(Int. The PQL control room. Al and Gooshie stand arguing.)

Gooshie: No! I will not let you go throught with this!

Al: Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try and stop me.

Ziggy: There really is no need to do this, Admiral Calavicci. Think about 
Beth and your children.

Gooshie: Admiral, you don't even know if your hypothesis is correct, so why 
should you go through with this?

Al: I know. I know. But I am going to do it anyway. I am going home to tell 
my wife.

(Al walks out of control room. Noises of a car starting, and then an engine 
roaring down the road and the sound fades.)

(Int. Beth and Al's house. Al walks into front door and into living room. 
Beth is sitting in the same armchair she had been when Al left, as if she 
hadn't moved. The T.V. set is on, and Beth is staring blankly at the 

Al: Beth, I have something to tell you.

(Fade out. Int. Moon-Bar. Sam is just walking towards Jake and Freegie from 
the Men's room.)

Jake: Where is the other Newcomer you call Al?

Sam: He, uhh... had to go home.

Jake: How come Freegie's hand went through him?

Sam: He was, uhh...

(Quantum blue appears in midair, and electricty flows through the blue. The 
electricity dissolves into the form of Al. Freegie, Jake, and Sam sit 
stunned at what just happened.)

Sam: Al? Please don't tell me you just did what I think you did. Please tell 
me you didn't...!

Al: Yeah, Sam. I leaped.

Sam: Al... Why?

Freegie and Jake: WHAT IS A LEAP?!?!?!?!

Sam: Nevermind that. Why did you leap, Al?

Al: Because I think I know what you are here to do, and you definitly need 
as partner if I am right.

Sam: How could you possibly know why I am here?

Al: I didn't say I know why you are here. I said I think I know why you are 

Sam: So why am I here?

Al: I think you are here... to stop the 2292 drilling. They drill into the 
moon, and take all it's natural resources for themselves. The only reason I 
know is because they already started drilling, Sam. You need a partner for 
this one.

Freegie: Please tell me I'm dreaming. This can't be happening. Staffa said 
this would happen.

Sam: Staffa?

Freegie: My uncle, Staffa. He said "Beware of the two Newcomers, for they 
are very dangerous. They will try and stop a very important part of history. 
When you meet them, get rid of them in any way you can." I am afraid I am 
going to have to get rid of you, Newcomers.

Sam and Al: Uh oh....