A. J. Miller

        "Now, where were we?"

        "Dr. Aldrich, and that's where the problem arose."

        "Yes, Dr. Aldrich." He took a long, deep drag, exhaling the smoke =
leisurely. "Why does she call me Bingo? Nobody calls me that anymore."

        "Dr. Beckett was currently in 1963, during the Leap that concerned you, =
when she first arrived at the Project."

        Al frowned. "But, that is classified information, Ziggy"

        "She has access to all my data, Admiral," Ziggy said matter of factly. =
"Everyone with her security clearance does."

        All stiffened.  "What was she hired to do?"

        "You hired her to work on the retrieval program."

        "But, that's Donna's area," Al protested.

        "Dr. Elessi is not in this time, Admiral," Ziggy reminded him.

        "I don't like someone I know nothing about having access to you."

        Ziggy sighed softly. "But, your signature is on her security clearance. =
You must have trusted her enough, or you won't have signed..."

        Al slammed his fist down hard on his metal desk. "I didn't sign =
anything!" He waited until the echo died away. "At least I don't =
remember signing anything. You of all microchips should understand =

        If Ziggy felt any sympathy for the Admiral's predicament, the hybrid =
computer did not show it. "If you would like to see the hard copies, =
they are in the personnel office."

        "No, that won't be necessary, Al dismissed the thought with a wave of =
his hand. She was here, so he must have trusted her, believed in her =
enough to bring her into Sam's secret world. At least in one time he =
did. God, how I want to trust her.


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Chapter 2 NEW September 06, 2000
Chapter 3 NEW September 06, 2000

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