Part 6

(Ext. Same Setting as before)

Gooshie: I must go back to the PQL and sort this information out, Admiral, 

Freegie: No. I want you to hear this too. You see, I know why my hand went 
through you. I am one to.

Al: One WHAT?

Freegie: A hologram. I observe Jake. I know it sounds, uh, crazy, but it is 
reality. Now, it seems that you are from the distant past, but I will tell 
you the story. It is a long one, so if you don't have time...

Sam: We've got all the time in the world. Go ahead, tell us your story.

Freegie: Well, you see, we are from the future, not the past, as you seem to 
be. I am a descendant of Albert Calavicci, as you have already noted. But, 
what you dont know, is that, well...

Al: What?

Freegie: Jake is a descendant of you, Samuel Beckett. Ever since you died 
leaping, the descendants of your families decided to do the same. Right 
after... well... making it so that there would be descendants, we all 
stepped into the accelerator or Imaging Chamber. Both of which are now 
nearly 250 years old. They still work, but do... er.... malfunction every 
once in a while.

Gooshie: What do you mean by malfunction?

(Jake walks into the crater, and has apparently been listening to Freegie, 
Sam, Al, and Gooshie's conversation. He has been hiding in the shadows of 
the crater.)

Jake: It nearly happened to me, too. I stepped into the accelerator, and was 
almost stuck in mid leap. If that had happened, the person I should have 
leaped into would have been paralized for the rest of our lives. This has 
happened, more than once, to other leapers.

Al: But you said that both of the machines malfunctioned occasionaly.

Freegie: So I did. The Imaging Chamber is an accident waiting to happen 

Al: How so?

Freegie: Every once in a while, it doesn't open on command. It's a good 
thing Gooshie neverthrough that letter away with the 'back-door' code on it, 
or Wendy King, the first one it malfunctioned on, would still be trapped 
inside to this date. Speaking of which, I should remind you, Gooshie, to 
make a laminated copy of that letter. Now, nearly 250 years later, it is in 
deplorable condition. We can hardly read the code.

Gooshie: Right. I will do just that when I return to the PQL.

Freegie: Anyway, two people from every genaration related to you two have 
leaped or Observed. That's my story. We are not evil leapers. We do the same 
that you do, Sam. I just never thought I'd get the opertunity to meet you.

(End of part 6)