As the blue lights ceased to cascade around him, Sam began to hear a strange sound. At
 first he could not place it's source. A hurricane whipping up the ocean? Crows pecking away at
 the corpse of a rotting animal? Children screaming and running around a fairground? No these 
sounds, which were coming in clearer and clearer where human but not children in tone and it 
sounded as if they were screaming. The blue light faded completely leaving Sam blinking at the
 sight of his new surroundings. Wood. Deep, glossy, oak wood underneath his hands. A book 
open in front of him and a hopeful, somewhat glazed over face of a young girl leaning down 
towards him. "Rebecca" ,the girl said over the din of screeches and shrieks, "to Rebecca". Sam
 realized he was supposed to be signing his name. He noticed a pen clutched in his hand. Sign. 
But, what name? Who was he? Where was he? And, most importantly, why is this girl panting 
for his signature? He scanned the room quickly and felt immediately closed in. Swarms of 
bodies pressing towards him. Pushing, screeching, yearning, wanting him. One big, book 
clutching, oxygen stifling mass getting closer and closer towards their idol. Oh Boy! Sam
 thought to himself shrinking more and more into his chair, Oh Boy!