The Imaging Chamber door opened and Al entered running over to the 
control panel. Al looked around, Ethos was nowhere in sight. Beth was 
asleep on the chair.

Al's voice was full of panic, "Ziggy, where's Ethos."

Ziggy sounded almost apologetic, "Admiral, there's a message from Sammi 
Jo, she's going to be late in, Jimmy is very upset about his father, she 
is having trouble getting him to school."

"Okay, when's she coming in?"

"As soon as she can Admiral."

"We're in big trouble here. Where's Ethos?"

"Oh he went Admiral, after the program ran successfully, he left."

"When's he coming back, do you know?"

"No, Admiral, he did not say."

Al  shouted desperately, "Damned him Ziggy! Damned everything, it's all 
going ca ca again."

Beth awoke, her voice sleepy, "What's wrong Al? Why are you shouting?"

Al turned to see Beth and spoke softly to her, "Sorry honey, I didn't 
mean to wake you."

Beth yawned, "I had the weirdest dream, I-I dreamt I was programming 
Ziggy with some obscure data. I'm feeling a little weary too."

"It was no dream honey, you were, that is, Ethos was, he sorta borrowed 
you, so he could modify the code."

"Borrowed me? How?"  Beth stood up, facing Al.

"Same as Sam does, when he leaps."

"I can't remember anything, apart from this weird feeling."

"As long as you're okay."  He kissed Beth.  "But... something's wrong. 
It was okay at first, now I can't see Sam anymore, and he can't see me 
and I don't know if he can even hear me."

"How did that happen Al?"

"I'll explain later, I fizzled out and poof, I was gone."  Al 
articulated with his hands.

"How could you just.... disappear Al?"

"There must be an error in the data that Ethos entered. I've gotta find 
him.... Now how do you find someone in the future, especially if they 
don't leave a forwarding address. Have you any clues Ziggy?"

Ziggy was her usual self, "No Admiral, I do not have any data on the 
future. How can I have data on something that hasn't happened yet?"

"And where the hell's Sammi Jo? She's supposed to be in early this 
morning, she knows it's an important day, today. Ziggy get in touch with 
Sammi Jo, find out what's happening."

"Will do that, contacting her now Admiral."

"What time is it where Sam is?"

"10:25pm Admiral and there is no answer from Sammi Jo."

Al moved close to Beth, he leaned his head on her shoulder, his voice 
quiet, "What the hell's happening! It's all going wrong.

Beth put her arms around Al, comforting him."

Beth was worried for Al, "I don't know honey."

The external door opened and Sammi Jo entered the Control Room. Al 
looked up and over to the approaching Sammi Jo.  "Thank God, you're 

Sammi Jo looked at Al perplexed, "Why? What is it?"

"Ethos changed the code to the program. Now I can't get in contact with 

"Changed the code? Who's Ethos?"

"Erm, that's right you don't know about him, er, Ethos is from the 
future, he Quantum Leaps, like Sam, he's Sam's Great-Great whatever 
Grandson. He changed the code so that I could help Sam more, but it's 
not working, I've lost all communication with him. We can't locate 

Sammi Jo prompted, "Is the original program still in tact?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Let's hope so, I'll run the original, I just hope it overrides the new 
data."  Sammi Jo inserted a small, shiny disk into a slot in the 
console.  "Keep your fingers crossed Al, let's hope this works, we need 
all the luck we can summon."

Sammi Jo touched a key on the keypad. Ziggy whirred and whined as the 
program ran.

"What's wrong with Jimmy?"

"He's upset at seeing his father. He was all excited about going to 
school this morning."

"So what's the problem?"

"He wanted to tell his friends about his dad."

"I see, that's a problem."

"I told him that he couldn't tell his friends about his dad. I mean Al, 
he would be ridiculed at school, you know what kids are like, they 
wouldn't believe him. I think it was a mistake, taking him into the 
Imaging Chamber. He could blow the whole project sky high."

"So where is he now?"

"That's what took me so long, I've taken Jimmy and Joel to my mothers."

"You didn't mention any of this to your mother did you? 'Cause Abigail 
doesn't know anything about Sam and you and erm..."

"Of course not Al what do you take me for, I'm not stupid."

"I didn't say you were."

The whirring and whining stopped as the program finished running. Sammi 
Jo looked up at Al and crossed her fingers.

"Here's hoping Al."

"You too kiddo."

Sammi Jo touched a key. Al rushed to the Imaging Chamber, opened the 
door and advanced inside the door 'whooshing' sealed behind him.

Sam was lying on the cot. The Imaging Chamber door opened. Sam looked 
towards the sound as the observer entered. Sam started laughing 

What you lafin' at Sam?

Sam couldn't get up for laughing, "You look like a zebra crossing in a 
disco light phaser."

"What?"  The observer looked down at himself.  "I can't see nothing 

"Woo-hoo, you've not fixed it yet then, hmm."

"No, doesn't look like it, but Sammi Jo's working on it right now."

Sam couldn't remember, "Sammi Jo? Who's Sammi Jo?"  Sam rose to his feet 
and crossed the room towards the table.

The observer put out a hand to lean on the table but his hand went 
straight through it, he had to catch his balance.  "Hmm erm, don't you 
know who Sammi Jo is, right?"

Sam's expression was of confusion, "No, I don't know her.... Do I?"

"She's the Quantum Physicist working on the project now."

"Oh right, you mentioned her before then?"

"Yes Sam, I have mentioned her before."

"Can you remember Ethos?"

"Sure I remember Ethos, he was going to get my memory back, but all he's 
done is made things worse. Where is he anyway?"

"We don't know Sam, he disappeared right after he thought the program 
was a success, we don't know how to contact him. The best thing we could 
come up with, was to run the original program, but it looks like it 
hasn't completely overridden the new one."

The observer pressed a button on the hand-link.  "Ziggy, how's Sammi Jo 
doin' on the program, cos we've got a few problems in here, Sam says I 
look like a disco laser phaser."

The observer read the screen on the ' chirping' hand-link.  "It's coming 
along okay, should be back to normal in no time."

What time is it?

The observer checked the hand-link again.  "10:55pm. Sam."

Sam looked at his companion sadly. "10:55pm, We've only got an hour Al."

"I know, Ethos has really screwed this up."

"We probably have less than an hour Al, the Imperial family's asleep in 
there. They're gonna be murdered, and you look like a fluorescent 
kaleidoscope."  Sam shook his head, "I can't help anyone on this leap, 
it's too much of an impossible situation."

"It's not like you to give up."

"I'm not giving up! I've racked my brains on this, I can't come up with 
anything. Not a God damned thing."

"I'll go take a walk, see if I can find somethin', anythin'."  The 
observer walks to the Salon door, and left without opening it.