It was the most hellish nightmare Sam had ever experienced.

	The pain in his head was his torture master, driving the time

traveler down pitch black corridors, crowding him, not giving him an

instant to pause nd consider what was happening.  A cloak of fear had

fallen over him as he stumbled and crawled deeper into the darkness. A 

clammy feeling of helplessness made Sam tremble as the vicious pain

in his head grew.  He tried to shake his head, to loosen the claws that 

seemed to be digging into his skull but he was prevented.  Though he 

couldn't quite understand what words were being said, his mind

recognized the concern with which they were spoken. The startling but

easing sensation of cold covering his face and head helped a little.

   As the pain continued to drive him through the blackness, he felt 

something, like something or someone had brushed against him in

passing.  Then, he heard the voice, recognizing the same note of cruel 

amusement he had heard before, and the fear crawled over him.

   *Hi, Sam.  How's tricks?  We'll talk later. Don't go away!*

   Then Sam was alone in the inky black silence, and the only thing he 

could be grateful for at that moment was that the pain had mercifully 

subsided.  But where was he?  Where was Al?