questions. Biographies of Stars Bakula and Stockwell. Complete episode guide [keeping in mind it was printed in 1992]. The real story behind the controversial episodes and an exclusive guide to fanzines, clubs and more.

Note: Everything in this book can be found in the files stored on the anonymous ftp site at ftp.cisco.com. However it has some great black and white pictures although not as many as the Louis Chunovic book (a few not seen anywhere else). This book was published in 1992. It is not easy to find.

The Making of Quantum Leap by Hal Schuster
ISBN 0-06-105438-0
Pioneer Books Inc. April 1996

    - QL FAQ
    - Biography and Filmography of Dean Stockwell
    - Biography of Scott Bakula
    - Complete Episode Guide
    - Interviews with Dean, Scott, Don Bellisario and Deborah Pratt
    - Addresses of clubs, letterzines and newsletters

Note: Nothing new - just another collection of QL trivia.


Novels - Episodes from the TV-Show

Quantum Leap: The Beginning by Julie Robitaille
ISBN 1-85283-392-0
Boxtree Limited
Broadwall House 21 Broadwall
London SE1 9PL

It is the mid-1990's. Sam Beckett, a brilliant scientist, is the creator of the Quantum Leap project - the possibility of moving back and forth through the years of your own lifetime.
But one night his project goes terribly wrong, and Sam is transported back to 1956 by mistake. When he wakes up, he is suffering from amnesia, in the body of test pilot Captain Hank Stratton - which is a problem, as he doesn't know how to fly!
When the project's computer hits on the theory that God, or Time, or Something, was waiting for Sam's Quantum Leap to correct a mistake in Stratton's life. Sam must find out what the mistake was, and put things right. Only then will he be able to return to the future.

Note: this is a novelisation of the Pilot Movie (a.k.a. Genesis)

Quantum Leap: The Ghost and the Gumshoe by Julie Robitaille
ISBN 1-85283-397-1
Boxtree Limited
Broadwall House 21 Broadwall
London SE1 9PL

Sam Leaps back in time and finds himself in a cemetery where he sees Troian, a beautiful but grief-stricken young woman. On seeing Sam, the woman drags him into a mausoleum where he is confronted by the tomb of Julian Claridge. The woman then tells Sam she is Julian Claridge's widow.
So the scene is set for a supernatural mystery. Sam realizes he has Leapt into the life of Dr. Timothy Mintz, a ghost buster who has been sent to help Troian find out whether it is the voice of her drowned husband that keeps haunting her, or whether it is someone very much from the land of the living who is trying to drive Troian mad.

Note: this is a novelisation of the television episodes A Portrait for Troian and Play It Again, Seymour

New Quantum Leap Fiction
ordered by time of publication

The Novel (titled Carny Knowledge in England) by Ashley McConnell
ISBN 0-441-69322-9
Berkley Boulevard Books USA November 1992

ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN... ONE QUANTUM LEAP FOR MANKIND... Theorizing that a man could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator - and vanished.
Somehow he was transported not only in time, but in someone else's life...
And the Quantum Leap project took on a whole new dimension.

Trapped in the body of a 1950s carnival worker, Sam Beckett learns the true meaning of thrills and chills. According to Al, Sam's holographic contact with the future, a roller coaster will derail in four days...
The accident will result in seven deaths...
And Sam's chances of stopping it are - one in a million.

Note: Well written, with a good story. QL at it's best.

Too Close for Comfort by Ashley McConnell
ISBN 0-441-69323-7
Berkley Boulevard Books USA April 1993

LEAPER BEWARE... THE FUTURE YOU ALTER MAY BE YOUR OWN When Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the middle of a men's encounter group, circa 1990, he meets... Al?
Not the holographic Al from the near-future, but a younger, soul-searching Al, beating his naked chest in a mock-tribal quest for his primitive nature!
It all seems pretty funny to Sam - except for the fact that his mission could make or break the Quantum Leap Project... for ALL time.

Note: The story is continued in "Prelude".

The Wall by Ashley McConnell
ISBN 0-441-00015-0
Berkley Boulevard Books USA January 1994

WHEN YOU'RE UP AGAINST THE WALL, LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK Germany, 1961. A rigid world of dangerous politics and strife. The Berlin Wall is under construction. And Dr. Sam Beckett has leaped into the life of a six-year-old girl...
As Missy, he feels small and helpless. What can a child do to alter the fate of Germany and the world? Sam is about to find out - when he leaps again into the adult Missy.
On the day the Wall comes tumbling down.

Note: Doesn't have much to do with the real events around the Berlin wall.

Knights of the Morningstar by Melanie Rawn
ISBN 0-441-00092-4
Berkley Boulevard Books USA September 1994

A LEAPER IN SHINING ARMOR When the blue light fades after his latest Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett finds himself wielding a sword - and facing a man in full armor!
No, Sam hasn't leaped into the court of King Arthur. He's jousting his way through a medieval recreation group, battling for the hand of a fair lady. But sword fighting isn't the only challenge Sam faces. A sinister new player has entered the game. Someone who threatens not only the Project, but Sam's life as well. Another Leaper.

