All at once Rosie noticed the windows to the cafeteria darken. The light 
from the moon casting strange shadows that reflected from the windows of 
the two storey building. She tried to stand but her legs collapsed 
beneath her, she had no feeling whatsoever in either her hands or feet. 
In a vain attempt to move, she began crawling along the gravel towards 
the entrance. It took a long time, but eventually she reached the 
entrance. She sat looking through the double glass panes of the door, 
looking for anyone who might see her. When she decided it was save, she 
skimmed her security card through the scanner, the heavy external door 
opened and she slid inside. She could hear whispering and then a giggle 
echo through the tunnels, not knowing where, she slithered into a 
corner, waiting, desperately wanting something warm to drink. All went 
quiet, she started to head for the cafeteria door.
Suddenly a crash vibrated through the caverns, she hesitated, a door 
slammed shut, then all was quiet again. By now the warmth had returned 
some feeling to her limbs, they felt hot, throbbing and painful, she 
opened the door and entered the cafeteria. She went into the kitchen 
area and found a half filled pot of coffee. She placed it onto the 
burner and waited for it to warm thorough, holding her hands near the 
fame she rubbed them together. She noticed then her cut and bleeding 
palms, despite her gloves, the rough gravel had almost ripped them to 
shreds. She started cleaning herself up when she heard voices outside in 
the cafeteria, she crouched down.

"I can't see anyone." A male voice said, the voice sounded like Al.

"I'll go and check the security codes with Ziggy, see who's the last to 
come through the doors." This was a female voice.

'It must be Beth,' she thought.

Rosie heard the door close but she dare not move. Realisation dawned on 
her, 'her security card, she'd used her security card in the scanner', 
now she would be found out, Ziggy would tell Beth. 'Better to face them 
now than in the morning she thought,' Quickly she poured herself a mug 
of coffee and walked out into the cafeteria. She could see Al through 
the glass, he was standing guard outside in the corridor. She continued 
on her way, pretending not to notice him there. A voice in her head 
telling her to keep calm.

"Oh Al!" she feigned surprised, "I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk. 
Didn't realise it was so cold, I made a coffee to warm me up, I'm 

"That's okay Rosie, you don't have to explain to me. I thought I heard 
something smash, must be the wind, eh." Al saw her dishevelled clothing, 
especially the worn patches on the knees of her jeans. He knew where 
she'd been, no need to question her now, it could wait till morning, he 
was hurting. All he wanted at this moment was his bed and sleep. 
"Goodnight Rosie, sleep well." He chucked to himself as Rosie continued 
down the corridor to her quarters.

Beth appeared at the corner, "I know who it was," she said.

Al whispered, not wanting Rosie to hear him, "Yeah I know, she feignin' 

"No Al, It's Sam," She pulled at Al's bathrobe sleeve, "come here." Al 
followed Beth into Sam's office. She pointed to the far wall and 
whispered. "That's Sam's bedroom, right."

Al's lowered his voice. "Yeah so?"

"I think Bernie's in there too. I heard her laughing and I'd know Sam's 
laugh anywhere."

"Leave em to it, they're young, and besides, he deserves it." Al walked 
out of the office, Beth following, "She's a good kid and deserves him. I 
think this is gonna work out just fine. Two of a kind they are, two of a 

He opened the door to their quarters, Beth followed him inside, smiling, 
"You know I think it will."

* * * * *
Sam didn't sleep, he was too absorbed, watching in wonderment at Bernie 
as she slept. She lay in his arms and he was content, blissfully elated. 
He breathed in her perfume, the perfume of their love. This was more 
than he could have ever wished for, ever dreamt of. He'd always had 
visions of a love like this, but he's always thought of them as being 
fanciful, illusive, unreachable. He'd always felt awkward around women, 
even Donna, but not Bernie. She was so easy to talk to, be with. They 
shared the same feelings, doubts and anxieties. He loved her as no 
other, and she loved him.

