(Sam and Al start running as Freegie pulls out something, almost a handlink, 
that looks a lot like Ziggy. He presses a few buttons on it, and they are 
surprised as the handlink begins to shoot flames)

Al: He's got some kind of super advanced flamethrower, Sam! RUN!!!!

(Sam and Al go round the corner of the moon-bar, and jump into a giant 
crater, hoping it will mask them from Freegie's view.)

( Fade out )

(Int. PQL. Gooshie stands talking to Ziggy.)

Ziggy: It looks as though you are going to have to replace Admiral Calavicci 
for a while, Gooshie.

Gooshie: Do you mean...?

Ziggy: Yes. There is an 87.7 percent chance that having a hologram will help 
Admiral Calavicci and Dr. Beckett a great deal.

Gooshie: All right. Do you still have a lock on them?

Ziggy: Yes. But you might have to look around a little bit, because I can 
only center you on when the Admiral was last as a hologram.

Gooshie: OK. Give me the handlink and open the door.

(The handlink rises out of a hole in Ziggy's main controls, and Goshier 
walks to the imaging chamber door. It opens, and he goes in.)

(Fade out)

(Int. Moon-Bar bathroom scenary)

Gooshie: (To himself) I wonder where they could be.

(Gooshie walks out of bathroom. Everyone stares at him, like they did Al.)

Man at Bar: Another one?

Gooshie: Hmm. Stop staring. Get back to your buisness. (To himself) They 
must be outside somewhere.

(Ext. Moon Crater. Sam and Al sit huddled, hiding from Freegie.)

Sam: (Whispering) What are we going to do, Al?

Al:(Also whispering) I dont know, but we need to think of something fast, 
unless we want to be roast lamb chops.

Sam: I know that, Al. What if we... no, not on the moon.

Al: What?

Sam: It doesn't matter.

Al: What if we just hid here and waited for that nozzle to get tired of 
looking for us?

Sam: That's not funny, Al. We don't have that kind of time. I have seen that 
look in a man's face before. He realized his uncle told him something about 
the future, and it drove him insane when he realized what he told him was 
true, it made him insane.

Al: If you say so, Sam.

Sam: Hey.... wait a minute!

(Fade out)

(End of part four)