Becky Murphy

Author's note:

"Reunited" is set after a story my best friend and I wrote, entitled
"Day Tripper," which in turn was set sometime after "The Leap Back" but
before "Mirror Image," which for our purposes was not an actual event.

In my own stories I had Al quit smoking, he and Tina got married, and
they have two children, twins: Victoria Ann (Vikki) and Antonio Giovanni
(Anthony John, known as Tony).  Al has also found out he's the father of
Caitlin Moriah Reynolds, from an earlier relationship he had with Cat's
mother Maxine before she and Al were married.

In DT Sue and I got Sam home, by having Sammy Jo Leap back to him and
come in physical contact, which enabled Ziggy to get a lock on him. 
However, at the same time she was bringing Sam back to his own time
there was a major electrical storm, and one bolt of lightning touched
down on the Project itself, shorting Ziggy out just as Sam returned


Chapter 1

Chapter 2 NEW May 26, 2000
Chapter 3 NEW May 26, 2000

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