Al followed Rosie at a safe distance, he didn't trust her one little 
bit. She was being unnaturally nice today, totally out of character. 
Since she had started working here he had never known her to be this 
pleasant, she was up to something and he was determined to find out. He 
waited at the corner until Rosie had entered Sam's office then he 
approached the door. He heard Sam's muffled voice, then silence. All of 
a sudden he heard a crash, then silence again. He was now outside Sam's 
door. He heard another fainter crash, Sam cried out, all Al heard was a 
faint, 'Do something!' Al didn't waste any more time, he burst into 
Sam's office, despite his pain.
Al was aghast when he saw the scene before his eyes. "What the....!"

Sam lay between Rosie's legs, she was all over him, his head drooped to 
one side and his eyes blinked rapidly. Blood was streaming from the 
reopened cut on his head. He lay limp, his arms dangling. Rosie looked 
up as Al charged in, her face smeared with Sam's blood. Her hand grasped 
Sam's throat choking the breath out of him.

She screeched, "Come any closer and I'll rip his neck out!"

"Don't do it Rosie, you'll not gain anything that way."

"Get out!" She screamed. "I'll do it, I mean it."

"You don't want to hurt Sam. What has Sam ever done to you?" Al tried to 
reason with her.

"He murdered my sister, for one." She snarled.

"No Rosie, you've got it wrong, he never, he wouldn't hurt Jessie."

"She's dead aint she? And he's responsible."

"No, Sam wouldn't hurt anyone, least of all Jessie, he was fond of her." 

"He had a funny way of showin' it, he dumped her, left her flat, didn't 

"They worked together after that, Rosie. They became quite close. He 
even saved her from the clutches of, erm, Tony Weyland."

Rosie's grip slackened, she had heard that name before. Jessie had 
mentioned him a couple of times, from all accounts, Jessie didn't like 
him. Weyland was an arrogant, jealous man, he'd never forgiven Jessie 
for turning him down and taking up with Sam Beckett. She'd heard that 
he'd died in the tunnels of the complex, that Jessie had betrayed Yen 
Hsuieh-lung, in favour of Sam, she never believed that Jessie could be a 
traitor. Was this true after all? Had her sister betrayed the Cause? 
What was the Cause? She had no idea. She started to believe that Al was 
telling her the truth. She released her grip on Sam.

Thankfully her grip had not been too tight. Sam coughed a little. Al 
looked anxiously over at Sam, yeah he was going to be all right. Rosie 
stepped over Sam's legs. It was then that Al noticed Sam's ripped shirt, 
unbuttoned waistband and open zip, his crumpled shorts. Sam moved, 
rubbing the circulation back into his neck, his neck was sore and it 
felt swollen where Rosie had bitten into him.

"I'm sorry Al, I didn't mean for this to happen. Something just sorta 
took hold of me. I was jealous, and Sam's attitude didn't help."

Al was trying to be philosophical about this, he didn't want to enrage 
Rosie any further. "What were you thinking of when you came in here?"

"Look at him Al, he's everything I ever dreamed of. I wanted him so bad 
it hurt."

Al looked at Sam's clothes thoughtfully, 'and by the looks of things, 
you nearly did get what you wanted.'

"Al you're here!" Sam voice croaked.

"And in the nick of time too." Al stared at a deep purple mark on Sam's 
neck, "erm, s-sorry I didn't get here sooner, pal."

"What happened?" Realisation suddenly dawned on Sam as he looked down, 
trying discretely to quickly fasten the zip and button, "Oh God, Rosie," 
he fumbled, pulling his tattered shirt around his exposed chest. "Get 
her out of here Al, I don't want to see her again." Sam stumbled to his 
feet, feeling a swimming sensation as the pain in his head throbbed. Sam 
sat back down.

Rosie headed for the door but Al stepped backward, blocking her way

Al held up a hand, "Just a minute there pal, I think Rosie owes us all 
an explanation here."

"I've said I'm sorry, what more do you want?"

"We want to know about your meeting with your father, Peter Saint-James, 
about Jessica Olivera and what you know about Yen Hsuieh-lung." Al 
looked at Rosie, defiant.

"How do you know about my father?"

