After a short elevator ride, Sam found himself in the reception, he 
looked around and found the Information Kiosk. 'A good a place as any to 
start,' he thought.
As he approach a young woman looked up, smiling at him, perfect white 
teeth gleaming, "Can I help you Mr......?"

"Erm, Doctor Sam Beckett. Could you tell me if a Mr. Albert Calavicci 
has registered?" Sam asked hopefully.

"Oh Dr. Beckett," She looked at Sam surprised. "I heard you were in 
here. How are you?"

"I'm fine, just fine. Could you please check for me, I'm in a hurry, I'm 
not supposed to be down here."

"Sorry Dr. Beckett." She tapped keys on a keypad and watched a screen as 
a flashing logo, 'Record Not Found' appeared. "Sorry, no-one of that 
name has registered."

"Sam stood for a moment thinking, "Where would someone go, to have 
broken ribs checked out?"

"Is he a government employee?" She looked at Sam blinking, her long 
lashes fluttering.

"Yes." Sam didn't know whether Al was still employed by the government, 
or even, for that matter if he was.

"Which departments Doctor?" Her eyelashes fluttering again.

"Erm, scientific research."

"I'll try a few departments for you. Sorry Dr. Beckett, what was his 
name again?"

"Albert Calavicci." Sam repeated.

"Please take a seat, I'll call you when I find anything. I do hope 
you'll be well soon." She smiled at Sam again, her lashes still 

"Er, thanks." Sam backed away from the counter, turning he found a row 
of uncomfortable looking chairs and sat down.

He continued to search about him, looking for a sign of his friend or 
Beth, or even Bernie. He was gazing towards the entrance to the hospital 
when he saw a middle aged man waving, he was looking straight at Sam. He 
didn't recognise him, Sam looked about to see if anyone else had noticed 
the man but everyone was preoccupied. Sam returned his gaze back, to 
Sam's alarm, the man was approaching him.

"Doctor Beckett, thought I recognised you, a little hard with those 
bandages, I heard you were here, thought I'd pay you a visit." He held 
out a hand towards Sam.

Sam looked down at the man's hand, "Should I know you?" he looked back 
at the man's face, his brow creased as he sought to find some 
recollection from his depleted memory.

"No Doctor Beckett, you don't know me. I'm Gregory Pearson, sorry, er, 
Doctor, I'm an associate of Austin Bebrooks."

Sam shook Pearson's hand, Pearson's grip was firm.

"I'm so pleased to meet you at last. I'm happy you're back with us and 
erm, looking so good." His grip loosened on Sam's hand.

Sam opened and closed his fist to get the circulation back into his 
hand. "I'll let you know now, I've no recollection of Mr. Austin 
Bebrooks or any of his associates. Since this, erm recent accident I 
don't seem to remember much."

"Ah, not to worry Doctor Beckett, I'll fill you in with whatever you 
wish to know. Would you care to partake in any refreshments? It's been a 
long drive from New York, and I'm feeling a little parched."

"Yeah, sure Mr. Pearson, it might be more comfortable. You know I could 
never understand why they design chairs that are impossible to sit in." 
Pearson took Sam's arm and they headed off in the direction of the 
hospital's snack bar.

Pearson laughed, "That my friend never occurred to me, the design aspect 
I mean."

Pearson ordered the drinks whilst Sam found a quiet table.

Pearson sat in the chair opposite Sam. "I got you coffee, tea is such a 
sissy drink, don't you think?"

"Well actually, I prefer tea."

"Oh sorry Doctor I didn't mean to imply," Pearson rose out of his seat, 
"I'll go and get another....."

"No sit down Mr. Pearson, I can drink it, I know you weren't implying 
anything. Your preferences are your own and I'm not averse to anyone's 
personal preferences."

"Doctor Beckett, can we get down to business? Mr. Bebrooks explained his 
last visit to your project, he wasn't very clear though. I would like to 
see a demonstration for myself. Not until you're fully recovered though 

"Sure, I'd give you a demonstration But when I'm fully recovered? Well 
that might be some time away, you see I'm not sure if I'll ever fully 
recover my memory, no-one does." Sam leaned forward onto the table. 
"They're releasing me tomorrow, that is, if everything is satisfactory. 
If you can give me a day or two, to re-orientate myself. That seems 
crazy, I know, re-orientating myself with my own project, but it's 
something I need to do. I can't remember a damned thing about it."

"Sure I can wait," Pearson relaxed back into his chair. "I hope I wasn't 
indicating that this demonstration be immediate or anything, only when 
you are ready Doctor Beckett."

