He tumbled through the brilliant blue light that was through him

and all around him at the same time. The wrong he had just put right

was nearly faded from his memory, nothing much about it remained with

him. ot where it had happened, nor who the person was, not even a

fleeting memory of what that person's face looked like.

   It occurred to him, as it had on many occasions as he tumbled

through time waiting for his next "assignment" to begin, that at moments

it was sometimes hard to remember what his own face looked like; it

had been so long since he'd seen it.

   Then the sensation of tumbling aimlessly began to slow.  He felt 

himself, whatever he was at that instant, begin to focus, moving toward

the  point where he would again open his eyes and find himself in

someone else's life, there because God, Time, Fate or Whatever was

leaping him around had discovered another wrong that needed correcting.

   "Will I ever see my own face, again?"  The thought had barely

occurred  to him when he felt the Presence that always made itself

felt as he traveled between destinations.


   "When?" he pleaded, feeling even as he did, the brief blurring,

a sort of blindness that began as he entered the life of the next

person he was to help.

   "In time."

   "When?" he repeated his plea.

   Just before the blurring consumed him, he heard the same

frustratingly  succinct response that had been the answer to so many

of his questions.