Chapter Five

"So it seems that he would need in this area to make sure that the staler can get a clean shot at Savage." Al, Gooshie and Beeks were leaning over a 
quickly drawn up diagram that had been put together based on the event that Savage had attend in the original history. Several magazines of the day 
had covered the "dramatic" escape of Savage from his overzealous fan. In the original history Savage had been saved by yet another fan who had stepped 
in unknowingly in between Savage and his fate. "I do not see why any of this is necessary," Donna spat out the words as she sat at the opposite side 
of the conference table. "I simply do not see how Sam putting himself in the path of danger is the way to accomplish this future reality. It is too 
risky. Oh, I know he has done dangerous things in the past but this time he is truly setting himself up for a fall and is doing all of this on a hunch
that he will leap just in time? No it is simply not the direction we should be going." "I agree," Al spoke up "But Ziggy says there is a.." Al was
interrupted by Donna who had now risen in a huff to her feet. "Ziggy says! Ziggy says! Could it not be. Can we not perceive of an instance when a bunch
of circuits and wires might actually be wrong?" The room fell silent but Donna's words hung in the air like a spirit naked to the human eye. Knowing she 
was getting nowhere she sighed and sat back down again sinking back into her seat. Al began once again "believe me none has argued that point more than 
me over the years. You know that but, this is the only scenario so far that seems to fit why Sam would be placed into a guy who has everything in the world 
going for him. "That is only because you are trying to make it fit. You, me all of us have become lazy. To lazy to think for ourselves." Donna once again 
rose from her seat. She stood for a moment looking at each one of the tiered, worn out faces that stared back at her. "You may be comfortable with planning
Sam's murder, but you can count me out." With that Donna quietly walked across the room and out the door leaving only stunned silence in her wake.