(Ext. Outside Moon Bar front entrance. Gooshie stands, searching for Sam and 

Gooshie: (To himself) Where could they be?

(Cut to Moon Crater. Gooshie's voice is echoeing outside.)

Al: I know that voice! It's.... Gooshie! He must be our new hologram, Sam! 

Sam: Al! That was a really bad idea!

(Gooshie appears suddenly in front of Sam and Al)

Gooshie: Hello, Admiral Calavicci, Dr. Beckett.

Sam and Al: Hi.

Sam: Have you figured out why we are here yet?

Gooshie: I am afraid not, but...

(Freegie comes running toward them, drawn by Al's yells)

Freegie: I'll give you guys 3 seconds to get out of here and never come back 
before I blow your heads off! Wait, who's the new Newcomer?

Al: He's not a newcomer. He's a hologram, like I was just a few minutes ago. 
That's why your hand went through me.

Freegie: I don't care. 3..

Sam: Wait!

Freegie: Why should I?

Sam: Because there is no air on the moon!

Freegie: So?

Sam: Without air, flames cannot ignite, let alone burn our heads off. And 
you know, that handlink looks alot like Ziggy....

Freegie: I got this from my father. And he got it from his father. And him, 
his father. It cam all the way from New Mexico, America, Earth, in the year 
1999, from my 

Sam: Do you know anything about your great great great.... well, your 

Freegie: Yeah, I know that he was an... who cares? You're both gonna be dead 
in about a second-

Sam: Answer the question.

Freegie: I know that he was an Admiral

Al: And he came from New Mexico?

Freegie: Yeah

Sam: Do you know his name?

Freegie: I can't remember exactly, I know it starts with an A.

Al: By any chance was it Albert Calavicci?

Freegie: YEAH! That was it! But... how did you know...?

Al: Gooshie, show him the handlink.

(Gooshie holds up Ziggy's handlink)

Al: I am your great great great.... you get the idea. I am Admiral Albert 

Freegie: That's impossible. He died almost 300 years ago.

Al: I am Admiral Calavicci. My parter here is Dr. Samuel Beckett.

Freegie: No, that's impossible.

Sam: I know that those flames were just holograms, because that handlink has 
helped me through a leap more than once.

Freegie: If you are not going to tell me what a leap is, then dont talk 
about them. Yes, the flames are just holograms. But there is something else 
I need to tell you...

(End of part 5)