Search and Rescue by Melissa Crandall
ISBN 0-441-00122-X
Berkley Boulevard Books USA December 1994

WHEN TRAPPED BETWEEN TWO STORMS, SURVIVAL BECOMES A LEAP OF FAITH... The thunder rolls over the desert in New Mexico, and Sam Beckett leaps into a man named Philip Payne, a doctor involved in the search for a plane that went down in the wilds of British Columbia.
The lighting flashes - and Project Observer Al Calavicci also leaps, into a passenger on the plane.
Now Sam must race against time and the forces of nature for the sake of a father and daughter at bitter odds - and for the life of his friend.

Random Measure by Ashley McConnell
ISBN 0-441-00182-3
Berkley Boulevard Books USA March 1995

 LOVERS AND LEAPERS... WILL DEATH DO THEM PART? Sam's got trouble. He's leaped into a young half-breed Indian named Wickie - with no background, no mission, and no word from Al.
Meanwhile, Al's found something more interesting than Sam's mission. A beautiful woman named Janna.. Janna Calavicci. As in Mrs. Al Calavicci.
But marital bliss may be short-lived as time runs out for Sam. And Al must make a deadly choice. Because helping Sam could change more than Wickie's future. It could erase Janna from his life forever...

Note: This book is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Wolfberg

Pulitzer by L. Elizabeth Storm
ISBN 1-57297-022-7
Berkley Boulevard Books USA June 1995

A LEAP FOR AN UNKNOWN SOLDIER Maryland, 1975. Sam has leaped into a psychiatrist at Bethesda Naval Hospital. A newly released POW just off the plane from Vietnam - a Lieutenant John Doe - has been admitted for psychiatric evaluation.
But when Sam walks into Doe's room for the first time, he realizes this soldier has a name to go with his face: Lieutenant Al Calavicci.
Now Sam must think fast, because some unhappy Pentagon officials have questions for Al. Questions about his imprisonment, his captors, and his reported treason against the United States of America.::

Note: This is an "Al lovers" must.

Prelude by Ashley McConnell
ISBN 0-441-00076-2
Berkley Boulevard Books USA August 1995

HERE'S HOW IT ALL BEGAN Dr. Sam Beckett wasn't always a leaper. And Admiral Al Calavicci wasn't always a holographic image. In 1993, at Stallion's Gate, New Mexico, Sam and Al were ordinary men with extraordinary ambitions...
Project Quantum Leap was only a dream.
What was the secret that made Ziggy much more than a machine? Why did Sam really want to travel in time? Where was Al that fateful winter night? And who almost destroyed the dream before it began?
The answers are just a leap away...

Note: This one takes up where "To Close for Comfort" leaves off, but you don't have to read one to enjoy the other.
Sam and Al as themselves - a very entertaining book.

Double or Nothing by C. J. Henderson
ISBN 1-57297-0555-3
Berkley Boulevard Books USA December 1995

May 10, 1986: Sam leaps into a hard-living trucker, faced with family and financial disaster.
May 10, 1986: Sam leaps into a brilliant university professor, a man who seems to have it all.
Back at the Project, Ziggy announces she is sick, the man in the Waiting Room won't wake up, and Al - unable to contact Sam - is feeling increasingly desperate. As of May 10, 1986, Sam is on a collision course with himself - trapped in twin brothers who are mortal enemies...

Note: Personifies  Sam's inner fight - while he wants to change the world for the better - he desperately wants to Leap home and have his own life back.

Odyssey by Barbara E. Walton
ISBN 1-57297-092-8
Berkley Boulevard Books USA March 1996

WILL A LEAPER LEARN HIS LESSON BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE?  In 1983, in a small town in upstate New York, Sam Beckett has a problem. He's Leaped into a brilliant but troubled boy named Sean O'Connor, who's part of a gifted students' program called Olympics of the Mind. The program is about to be canceled, and if it is, Ziggy says terrible things will happen to Sean and his friends as they grow up. But how can a twelve-year-old boy put right what is about to go wrong?
 In 1999, in the center of the secret project knows as Quantum Leap, Al Calavicci has an even bigger problem. The real Sean O'Connor is in "detention" in the Waiting Room - and he's determined to escape.

Note: Meet the young Tina.

Independence by John Peel
ISBN 1-57297-150-9
Berkley Boulevard Books USA August 1996

A LEAP FOR LIBERTY? It's August 1776. The War for Independence has begun, pitting neighbor against neighbor. Sam Beckett must take his stand with one side or the other.
But Sam Beckett - the real Sam Beckett - is now over 200 years in the future and his several-times-great-grandson has taken his place.
Is Sam Beckett a patriot or a Tory? Or, as some suspect, a double agent? Ziggy doesn't know and Sam's swiss-cheesed brain can't remember the family history.
So Sam is left on his own to discover the dangerous truth.

