Blue light flashed from the control panel of the hybrid computer known 
as Ziggy. Strange noises were being emitted by the whirling and whining 
of Ziggy's processors. The female voice of Ziggy echoed through the 
vastness of the room. "Admiral, I have located Dr. Beckett."

Albert Calavicci, wearing a white lab coat turned quickly towards the 
computer "What!" His tone was more of surprise than anger, then added 
questioningly, "Are you sure Ziggy?" So many times had Albert Calavicci 
heard this over the past years.

"Yes Admiral.." was Ziggy's conformed reply.

Needing no further encouragement, Al raced to the Waiting Room only to 
find it empty. Peering from around the Waiting Room door, Al looked over 
to Ziggy, a question curving his lips "Ziggy?"

"Yes Admiral." contorted Ziggy.

Al's face looked solemn "There's no-one in the Waiting Room."

"I definitely have a location, Admiral." Ziggy's tone sounded more 
conceited than usual. Al picked up the hand-link and pressed a few 
buttons, he stared at it, eyes wide in astonishment.

He dashed to the Imaging Chamber shouting at Ziggy. "Ziggy, centre me in 
on Sam." the Imaging Chamber door 'swished' closed behind him.

The Imaging Chamber doors open and the observer stepped out unnoticed in 
the crowded street. He looked about him anxiously, the street was a good 
foot deep in snow and it was still snowing. He could not see his friend, 
and shivered at the sight of the snow.

Still looking for his friend, the frozen snow crackled around him, 
outlandishly dressed, weary people trudging through the freezing snow, 
walking through the observer. The observer turned and watched miffed at 
a passerby as he emerged from within the observer, unfelt. Frustrated at 
not being able to find Sam the observer shouted at the top of his voice 
"Darn it Sam! Where are you?" but his words fell silently on the 
passersby's ears. How many times had he shouted these words? How many 
times had he felt this pain, felt this sorrow?

A strange language came from the lips of everyone around him. Head 
cocked, he listened for a while. A few presses on the buttons of the 
hand-link revealed his location. He looked at the hand-link in 
astonishment for quite some time. "Oh my God!" He moved a nervous hand 
to his sweating brow. His mouth moved but only a feint whisper left his 
lips, "Russia, July 14, 1918."

The observer returned to the Imaging Chamber door, pressed a few more 
buttons on the hand-link. The Imaging Chamber door opened with a 
'whoosh'. The observer looked about him once more as the door closed 
behind him.

Al rushed over to the hybrid computer and impatiently slammed down the 
hand-link with a crash. "Careful Admiral, it's the only one we have 
since er..."

Al looked at the hand-link on the counter and gently touched it with a 
finger. "Gooshie, yes I know." Sadly Al raised his eyes to the Imaging 
Chamber door, "Ziggy! Sam's not there! I thought he might be this time. 
It feels different somehow."

Ziggy sounded very agitated, "But I cannot be wrong Admiral. He is where 
he is. According to the data he is right where I said he would be, give 
or take a few hundred metres, or so." Ziggy's lights start flashing 
again showing that she was getting more agitated.

Al could have sworn that if Ziggy'd had fingers she's be chalking 'one' 
up for herself. "Okay! Okay! Don't blow any more microchips. I'll have 
another scout around."

"Thank you Admiral that would be a very sensible thing to do." Ziggy's 
tone was triumphant. Again Al imagined another chalk mark, "Sensible! 
Nothing about this, this situation is sensible." Al was annoyed, "Do yer 
know the date Sam's leapt into?"

Ziggy's response was cool, "Yes Admiral, July 14, 1918. Two days before 
the assassination of the Imperial Family of Russia."

"Yeah! He's right in the middle of the Russian revolution and you're 
acting like Sam's just leapt into a swimmin pool. Yer know if you 
weren't Sam's creation, I-I'd have pulled the plug on you long ago." Al 
nervously puffed on his cigar, smoke billowed around him. In his 
imagination Al chalked a point up for himself, why was everything down 
to points where Ziggy was concerned.

"Admiral tell me one thing. If you pull the plug on me, how will you 
find Dr. Beckett?"

"Arg!" Another one for Ziggy. Al waved his hand to dismiss the remarks. 
He picked up his overcoat and grabbed the hand-link and headed once more 
to the Imaging Chamber. "Ziggy, see if you can get a nearer location for 
Sam. It's 50 below out there, and set the Audio Translator to Russian. I 
can't understand a damned word they're sayin'." The Imaging Chamber door 
closed behind him.

The door opened once more and the observer stepped out. After several 
button clicks of the hand-link he could understand what everyone around 
him was saying. He pulled the overcoat up around his neck and started 
walking the length of the long street, the snow silent under his feet. 
The Observer walked into the distance, fading into the crowd.

A three storey building, dirty pink in colour, surrounded by a high, 
roughly built wooden fence came into view. The hand-link beeped and 
chirped. The observer looked about him and then back at the building. 
"Are you anywhere nearer to locating Sam?" He pressed a single button, 
and the hand-link showed him his current location. "Are you sure Ziggy, 
this is erm, I mean this is Ipatiev House, the final dwelling of the 
Russian Imperial family. Is this right Ziggy?"

The hand-link beeped once more. He looked down at the object in his 
hand, his face was full of anguish and sadness. He turned and stared at 
the house, eyes full of tears. "Is Sam in there?" The hand-link emitted 
a familiar sound. He whispered almost silently, "Centre me in on Sam." 
The observer disappeared.