"No I didn't think you were Mr. Pearson, I just thought I'd straighten 
out a few facts, that's all."

"I appreciate the time you have taken Doctor Beckett," Pearson rose from 
his seat. "Shall we make it Thursday Doctor?" Pearson held out his hand 

Standing, Sam reluctantly shook it, trying not to wince as Pearson's 
grip tightened. "I shall look forward to it Mr. Pearson, until 

Sam watched as Pearson walked out of the snack bar. Through the glazed 
wall, he saw Pearson leave the building. He headed back to the 
Information Kiosk, for news on the whereabouts of his friend.

"Ah, Doctor Beckett, " the receptionist said as she saw Sam approach. 
"Admiral Calavicci is in one of the consulting rooms at the moment, if 
you would care to take a seat."

Sam looked down at the uncomfortable chairs, "No, I'll come back later, 
there's something I want to do."

Sam walked over to the news-stand and picked up a newspaper. Rosie had 
made the front page of the local Gazette. He started to read it.

"You'll have to pay for that." A young girl behind the counter remarked. 

Sam fumbled around in the pockets of his bathrobe, "Sorry, I don't seem 
to have any money."

"What room are you in?" She asked politely.

"I'm not sure." Sam looked at her apologetically.

"Your name will do then, I can charge it to your account."

"Sam Beckett, Doctor Samuel Beckett."

"Ah Doctor, you were in yesterday's paper, I've read all about you."

"You have? I mean, I didn't know I made the papers."

"Here, I think I still have a copy," she bent underneath the counter and 
reappeared with a creased copy, she handed it to Sam. "You can have this 
one, I've read it."

"Thanks." He unrolled it and leaned against the news-stand and started 
to read the article about himself.

A voice called his name. "Doctor Beckett, Doctor Beckett."

He rolled up the newspapers and looked in the direction to the voice, 
"Admiral Calavicci has just left the consulting room, if you take that 
corridor." She pointed in the direction of a very long corridor, "first 
left and third right, you should be able to catch him."

Sam held up the newspapers in acknowledgement. "Thank you." he headed up 
the corridor in search of his friend.

As he approached the third corridor, Al and Beth turned the corner. 
"What you doing down here?" Al said in amazement.

"Looking for you, I didn't know I made the news yesterday." Sam held up 
the roll of papers.

"Neither did I pal. Anyways, you didn't answer me, what are you doin' 
outta your room? You should be restin'."

"I'm okay Al, I'm sick of bein' cooped up in that room. You know me, I 
hate to be restrained. Anyway, if I hadn't I might never have met 
Gregory Pearson."

"Who's Gregory Pearson? I've never heard of him."

"One of the sponsors, you know one of Bebrooks associates. How's the 
ribs Al?"

"They're fine, they said Beth did a good job the other night. Hell of a 
job takin' that damned bandage off though."

Beth laughed, "I've never heard so much whining, you'd think he were 
being slaughtered."

"Well you did say you'd shaved me, but yer never shaved my back, only 
the front." Al looked annoyed at Beth.

Sam burst into laughter, "You mean I've missed the pleasure of Al 
squirming for once." He held his head as a pain throbbed from his 

Al turned to Sam, annoyed, "You'd squirm too pal, I'll tell yer it was 
darned painful."

They headed for the elevator.

Al thought hard, "Bebrooks never mentioned a Pearson, I can't check yet 
though, I've not got the list of sponsors with me, it's back at the 

"Not to worry Al, he's not arriving at the project until Thursday."

Al was nearly shouting. "What's he doin' coming to the project?"

"He wants a demonstration, he said Bebrooks couldn't explain the project 
well enough. He wants to see it for himself."

Al was shouting now, "A demonstration! Hell Bebrooks is the only one 
that has clearance to go into the Control Room."

"I didn't think we had to have clearance now. Now it's not under the 
Governments scrutiny?"

"You're misunderstanding me there pal, Ziggy's clearance, she has her 
own list of personnel with clearance levels, otherwise anyone would be 
able to use the elevator to the lower levels."

The elevator doors opened.

"Well Ziggy will just have to give him her clearance then, 'cos I've 
okayed it and he's visiting the project on Thursday." Sam stormed out of 
the elevator, back to his room. As he opened the door he saw Bernie 
lying back in a chair her eyes closed.

Al burst into the room, "Ziggy will have to run her own security check. 
What if she doesn't approve?"

"Shush Al, she's asleep." Sam whispered, holding a finger to his lips.

"No I'm not," Bernie whispered, "I was just resting my eyes. I've been 
here ages. Where have you all been?"