Angels Unaware by L. Elizabeth Storm
ISBN 1-57297-206-8
Berkley Boulevard Books USA January 1997

A LEAPER EARNS HIS WINGS... September, 1981. A little girl named Teresa Bruckner is visited by an angel - a man in strange clothes, who says his name is Al. He sings her a lullaby and promises to come back someday, before vanishing in a flash of blue light.
April, 1995. Teresa Bruckner is no longer sure she believes in the angel named Al. In fact, she doesn`t know what she believes in anymore. So she goes to a peaceful New England monastery to rest and think and plan. And, according to Ziggy to die.
Now Sam Beckett - who has Leaped into a visiting priest - must change things for Teresa, as he did once before. But the odds are not good, and it soon becomes obvious that it will take more than one Leaper and one cigar-smoking angel to save her from certain death...

Obsessions by Carol Davis
ISBN 1-57297-241-6
Berkley Boulevard Books USA March 1997

LEAPING ALL YOUR TROUBLES BEHIND? A woman named Stephanie Keller has come to Alberquerque, demanding to see Dr Samuel Beckett, immediately. Who is she? A fortune-hunting opportunist? A sensation-seeking journalist? Or, as she claims, Sam's wife...
Sam Beckett, the one person who might be ale to answer these questions, isn't available, of course. He's fifteen years in the past, enjoying a Leap that seems almost like vacation, as a winter caretaker in a summer resort, with very little to do, and only a large friendly dog for company.
What he doesn't know, what he can't be told, is that Stephanie Keller is about turn his life and his work into a tabloid headline. Whether she is a glitch in time, or a scam artist, she has become a threat to the very existence of the Project Quantum Leap. And if she can't be stopped, Sam's vacation Leap may be his last...

Loch Ness Leap by Sandy Schofield
ISBN 1-57297-231-9
Berkley Boulevard Books USA July 1997

A MONSTER LEAP... Dr. Donald Harding, theoretical physicist, believes only in science. His son Travis believes in the unbelievable.
It's March of 1986 when Sam leaps into Harding, who has come to Loch Ness, where his son is attempting to prove to him the existence of the fabled monster. Ziggy says that there is a fifty percent chance that Sam is there to keep the two from becoming permanently estranged.
But Sam suspects that there is something more to the leap - something concerning Travis Harding`s girlfriend, an oddly familiar young woman who calls herself Dixie Fuller.
Sam is right. He is not at Loch Ness for Donald Harding`s son - he is there for his own daughter. And what he does will be the key to her future - as well as his own...

Heat Wave by Melanie Kent
ISBN 1-57297-312-9
Berkley Boulevard Books USA November 1997

THE HEAT IS ON... Summer, 1955: During one of the most brutal heat waves in recent memory, Sam Leaps into a sheriff in small-town Oklahoma. A young white woman has been viciously murdered, and the only suspect is black - an honest man who stands to lose everything if convicted.
Sam must move fast to prove the man's innocence - while keeping the peace in a town about to be torn apart by racial violence.
Meanwhile, the real killer is watching Sam's every move - waiting for the perfect moment to end the investigation for good...

Foreknowledge by Christopher DeFilippis
ISBN 0-425-16487-X
Berkley Boulevard Books USA March 1998

A LETHAL LEAP... It's 1976, and Sam Leaps out of a woman named Ann-Marie Renerie. But Ann-Marie is not pleased with her changed life. She's left with plea-bargained jail sentence she doesn't remember agreeing to, and a hazy memory of the name of the man she thinks is responsible for her imprisonment.
1988: Ann-Marie's sentence is over, and now she is dedicated to the single, obsessive purpose that got her through twelve years in prison. Death to Dr. Sam Beckett!
Meanwhile, Sam, on his messiest mission yet - as a female mud wrestler - must work on his own. He can't be told that Al and the rest of the Project are frantically struggling to stop a madwoman before she stops Sam Beckett - forever!

Song and Dance by Mindy Peterman
ISBN 0-425-16577-9
Berkley Boulevard Books USA October 1998

LEAP FOR THE STARS... It`s 1978, and Sam Leaped into Noah Ellman, son to Gerda Ellman. Gerda, a former borscht-belt dancer, is just days away from fulfilling her dreams of stardom. If Sam can make sure that her partner Marty shows up for the "You Can Be a Star" talent search.
But Sam has other ideas about the reason for the Leap. Noah is a man woefully lacking in self-confidence. His new employer, Rebecca Wexler, is a young woman hiding a terrible secret.
Al's having trouble keeping Sam focused on the search for the deadbeat dancer. And he's getting no help from Ziggy, who has "gone on strike".
For Ziggy knows something that neither Leaper nor Observer has yet discovered - "Marty" will turn out to be a familiar face. And changing his life for the better could change the Project for the worse...

Note:  Isn't one of the best QL books.

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