Tears of Betrayal

Katherine Freymuth

Soft lips pressed up against his and, for a moment, he forgot he was
kissing a stranger. Not only did he let himself be kissed, but also he
kissed her in return, relishing in the brief moment and knowing that
this woman truly cared for the person she thought she was kissing.

The moment broke however when Sam Beckett noticed she was starting to
unbutton his shirt. He gently pulled away from her, trying his best not
to make the situation more uncomfortable.

"Baby, what's wrong?" the woman asked as Sam buttoned his shirt, not
looking at her.

"Nothing's wrong," Sam assured, trying to keep his voice from saying

The woman frowned at him, placing his hands on her hips. "You're worried
about him, aren't you? I told you, we broke up over a year ago. He
dumped ME remember?"

Sam hadn't looked at her yet. He laughed weakly, nervously.

"Well," he started with an embarrassed smile. He finally looked at the
woman he had kissed and his smile faded to a look of pure shock. "Oh, my
gawd!" he whispered. "Beth?"

Tears of Betrayal

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