(PQL setting. Gooshie stands, dumbfounded, at Ziggy's main controls.)

Ziggy: I know this new information is astounding, Gooshie, but you must 
continue to be the Admiral's and Dr. Beckett's observer. Otherwise, they 
will never accomplish the mission they were set there to do.

Gooshie: But, how could Dr. Beckett reproduce? He was not here to.... unless 
he does leap home!

Ziggy: As for that, no one can be sure. He has already reproduced, Gooshie. 
Do you not remember Sammy Joe?

Gooshie: Who? Sammy Joe?

Ziggy: Yes, Sammy Joe. The Dr.'s daughter. You don't remember her? Oh, yes, 
that's right. I forgot. The doctor changed the past again...

(Gooshie looks dumbfounded)


(INT. Inside 'Jake' 's house. Sam and Jake sit at a kitchen table, while Al 
and Freegie stand.)

Jake: So you see, we are here on the same mission. If we don't accomplish 
that mission, who knows what might happen to the moon? It could be 
completely destroyed by the timed I am born...

Al: And when exactly are you born?

Jake: August 8, 2900. Where I come from it is my birthday in the year 2953.

Al: So leaping far without one's lifetime has become common?

Sam: (quietly) Wow... 1000 years after i was born.

Jake: Yes, it has. But we shouldn't really worry about that. Right now we 
should stop them (nods in direction of 'space men' from Moon-Bar) from 
drilling any further into the moon. We've wasted enough time here.

Sam: You're right. But how do you think we should go about doing that? We 
can't just jump up and say, "STOP! FOR THE GOOD OF THE MOON, STOP!", can we?

Jake: I don't know. I just don't know.

Al: Maybe we can't pull this one off, Sam.

Sam: Or maybe we're just not here to save the moon. If it was still here by 
the time Jake was born, then why would history be any different?

(Jake and Al look surprised as they seem to realize that Sam is right.)

(IC door opens, Gooshie comes out, and IC door closes)

Gooshie: Ziggy has made a gross error. She said you were here to save the 
moon, Dr. But in fact, you are not.

Sam: We've figured that out, Gooshie.

Gooshie: As I was saying, you are not here to save the moon. You are, in 
fact, here to save... well, this will sound quite odd to you, but you are 
here to save each other.

Sam, Al, and Jake together: WHAT?