School Daze

Lady K

THE crush of hot youth enveloped him immediately, a pulsating beat
boxing his ears w/its wild thumping. *Please tell me I'm not at a
rock concert* Blurs of arms and colorful sweaters whipped about him
from towering bodies. A voice crackled and boomed from tinny
speakers. Sam clutched the swaying navy and gold jacket in front of
him and a tall, strapping young man turned and flashed him an easy
smile. Pulling himself to the side, the guy nodded towards Sam
obligingly and afforded him a better view. A girl, microphone
clutched in hand and sporting a yellow pleated skirt, took center
stage, her face angrily slashed w/war paint.
        "Are we going to let AKRON desecrate OUR FIELD?? NO!! Are we going to 
send OSU home crying like a bunch of PUNKS?? YES!! Because who the HELL are 
        A roar erupted from the crowd and spirit oozed contagiously. Sharp blasts 
from air horns pierced all common sense and a mad swirl of
screaming and laughter exploded, wrapping Sam, too, in its delirious
        A tiny smile of realization was creeping onto his face. "Oh,
Boy," he murmured. *I'm back in school...*

School Daze

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Part 4 NEW January 15, 2002
Part 5 NEW January 31, 2002

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