Sink or Swim

Ann Marie Tajuddin

Sam grabbed a small wooden wall to his right, waist-high, and pulled
himself to his feet. A table was bolted down to his left, level with his
stomach, and he grabbed onto it to keep his balance, registering the
gloves on his hands as he did so.

Suddenly, he realized why he was so unsteady - he was on a boat and on
the other side of the low railing, the angry sea tossed them about.

"Come on, Allen! Barn door!" the man called triumphantly.

Sam joined him reluctantly at the rail and saw a huge white...something
rising from the depths.

"Now we're in business!" Sam's companion crowed, shoving a wooden stick
with a bent nail in one end into Sam's hand.

Sam swallowed. "Oh, boy."

Sink or Swim

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Part VII NEW April 12, 1999
Part VIII NEW April 12, 1999
Part IX NEW April 12, 1999

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