When Al returned to the visitor's room, Sammi Jo, Beth, Matt and Leone 
were there.
Beth was consoling Bernie, "Bernie's told me that Sam's got amnesia Al." 

"Yeah that's right, he can't remember anything after 1992, his last 
accident. He remembered me though, eventually. Can you believe it, he 
called me old."

"Well it is sixteen years Al." Beth answered, "He remembers a younger 

Bernie sniffed. "Can't he remember me at all Al?"

"Give him time Bernie, he'll remember. He wants to see you though."

Bernie jumped up, smiling tearfully, "He wants to see me? Oh I must look 
a right mess."

"Don't worry about it, we're all a mess after the day we've had." Al 
placed an arm around Bernie's shoulders, "Come on, I'll take you in," he 
looked at Beth, "wont be long."

Al led Bernie to Sam's room, as he opened the door he spoke to Sam, 
"There's a visitor for you." He walked with Bernie over to Sam's bed. 
"It's Bernie Sam." Al stepped back.

Bernie moved sheepishly, closer to Sam, he looked at her but couldn't 
remember her. "Hello Bernie, I think I've got some catching up to do." 
He laughed, "Sixteen years worth."

Bernie couldn't see the love in his eyes, not even a sparkle of 
recognition. She was fighting hard to hold back the tears, "Hello Sam," 
she leaned over and kissed his cheek, the tears stinging her eyes but 
she bit them back.

"Beth, Sammi Jo and Matt are here, I'm going back, I'll explain 
everything to them. See you later pal." Al headed for the door.

"Who's Sammi Jo and Matt?" Sam asked.

'Oh not again.' Al thought. "I'll tell you later Sam. Promise." Al 
pointed his finger at Sam, turning he left the room.

As Al re-entered the visitor's room Sammi Jo stood up, "We've some bad 
news, we didn't want to tell you while Bernie was here." She looked to 
Beth and Matt, then back to Al. "Rosie escaped."

"What!" Al shouted, "How did she do that?"

"She prized the metal rivets from out of one of the joints. She's gone 

"Aw Lordy, anything could happen now with her on the loose." Al looked 
gravely at the three sanding before him.

Beth added. "She's nowhere in the complex though and she doesn't have 
her security card. I found it in the kitchen, she must have left it 
there last night."

"That's one good thing. At least she can't get in there. What time did 
she go? Do you know?"

"She wasn't there at four-thirty, when the second plane arrived. We had 
a heck of a job explaining to the airport security and the police when 
we landed, why she wasn't on the plane." Sammi Jo looked at Matt, 
knowing that he wanted to be off, he had an early meeting with some 
eminent science professor in the morning. He didn't want to offend 
anyone though, by seeming impatient. "Sam's okay then, apart from his 

"Sounds like it, he has to take it steady though, he's got tubes and 
pipes and wires everywhere."

"Will you give him my love Al, Matt's got to get off and Leone ......"

Matt interrupted, "I'm sorry Al, its' just that I have this important 

"I understand and I don't think Sam will mind, do you?" Al turned to 
Sammi Jo, "Ha-ha, he can't remember again Sammi."

"Keep me updated though Al." Sammi Jo kissed Al and gave Beth a hug. 
Matt was too busy with a struggling Leone.

"Sure will, See yer kiddo."

Sammi Jo and Matt carrying Leone left the visitor's room waving.

"Looks like we're on our own for awhile babe." He put his arms around 
her and kissed her tenderly. "Big relief though, knowing Sam's gonna be 
sorta okay. Been a long day though"

"Sure has Al, I'll be glad when it's over. Speaking of which, hadn't we 
better sort a hotel out?"

"All done my sweet, all organised."

"I should have known, Al my little organiser." Beth kissed her husband 
and lay back into his arms. "What a day."

* * * * *
Sam lay holding Bernie's hand, he didn't know how to react to her. He 
could see genuine sadness in her eyes, he wanted to help, but he didn't 
know how.

"Come closer." he said.

Bernie moved closer to Sam, she wanted to hug him, take away his pain, 
as she had done the night before. Sam moved his hand close to her cheek, 
barely touching it. She moved her head round, kissing the palm of his 

"I love you Sam," she whispered.

Her voice was so soft and gentle, he felt a pang of something, but 
didn't know what. He reach round the back of her neck and drew her 
closer. Something told him that he deeply loved this woman, something 
deeply buried away in a corner of his mind which he couldn't quite 
reach. He could feel it, it welled up inside his chest, until it felt 
like he would burst. Lifting his head, he pressed her to his lips, 
feeling a rush of passion, he held her tightly in his arms not caring of 
the entanglement of the tubes. It all came flooding back, all the 
feelings, all of the longing. It was at if they'd never gone. He sighed 
as he released her.

She looked into his eyes, "Sam you're back." She cupped his face in her 
hands and lay him onto the pillow, she returned his kiss, his kisses. 
Embroiled in each others embrace and caresses, they didn't notice a 
nurse as she entered the room.

"Ahm. Eh-eh, Dr. Beckett, Sam, you'll pull your IV loose." She was a 
plumpish, African-Caribbean-American, with a bright, sunny character, 
different from the earlier nurse. She seemed to sing as she spoke, in a 
kind of rhythm.

Bernie stifled a giggle.

"Ah, sorry nurse," Sam looked at her, embarrassed. "Er, we were just er, 
erm getting to know e-each other again."

"It's all right Sam, don't mind me, I'm only here to check on your 
drip." She walked over to the bed and stood with her hands on her hips. 
"Just look at you two, you're all tangled up in this IV tubing."

"Sorry." Sam repeated.

Bernie started to move.

"Eh-eh, stay where you are my girl, you'll rip it out of his arm. I'll 
untangle you." She unwrapped the tubing from around Bernie's arm and 

"Sorry." Sam repeated again.

The drain from Sam's neck had somehow entangled itself under Sam's arm, 
at last she had sorted them out.

"Sorry." Sam repeated yet again.

Bernie sat back in the chair, smiling to herself. "It's a good job we 
didn't get too carried away Sam."

Sam looked seriously at Bernie and then at the nurse. They were both 
smiling at Sam's embarrassment.

"All right I'll leave you two to it, but none of that rough stuff. Nobel 
Prize or not, I don't have no time to be untangling you all night." She 
smiled and waved her hand as she closed the door slowly, "I'm watchin' 
yer." peeping through the ever decreasing crack.

The two watched as the door closed shut.

"What A character" Bernie said, "I see you're gonna have some problems 
with her Sam."

"What sort of problems?"

"Well, do you think she's gonna let it drop, what she saw in here just 

"Oh don't say that, I hope she doesn't, I don't think I could cope with 
insinuations at the moment."

"You might have to. Do you think she's the type to keep it to herself?"

"Aw, shut up now, or I'll have to....." Sam struggled on to one elbow 
and leaned toward Bernie. "...kiss you again." He laughed.

"Seriously though, can't you remember anything, anything at all?"

"I remember my feelings for you, that's enough for now, it'll come back, 
it might take some time, but it'll come back."

Bernie leaned forward and they kissed again. Trying hard not to entangle 
themselves again, they embraced and caressed each other. Sharing moments 
that Sam could cherish, feeling her soft, luscious skin beneath his 
fingertips. How could he not love this woman, she was so right, so 
wonderful, so.....