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It had been exactly 2 weeks since Sam Beckett had returned to New 
Mexico.  He sat in his lab, scanning through a pile of printouts.  His 
eyes ached from the contrast of black on bright white.  Sam hated 
florescent lighting, it made his head throb.  Momentarily he looked up 
from the glare of the white sheets in front of him and rubbed his 
stinging eyes. The 0's and 1's didn't make any sense, he'd gone over 
them several times.  There was a block of code that had no apparent 
meaning, they were just 0's and 1's in an haphazard array.

"Ziggy," Sam sighed with near exhaustion, "can you check this code as I 
enter it."

"Of course Doctor Beckett." Ziggy sounded very pleasant today, 'almost 
too pleasant', Sam thought. "Just one question Doctor, do I call you 
Doctor or Father?"

Sam laughed at Ziggy's insecurity, "Doctor will do Ziggy, I'm not your 
father, you only have my brain cells, you're my creation.  The only 
other organic material you have is a few of Al's cells, and don't ask me 
if Al's your Mother either."

"Oh I never thought that at all Doctor, just keeping my data banks 

"This code Ziggy, I don't want you to run it, just check it.  I have a 
feeling something's not quite right here."

Sam entered the code, and almost immediately Ziggy started objecting, 
"Doctor Beckett, are you sure you want me to check this.  It is telling 
me to get today's date, and to subtract a random number between 1953 and 
the current year, and to substitute this number for today's date."

"Eh, what was that Ziggy?"

"That code is identical to that which is in the retrieval program. 
Giving you odds of 1 in 3025 or so, chance of hitting 2008, the current 
year, and those odds get more detrimental for each year you were 
leaping."  Ziggy sounded rather pleased with herself.

Sam placed a hand on the pile of dishevelled papers, "The retrieval 
program, this code is in the retrieval program, then there's no wonder I 
couldn't be retrieved."  Sam thought back through all the years, all the 
years of developing his program, all the careful planning and 
preparation.  There was no way he could have written this code, no way 
had he entered this code into Ziggy.  Sam was looking at the clock, it 
was 4:17 am, but he did not see the time.  Too immersed in thought even 
to feel the pain of fatigue, "Entered this code," he mumbled as 
realisation dawned, yes that was it, he didn't enter the code.  His 
fingers rubbed the scar in his hairline, above his left temple.  He 
remembered, the accident, the deaths, the near closure of the project, 
he remembered Jessie, Jessica Olivera.

He stood and walked wearily to the bathroom and splashed cold water on 
his face.  He caught a gimpse of himself in the mirror, he could not get 
used to seeing his own reflection, after all he'd been away for fourteen 
years.  He'd gotten used to seeing other people, someone else, not 
himself.  He shook away the droplets of water from his face and with it 
some of the fatigue.  He needed a shave, he'd been so engrossed in the 
program that he'd forgotten, and was forgotten again.  His thoughts went 
back, way back, back to Jessie.  She had entered the data?  Had she 
entered the code?  Had she done it out of spite?.  After that one night, 
Sam remembered that night, so full of passion.  He had compromised 
himself, he couldn't bring himself, he couldn't face her, to let himself 
feel that way about a woman again, not after........ 'Donna.'  Sam felt 
tears stinging his eyes.  Through blurred vision he looked into the 
mirror once again. "Oh why, why Donna, why again?"  He looked down as 
the water gushed out of the tap and swirled around the basin before 
disappearing into the plug-hole.  He stood and watched, for an age it 
seemed.  With a sudden jerk of his hand the water stopped flowing.  He 
picked up a towel lying by the side of the basin and wiped it across his 
face removing the remaining water splashes along with the tears.

He went back to the lab, but did not sit.  He stood grasping the back of 
his chair looking, staring at, nothing, his knuckles white.  "Ziggy, 
contact Al and tell him to meet me in the Control Room a-and erase that 
block of code from the retrieval program."  Sam left the lab, the door 
swinging in his wake.

Ziggy's voice echoed after him, "Deletion complete, establishing contact 
with Admiral Calavicci now Doctor."

Sam turned this way and that, through the familiar corridors.  
Florescent lights illuminating his way through the underground complex.  
The Control Room door "whooshed" open as he approached and "whooshed" 
again behind him.  He strode straight over to the control panel.  "Have 
you contacted Al yet Ziggy?"

"Yes Doctor, he is on his way down."

"Yer know Ziggy, I love your voice, so much better than the one I 
programmed you with originally, can't get used to it, but I wish I'd 
thought of it first though."

"I don't see what there is to get used to, one voice is so much like 

"Probably because it's a female voice, I never thought of you as female 
before.  I always thought of you as being an extension of me."

"Everything has to evolve Doctor."

"It certainly explains a lot, your personality I mean."

"Oh that really hurts Doctor, you chose the donors and I maturated from 
those donor cells."

"Feelings too, you sure have evolved."

"May I ask what you are planning?" Ziggy's tone was inquisitive.

"I have to find Donna, to try and stop that accident eight year's ago."  
He occupied himself, checking settings and making final adjustments to 
dials.  "What was the exact date of the accident Ziggy?"

"Is that wise Doctor? You need to completely regain your memory before 
you venture into the unknown again."

"I need her Ziggy, and besides it's not unknown. This is something I 
have to do, I was meant to do."  He quickly changed into the white 
Fermi-suit he used in the Accelerator Chamber, "I'm not getting any 
younger, I'm 55, who's gonna take an old broken down, impulsive, 
naEFve, guy like me.  There's only one for me, I have the capability to 
get her back, there's no-one else.  Now what's that date?"  Sam was 
absolutely resolute.

"September 18 2000."

"Where's Al, I can't wait any longer for him."  He turned a couple of 
dials and pressed a key on the control panel.  "Activate the Accelerator 
Chamber Ziggy."  Sam almost ran to the Accelerator Chamber, "Ready?"

"Ready Doctor."

Sam stepped onto the metallic plate in the floor, he watched as another 
lowered to within an inch above his head.  "Here goes Ziggy."  
Hydra-sonic wind swirled around Sam, he could feel the tendrils of 
kinetic energy, emitting spikes of elation throughout his body.  
Blue-white static crackled and enveloped him.

Al, wearing only a bath robe and slippers, entered the Control Room and 
saw the bright, flickering lights from the Accelerator Chamber, he 
shouted out in disbelief, "Ziggy stop him, stop him now!"  He turned to 
Sam, "Sam get outta there, get out."

"It's too late Admiral, the program has taken over."

The waves of static became stronger and Sam cried out in euphoria, "Take 
me, take me to my love."

"How could you let him do this Ziggy, Can't you see he needs rest."

"He needs peace of mind more Admiral, he's gone to find Donna."

The blue-white light changed to pure white and faded, Sam was gone, he 
ceased to remain in this time.