Bernie was helping Alfredo prepare the evening meal, when Sam appeared 
in the doorway to the kitchen.
"Do you have a few minutes Bernie?" Sam looked a little flustered, 
Bernie had noticed.

"Of course I do. What's wrong Sam?" Her face full of genuine concern.

"Can we t-talk, I-I mean in private? I want to ask you something and 
it's r-really important." Sam felt embarrassed and a little tongue-tied. 

"Come on Sam, we can go to my quarters. Or if you prefer, yours?" Bernie 
took hold of his arm.

Alfredo looked up and smiled, his face wrinkled with age. He'd known Sam 
for more years than he cared to remember. Never before had he seen Sam 
so happy, so at ease with any female as Bernie, but today Sam had 
something on his mind. Sam looked troubled, but he was not surprised 
after what Sam had gone though. He never did like Rosie much, she was 
okay in small doses but he didn't care for her attitude. He watched as 
Bernie led him away, now Bernie was another matter, she was a good kid.

"Mine I think, I'd feel more comfortable there." They strolled through 
the empty cafeteria, down the corridor.

Al stopped them halfway. "Sam there's a phone call for you."

"Who is it?" Sam looked at Bernie then back at Al.

"Joel. I think he wants to thank you for the birthday present you sent 
him." Al beckoned to Sam.

"Who's Joel?" Sam looked at Al puzzled.

"He's your gr..... erm, er, Sammi's son, er, Sam." Al said awkwardly as 
he re-entered his office.

"Oh right." Sam turned to Bernie, "Go on in, I should only be a few 

Bernie continued into Sam's quarters and Sam followed Al into his 
office. Al handed Sam the phone as he neared the desk.

"Hello Joel, how are you doing." Sam, listening, covered the mouthpiece 
with his hand and looked up at Al, "How old is he Al?"

"Seventeen, yesterday." Al answered, whispering.

"That's great, and I bet you were pleased to have your mom home for a 
couple of days." Sam listened. "You didn't, oh I see you're at 
University. What are you studying?" Sam raised his eyes to Al. "Same as 
me and your mom then, it must run in the family." Sam moved the phone 
away, staring at it. He couldn't believe the words that he'd just said.

Al stood, arms crossed rubbing his chin and looking at Sam pensively.

Sam returned to his conversation, "I can't remember what I gave you for 
your birthday Joel, you know my accident. Oh right you've heard about 
it. N-no, I'm fine now." Sam glanced over to Al, covering the mouthpiece 
again, "What?"

"Nothin' pal." Al tuned, wiping a hand round the back of his neck.

"That's great, a dune buggy, f-from all of us, mind you take care on 
it." Again, Sam moved the phone away, gaping at it. "Bye Joel." Sam 
stood, motionless, holding the receiver in both hands.

Al moved towards Sam, replacing the receiver. "What is it?"

"He called me Gramps, Al." Sam's brow creased.

"Woah," Al looked at Sam concerned, "No pal, don't ask me to explain, 
not again. Ask Sammi this time, your Swiss-cheesed memory's not in my 
area, not this time."

"No Al, I'm not gonna ask you to explain anything. When I was talking to 
Joel, somehow I knew he was family. Sammi will tell me, when she's 
ready. I can't believe it though Al, little bits are coming back, they 
keep sneaking up on me and they just seem to jump out at me."

"That's good Sam, you'll be back to normal in no time." Al moved to the 
other side of the desk and whispered to himself, 'If what we call you is 
normal, then we're all in big trouble.' Al suddenly turned back to Sam, 
changing the conversation. "I've phone the agency, there sending us a 
replacement for Rosie tomorrow, at ten. She should be in on the same 
flight as Pearson. They can only send us one though, there's no-one else 
available. Beth said she'd help out when she's needed, give her 
somethin' to do, she said."

"That's fine Al, it's funny though, the agency's usually phoning us up 
for vacancies." Sam winked at Al as he started closing the door. "See 
you later Al, I've got some unfinished business to attend to. Wish me 

"Yeah pal, you wont need it though." The door closed and Al breathed a 
sigh of relief.

