"Point of View" - Prologue

	Theorizing that one could time travel in his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett
led an elite group of scientists into the desert to develop a top secret
project known as Quantum Leap. Pressured to prove his friend's theories or
lose funding, his partner and friend, Admiral Albert Calavicci, prematurely
stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator - and vanished. 
	He awoke to find himself in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and
facing a mirror image that was not his own. Fortunately, contact with his own
time was maintained through brainwave transmissions with Sam, acting as
Project Observer, who appeared in the form of a hologram that only Admiral
Calavicci could see and hear. 
	Trapped in the past, Admiral Calavicci finds himself leaping from life to
life, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that his
next leap will be the leap home.

[Author's Notes: If you're confused, you ought to be. Recently, I had a dream
about "M.I.A." in which, instead of Sam leaping into Jake, Al had. The dream
consisted mainly of a rather interesting game of checkers between Al and Beth
while Sam stood by and watched and the song "I Know You're Out There
Somewhere" by the Moody Blues played in the background. Very odd. But the
dream stuck with me and I couldn't help but wonder just how different "M.I.A."
would have been if it had been the other way around. Just take a look at
"Starcrossed"! So this is my version of that. Enjoy!]

[Author's Notes: This is being written from the other end (i.e. after
completing the story) and I now realize just how many ways the copywrite guys
could get me.  So here's my official disclaimer that the characters of
Quantum Leap and the script for "M.I.A." are all creations of Donald
Bellisario and property of Universal. No profit was obtained in the creation
of this story. Thanks. -amkt]

(yes...another one...)
[Author's Note: The beginning of "M.I.A." has Sam leaping in in drag. For
those of you who don't like the idea of Al in drag (I'm one of them and I feel
fairly secure in saying Dean's probably another...), what can I say? You could
close your eyes... ;-)]