Chapter Two

"I must have heard you wrong," Sam said blinking in disbelief at what he had just heard.
"Why would I be here to get killed? The point is to set everything right? Have you forgotten
that? How would getting myself killed be setting anything right?" "I never said you are 
supposed to die Sam," Al explained, "I said you are here to make sure that the guy you leaped
into gets killed. There is a difference." sam looked at his garishly dressed friend, "There is 
no way that either of us are supposed to get killed. It is out of the question. If he dies I 
die and I got news for you I'm not ready to go just yet." "According to Ziggy," Al began but
was cut off by Sam who was by this point on the verge of boiling over with anger "I don't care
what Ziggy feels is supposed to happen I am telling you it is not going to happen. There must 
be another way." Suddenly the bathroom door protector popped his head in the door. Are you okay
Rob? I thought I heard yelling." Sam began to bluch a little, he did not relieze he was being so 
loud. "Thanks, I'm fine. I was trying to work on a thing I have coming up, Ya know?" Sam hoped 
the lame explination was enough to apease the big hulknig mass in front of him. To his relief the
bodyguard relaxed his stance a little, "okay. We have to leave in five though." "Thanks," Sam said 
continuing to watch the door until the bodygaurd disappered and the door clicked closed.
	Sam turned back to Al and in a more hussed tone began again, "Ziggy has got to be incorrect Al. 
If this guy dies, I die. There is no way I am here to make sure this guy dies." "Well tecnically," Al Began,
"you put just make sure the guy is in line to die and then you leap." "Well, technically what happens if 
I get killed before this guy leaps back in?" sam questioned back. Al stood mutly, for once he could not think 
of anything to say. He knew it made no sense. He was reading it, but he was not believing it. In fact Ziggy 
was showing an eighty percent chance that only the death of Robert Savage would allow Sam to leap. Still Ziggy
had been wrong in the past. "Aw Sam I don't know, maybe Ziggy is just magna fluxed." He smaked the handlink
for effect, "stupid, rusted up piece of bolt and wires." The handlink squealed as if it was demading an 
apology for Al's last comments. "Look Sam," Al said ignoring the screaming handlink, "I'll go back and see
what this is all about in the meantime you try to find some clues as to who or what might be trying to kill 
you. And whatever you do, don't get killed until I get back." Sam smirked at Al's lame attempt at humor. Given
the odd news coming from Ziggy he certainly did not feel in the mood to laugh. Al swoosed open the door of the 
imaging chamber and was gone before Sam could say any more. Sam sighed and stared at himself once more in the 
mirror. "Okay kiddo," Sam thought to himself, "what have gotten ourselves mixed up in so badly that someone 
is out to get you and what am I going to do to get us out?"