Bernie stirred in her sleep. Sam couldn't help but kiss her, he longed 
for her all over again, his desire was almost unbearable. Her hand 
moved, slowly, touching him. The tingles she gave him reminded him of 
when he was leaping, but he was not leaping now, he wasn't going 
anywhere. He desired nothing more than 'this' moment in 'time'. His 
passion intensified, she responded with her own yearning, their harmony. 

* * * * *
Sam lay with Bernie in his arms, "I'm sorry about last night."

"What do you mean, you're sorry?"

"That wasn't me, last night I mean, I'm not usually so....."

"Don't be sorry Sam, last night meant more to me than you can imagine. I 
learned a lot about myself last night, it wasn't your actions I was 
scared of, it was the man, the wrong man. It's true, actions do speak 
louder than words, but it also depends on who's actions they are, maybe 
you did act a little out of the blue, but don't be rueful about it." 
Bernie sat up, "Blame it on that big, bad lump on your head," she 
turned, laughing and tickled Sam playfully.

Sam wrestled her back for the torture she'd inflicted, he felt like a 
kid of sixteen, instead of the middle-aged man he was. He didn't feel 
old, his body ached from the night before but he didn't feel the pain, 
after all, love was a stronger potion than any pills.

They were still fooling around when Al knocked on the door, "Sam, it's 
nearly nine." He hollered through the door, "Are you getting ready? 
There's a stack of stuff to do today. Beth says she'll help Bernie with 
her packing."

Bernie stifled a giggle.

"I know you're in there, both of you, erm, you made enough noise last 
night. Oh and don't be embarrassed about it, 'cos we sure aint."

Sam hollered back, "Should've known, eagle-eyed Al would know 
everything. Aint that right Al, see all, hear all and tell all"

"Aw that's not fair Sam, I didn't tell a soul, I didn't have to."

"We weren't that noisy Al." Sam turned to Bernie and whispered, "Were 

"Well I just found out what that unearthly crash was in the early hours. 
Do you know your door frame's all smashed in?"

Sam whispered, "I did that?" suppressing a hearty laugh.

"Yeah you did."

"Ahm, wont be long Al, just a few minutes."

"Okay pal, don't be too long though, I don't think Rosie will be in the 
mood for keeping food warm." Al's footsteps faded down the corridor.

"Better get some of your things packed, I don't think Beth will be 
long." Sam looked around, as he dressed himself, "Where's my clothes 
from last night? They're not in the cafeteria are they?"

"No, Beth and I took them to the laundry, they should be dry by now."

"Nah, it's okay, just wondered if they were still lying about."

"Don't worry we did tidy up everything."

"Look if you see Rosie, I want you to go along with everything she says, 
as if you don't know anything about any of this. Can you do that for me? 
You won't come to any harm, Ziggy's watching and listening for anything 
she's doing. Be wary of her though, we don't know what she's capable 

"Ziggy can see us too?"

"Well no, not really, but her sensors can pick up everyone's proximity. 
Just be careful."

"I will, I promise."

Sam kissed her and left for the cafeteria. Bernie dressed in her 
nightgown and bathrobe, went to her quarters. Beth was already waiting 
outside for her, she smiled at Bernie as she approached.

* * * * *
Sam joined Al at the table. He wasn't really hungry and neither was Al, 
he could tell by the way Al was holding his fork, poking and prodding 
the food on his plate.

"How are you this morning?" Sam asked.

"Ah, not too bad I suppose, didn't sleep much."

"Hurting, huh?"

"Didn't know where to put myself half the time. How's your head?"

"Throbbing, but I'll be okay. I didn't sleep either."

"Didn't think you would, ha-ha. Ahm"

Rosie carried a tray over to the table, she smiled pleasantly as she 
approached. She placed Sam's usual breakfast in front of him, she 

"Was there something you wanted Rosie?" Sam's brow creased as he looked 
at her.

"I-I wondered if I could have a word with you later," she bent closer to 
Sam. "In private?"

"Yeah, I've time after breakfast, I'll see you then, in my office."

"Thanks Sam." She smiled again. "Would you like tea or coffee this 
morning Sam?" Rosie was surprisingly pleasant. "and you Al?"

