"Pieces" - Epilogue (Teaser)

  Franklin leaned forward in his chair, the hinges creaking in protest as he
slid the paper across to his partner. Well, almost partner. Associate.
  "So?" she asked. "Why bother?"
  He smiled, slowly. She didn't react.
  "It's a matter of fact, it's a matter of maintaining reputation. The moment
I dissolve as a threat, I lose an edge."
  "While the cat's away, the mice will play?" she inquired and he raised an
eyebrow. She normally didn't resort to cutsie cliches. "So what are you
planning now?"
  "I think it's time I taught the admiral the lesson I've been trying to
impress upon him these past couple of years. He hasn't learned it well."
  She rolled her eyes. Why did he insist on being so dramatic? "I still don't
see why you don't just get rid of him. It would certainly solve everything."
  He waved that away with the impatience of one who was tired of making the
same point over and over. "I told you, his disappearance would be noticed. No,
we'll have to get him to cooperate with us."
  She snorted. "You haven't been doing your research."
  The look the senator gave her unsettled her more than she could allow to
show. "Actually, I have."

-cont in "The Final Chapter"

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