"We know just about everything, Rosie," Sam butted in, "you're 
forgetting about Ziggy, she knows everything that needs to be known, 
about anything you could possible mention."

"Then why are you asking me, er, if you know already?"

"'Cos we wanna hear it from you." Al motioned to the chair in front of 
Sam's desk, She sat down. "Let's start with Jessie, tell us about her."

"Okay," Rosie took a deep breath, swallowing, she looked up at Al. 
"Well, erm, Jessie worked for Senator Judith Dreasney, she was double 
dealing, she was also working for Yen Hsuieh-lung." She turned and 
looked at Sam, "How do you think he got a hold of those top secret 
documents of yours Sam? How do you think I got in touch with my father, 
in Congress? Yes Jessie did all that, she did all that for me. Looks 
like our Jessie was a clever lady, she had you all fooled." She threw 
her head back in defiance.

"She wasn't that clever Rosie, it got her killed." Al took a well chewed 
cigar out of his top pocket. At times like this he needed one to settle 
his nerves, he twisted it in his fingers, hoping Sam would allow him to 
light it.

"That's why Yen Hsuieh-lung had Jessie killed, yeah sure she passed on 
information, but it was the wrong information, that's why Yen 
Hsuieh-lung's plans didn't work."

"They weren't Yen Hsuieh-lung's plans, they were my father's."

Al nearly crushed the cigar he was holding. "I knew it Sam, I knew it, 
Saint-James was behind this all along. I knew it would turn out.... 
erm..... nasty."

"Yen Hsuieh-lung worked for Peter Saint-James, when he was arrested and 
imprisoned, Yen Hsuieh-lung was of no further use to him, he was looking 
for a replacement then I turned up." She looked anxiously to Sam and Al. 
"I was willing to do anything for a family, to be loved, and I did." 
Rosie looked to Al. "My father arranged for me to train with the elite, 
the Special Forces."

Rosie stood up and Al took another step back, towards the door.

"Ah, my rE9sumE9, that was all a front, I never worked in any factory, 
but I am an ammunitions and firearms expert, best in the division. Al, 
if I wished, I could leave this room, right this minute, neither of you 
could stop me. Oh and Sam, you've had measures of my strength, care to 
test them again."

"Why are you being like this Rosie?" Sam didn't want to be on the 
receiving end and test her again.

"Loyalty Sam, I believe you know something about that. I know what you 
are capable of, for love, a weakness of yours I think Dr. Beckett. Oh 
yes, I want you, correction, wanted you, I was foolish to have lusted 
after you. Let me leave, and I'll go quietly, otherwise....."

"Please do." Al moved away from the door. "You're free to go."

Rosie moved towards the door. Sam looked quizzically at Al, he raised an 
eyebrow at Sam and then winked. Sam didn't say anything but a thought 
crossed his mind, 'did Al have something planned?' She opened the door 
and stepped outside, the door closing behind her.

"Al, why did you let her go?"

"Do you think that either of us are in any physical shape to handle 
that?" Al pointed to Sam with his rumpled cigar, "Just look at you, 
you're a mess. Come on pal, let's get you cleaned up, before Bernie sees 
you. I can't for the hell of me think how you're gonna explain that 
thing on your neck."

"What thing?"

Al opened the linking door to Sam's quarters, leading Sam to his 
bathroom, "That thing," he pointed to the mirror above the washbasin. 
"That's a real smacker if ever I saw one."

Sam looked at his reflection in the mirror, sure enough a large, deep, 
purple bruise-like haemorrhage graced his neck. Touching it he winced 
with pain.

"And this." Al said as he opened Sam's shirt, revealing the scratches 
and indentations from Rosie's fingernails all over Sam's upper chest and 

"My God! She's ripped me to shreds Al."

"She was like an animal feasting when I walked in Sam, dunno what she'd 
have done to you if I hadn't. I'll go and find Beth, she if she can 
patch up that cut on your head."

Sam couldn't believe what he saw reflected in the mirror, he could 
hardly recognise his own reflection. He felt nauseous at the sight, 
walking to his bedroom, he lay on the bed, trying to recall the episode 
with Rosie. He unfastened the button and zip, and checked his 
credentials, he sighed with relief, 'at least they were still intact.'