Al looked at Sam his eyebrows raised, "Coffee for me." He twiddled his 
fork above his plate.

"Me too, thanks Rosie." Sam was equally surprised.

Rosie smiled, turning she walked away.

"Gawd Sam, that's a turn up for the books. Did we miss some of that 
conversation last night?" Al's eyes followed Rosie back to the counter.

"Well you were goin' on about that damned gun, I wouldn't be at all 
surprised if we did." Sam bit on his muffin. "Astonishing what a stroll 
in the desert can do."

"Yer know, she didn't get back till five thirty."

"What!" Sam nearly choked. "Five thirty." He swallowed, "What was she 
doin' till then? We didn't pass her on the way, did we? I can't remember 
seein' her."

"Neither did I, and here's the weird part, when I was lookin' to see who 
was makin' all the racket," Al grinned, "she just came strolling outta 
here as if nothin' happened, and Sam she was filthy. I mean the knees on 
her jeans were all scuffed, her face red from the cold. Looked to me 
like she'd bin crawlin' around out there."

"What's she up to Al? What's goin' round that head of hers?"

"Your guess is as good as mine pal, we've got a good idea, but the way 
she's gonna go about it is anyone's guess."

Sam pushed his plate to one side. "I think Sammi should go too, with us 
when we leave later, just to be safe."

"Why's that? Do you think she could be......."

"I-I don't know if she's in any danger. How can anyone know, h-how a 
criminal brain works?"

"Beats me pal, you got me stumped on that one."

Sam stood up, "Al, I've got Ziggy monitoring everything Rosie does, so 
I'll see you later." he turned to Rosie, she was watching him. "When 
you're ready Rosie."

"Okay Sam, I'll only be a few minutes, I'll just finish up here." She 
walked over to the table.

As Sam left, she cleared the table, "You two must have had a good night. 
You both look a little worse for wear. Have a hangover do you? Neither 
of you have eaten much."

"Nah, neither of us drink much."

"You didn't get into a drunken brawl then?"

"Nope, just a little accident with the truck."

"That why you didn't get back till late?"

Al's eye twitched as he thought, 'she could give herself away 
here.......' "Erm, no that was early evening, we didn't go out later."

"But I saw you both in the car....." she hesitated, realising what she'd 
just said, "....park."

'Ha-ha!' he laughed to himself, 'I knew I could trick her.' "I saw you 
in the corridor last night, remember, Sam wasn't with me though."

"Oh yes, sorry Al, I remember." She hurriedly picked up the tray of 
dishes she'd collected, and scrambled into the kitchen.

A few minutes later she reappeared, she smiled awkwardly at Al as she 
passed him, on her way to see Sam.

Sam sat behind the desk in his office, his bandaged hands resting 
casually on its surface. Rosie knocked on the door. "Come in." Sam said 
in an authoritative voice. Rosie entered. "Sit down." He indicated to 
the chair facing him.

Rosie did not sit, instead she moved round the desk to Sam's left side, 
touching the desk with her finger tips provocatively. She stood close to 
him, her fingers trailed from the desk to Sam's left hand, she leaned 
over and traced them to the other hand. Sam swallowed hard not knowing 
what to expect. She then trailed her fingers up his arm. When she 
reached his shoulder she grabbed him with both hands and pushed him 
backwards. The wheels on his chair skidded on the thick pile of the 
carpet, crashing into the filing cabinet behind. Facing him, she 
straddled him. Sam tried to stand but he was off balance and she pushed 
him back down, banging his head into the metal handle, blackness taking 
over for a second. Her full weight pressed on his legs. He tried to push 
away, but his shoes just slipped on the carpet, the cabinet behind 
blocking the way. She tore at his shirt, ripping it open. Her fingers 
tightened around his pectorals, she squeezed, hurting him. She leaned 
forward biting his neck, her hands moved to his abdomen then lower, her 
teeth still gripping his neck, her fingers were swift, she found what 
she wanted.

"Ziggy! Do something!" Sam shouted in desperation, fighting against the 
dizziness and darkness subduing him.