Quantum Leap Episode #96
The Leap Forward
November 28, 2096
(Int. Beth is standing in the kitchen as Sam leaps in, unaware of his 
prescence. Sam in living room.

Sam: Beth?

Beth:(turns around, frightened) Who are you? How did you get in?

Sam: I'm not hear to harm you. I'm hear to help you.

Beth: Who are you?

Sam: Nevermind that. Let's sit down.

(Sam walks to kitchen. Sam and beth sit down at the kitchen table)

Sam: I'm going to tell you a story Beth. But instead of starting with 'Once 
upon a time,' I am going to start with the happy ending. Al's alive. And 
he's coming home.

(Camera moves to focus on picture of young Al, then pulls back to reveal a 
picture of Beth and Al, with four children.)

(Int. Beth is sitting on Al's lap, in an armchair, in the den.)

Al: Well, there's still no one in the waiting room.

Beth: Does that mean...?

Al: Yes. Wherever Sam is in time, he is still himself.

(Phone rings. Beth stands up and walks over to wallset phone, and answers 

Beth: Hello? Yes, he's right here.

(Beth cover mouthpeice with her hand)

Beth: It's for you.

(Al walk to Beth, takes the reciever, and begins to talk on the phone)

Al: Yes? Hi, Gooshie. In the future? What do you mean the distant future? 
That's impossible! Sam can only leap within his own lifetime! What do you 
mena, you can't get a lock? Again? Oh, alright. I'll be there in 20 minutes. 
(Hangs up reciever.) That was Gooshie. They said they can't quite get a lock 
on Sam, but know he is sometime in the distant future. I am going down to 
the PQL to try and get a lock on him. Don't wait on dinner.

(End of teaser.)

(Ext. Moon's Surface. Sam outside a Moon-Bar, Wearing a seemingly flimsy 
suit with what looks like a  giant surgical glove on his head. There are 
tubes protruding from this helmet, and into air tanks on his back.)