* * * * *
Al walked as fast as his painful legs would allow, he knocked on 
Bernie's door entering without waiting for a reply.

"I'm sorry for intruding, but Beth, Sam needs your help again. Rosie's 
attacked him and that cut on his head has opened up again, he's a right 

"Is he okay Al, I mean is he gonna be all right?" Bernie slammed the lid 
to her suitcase shut.

"Its only superficial, she knocked him out though but I think he'll be 

"How can a slip of a girl like Rosie get the better of Sam?" Beth looked 
a trifle confused.

"Believe me honey, she's no slip of a girl, you'd never believe what Sam 
and I heard her tell us."

They turned and left Bernie's quarters and headed up the corridor, two 
men burst in through the entrance doors, two others held Rosie in an 
arm-lock, another followed.

Al recognised two of them, Jack and Dirk, maintenance engineers, he knew 
them both from his naval days. He'd hired them after the fiasco with 
Riizliard, years back, he wanted someone on his team he could trust. 
"How did you get hold of her Jack?"

"We had a message from Ziggy, to stop her at all costs." Jack looked 
baffled, "Really weird it was, she fights like an alley cat. It took the 
five of us to over power her. What should we do with her Admiral?"

Beth and Bernie were astonished. "Five!" they commented in unison.

"I knew it, Ziggy came through." Al laughed, then in a more somber tone. 
"Is store-room two, in the hanger still empty?"

"Yes Mr. Calavicci, next shipment is due in next week." Another man 

"Lock her in there, until.... erm, no, yes, erm. Yeah and contact Harry 
at the landing strip. Tell him to get the police to meet the plane when 
it lands, looks like Yen Hsuieh-lung's gonna have an inmate for 

"Will do Admiral." Dirk saluted Al, even though neither were in the 
military any longer.

The five men took Rosie away. Al started following them, "I'll be back 
shortly, I want to check this out, you check Sam out, he's had quite a 

Beth and Bernie continued to Sam's quarters, Beth stopped by her 
quarters to pick up the medical bag she'd left there the previous 

"I can't believe it. Five grown men to handle Rosie." Bernie commented.

"She sure fooled me, I can tell yer."

As they entered Sam's bedroom, he lay with his eyes closed, a pool of 
blood drenched the pillow beneath Sam's head. He was pale and ashen, he 
didn't move as the two women approached the bed.

"Sam." Bernie called.

Beth shook him but he didn't respond, "Sam! Sam!" Beth shouted. "Go and 
tell Al, tell him to hurry that plane, Sam's unconscious."

Bernie ran out of the room, along the corridors and outside. She saw Al 
heading for the hanger. "Al!" Bernie shouted after him. "Sam's 
unconscious, we need to get the plane here as soon as possible."

"What! He was fine when I left him, get Sammi she'll can help Beth. 
Sorry Bernie didn't mean that you couldn't.... erm, you know what I 
mean. Go on do it, run along. I'll contact Harry." Al raced off, limping 
but ignoring his pain. He snatched the receiver from Dirk. Is that you 
there Harry? We've got an emergency here, Sam's been injured and er, 
he's unconscious we need that plane ASAP and a doctor too. Arrange it 
Harry, I'm depending on you." Al slammed down the receiver. He picked up 
the phone as if to throw it, but slammed it back to the bench.

Dirk stood in silence, watching Al until he regained some composure, 
"Admiral, they've locked her up in the store-room. Do you want to see 
her now?"

"Do I want to see her? Hell yes I do want to see her, I want to see her 
in hell."

Al stormed off in the direction of store-room two. Jack and another man 
stood sentry outside.

Jack saw the thunder in Al's face, "You're not going in there till 
you've calmed down. Sorry Admiral."

"Hope you're satisfied now Rosie!" Al shouted through the metal walls, 
"Oh yeah, consider yourself fired, and don't expect a character 
reference either." Al stormed outside, he reached into his pocket for 
the cigar, he broke off a battered bit at the end and lit it. He coughed 
as he inhaled. The loosened tobacco produced too much strength to 
inhale, he threw it aside. Searching his pockets for another he cursed, 
remembering he'd packed them earlier.