Sam Leap Over the Moon

Doug Laird

The sensation of forward motion was all that Sam felt as he went
plunging across the space-time continuum leaving one life and rocketing
toward his next destination. As the forward sensation ceased and Sam's
vision cleared he still felt his senses gently muted. Usually by the time 
Sam's sight returned at the beginning of a leap all of his other senses had 
sharpened. All Sam saw was a large panel containing an unknown number of
switches, buttons dials and readouts. They appeared somewhat curved
until he realized he was wearing a helmet. And his sensations were muted
because of the thickness of the spacesuit. Sam reached up and put his hands on his 
faceplate and saw he was wearing very thick gloves.

"Eighteen, launch control. Flight surgeon reports an elevated pressure
reading for Lt. Commander Brook. Do you copy?" said a voice over the

"Launch control, eighteen. We copy. Recycle your instruments. No problem in
Enterprise. Light this stogie, we are A-OK and ready to go," said a voice
next to him.

Cap com (Capsule communicator) continued, "Roger, eighteen. Countdown 
is continuing at T-18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8. Ignition
sequence starts, 
4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Lift-off. (Pause) The tower is clear!"

Eighteen reported, "Roll over commencing. Maximum period of dynamic pressure
is being experienced."

"Garbled!" was reported from eighteen.

"Launch control, eighteen. Say again," inquired the cap com.

Eighteen replied "OH BOY!!!"

Sam Leap Over the Moon

Chapter 1 NEW April 26, 2001
Chapter 2 NEW April 26, 2001
Chapter 3 NEW April 26, 2001
Chapter 4 NEW April 26, 2001
Chapter 5 NEW April 26, 2001
Chapter 6 NEW April 26, 2001

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