Sam left Al's office and headed for his own, he opened the door to a 
cabinet and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. He looked at 
it puzzled, the last time he'd seen this bottle, it was nearly full. 
Then he remembered, 'Ha, must have been some celebration Al, we nearly 
drank the whole bottle.' Then he was suddenly shocked as the memory 
became a clear image. He could see Al leaning back in the chair his feet 
on the desk, twirling an unlit Havana between his fingers. They were 
laughing about Ziggy and phase one of the project. Was this the first 
spark of his memory returning? He didn't want to build his hopes up too 
high so he let it drop, but he couldn't help a smile at the image he'd 
remembered. There was just enough whiskey to calm him and perhaps Bernie 
too. He returned back to his room.

He placed the glasses onto the small table beside the couch and 
proceeded to pour out the whiskey.

"None for me Sam." Bernie's voice was determined. "And I think you 
shouldn't either."

"A small one won't hurt, surely?" Sam held the bottle up giving it a 
little wiggle, "There's not enough here to get a skunk drunk," he 
laughed. "Besides I need it."

"You know I don't like to be around alcohol Sam." Bernie held a hand up 
to her mouth in dismay, "Sorry Sam, I forgot, you can't remember. Can 

"Remember what? What about alcohol?" Sam looked curiously at the bottle. 

"I doesn't matter Sam, go ahead, honest, I'll just have a very small 

Sam finished filling his glass but only half filled Bernie's, he took a 
gulp out of his own before sliding the other over to Bernie. He sat 
beside Bernie on the couch and placed his glass beside hers on the 
table. He placed an arm around her shoulder and drew her near, his lips 
brushing her cheek.

She could smell the whiskey on his breath, but it wasn't the foul, 
strong, stale, sickly odour she remembered. This was sweet and fresh and 
fragrant, she breathed it in, she didn't need the whiskey, she felt 
drunk and dizzy just from Sam's touch. Their lips met and she was lost 
again in Sam's arms, his caresses, his love.

Sam drew away slightly, "You know I love you and I'll never do anything 
to hurt you?"

"Yes Sam, I know." She said hazily.

"All that I have, I want to share with you. My life, my work, my dreams, 
my hopes, everything. Will you share them with me Bernie?"

"Yes Sam I will, I'll even share your fears and pain, your worries and 
sorrows. I'll love you as no other woman could love a man, with all of 
my heart and soul, I give them willingly to you Sam, to cherish 

"Oh Bernie, you would do that for me?" He held her close and kissed her 

"Anything Sam, as long as I'm with you."

"Will you work with me?"

"If you think I'm capable, yes I would."

"Oh God I love you." Sam tenderly stroked the side of her face, inches 
apart, their lips almost touching. "But I don't know, somehow that word 
doesn't seem to be enough, these feelings I have for you, I more than 
love you. I cherish you, worship you, adore you. You are my Queen 
amongst Queens."

"Then my love, you are my King amongst Kings."

Their lips met once again and all time was lost. Day turned to evening 
and evening into night.. Time didn't matter, they were in love, they 
were together.

The morning sun streamed through Sam's bedroom window. He turned and 
trailed a delicate finger from Bernie's shoulder, down her back. He 
couldn't resist the temptation as his lips kissed her fragrant flesh.

She stirred in her sleep. "Good morning." She whispered, wrapping her 
arms about him. Their bodies entwined in a wrath of ecstasy.

Sam turned as Al's voice filtered through to the bedroom. "Sam!" Al 
knocked on the door. "Sam it's eight-thirty, the plane's due in at ten." 

Sam sat up suddenly, Bernie rolling out of his arms. "Right Al, I'm 
coming. Just gonna take a shower, then I'll be right with you."

"Right, so long as I know you're about." Al whistled as he returned back 
down the corridor.

"Come on Bernie, we've got work to do." Sam said as he headed for the 

"I know Sam, just seems a shame to disturb such perfect bliss." She 
heard Sam turn on the shower, she ran toward the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Sam laughed as Bernie joined him in the shower.

"Just sharing," she smiled as water splashed down her face, "sharing 
everything you do."

They laughed and cajoled as the water and bubbles soaked their bodies, 
sending torrents of water to the floor.