"Never Alone"

(Author's note: Set after "The Leap Back")

Lonely woman, with a tear-filled past...
What you had just didn't last.
You'd found the one, a companion for life
Then future days brought so much strife.
You could never be sure just what was true
So you learned to trust in only him and you.
Together you shared both laughter and tears
You've persevered through all these years.
All these years of Leaps and lies
So many years of chances and tries.
Many times death almost caused you to part
But you always kept him near to your heart.
Now he's gone--but you're not alone.
You're carrying the child you both call your own.
So now, Donna, you know what you must do...
Carry on, for all three of you.
Love truly lasts; love never dies.
I see the determination that's in your eyes.
You know, you believe, that one sweet day...
Love will bring him home, come what may.